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The Stealing Challenge
Ten contestants think they are competing to become the "Face of Vegas" and they work with a stylist and a budget of $200 to create a signature "Vegas" look. They pose in their new outfits in lighted glass cases on the Strip as pedestrians drop chips in the case of the person they choose as "hottest." However, the judges watch them shop for their outfits through hidden cameras and each contestant is offered a chance to steal an item out of their budget to give them an edge in the competition. Some of them take advantage, and some don't, impressing the judges.

The Secret
Entertainers Penn and Teller teach the nine remaining contestants a magic trick and swear them to secrecy. The contestant who impresses them the most with their trick performs with them on stage at a live show. Also, a reporter from People magazine interviews each contestant and tries to get them to tell the secret about how the trick is done. Before the two bottom contestants plead their cases, the judges set up another moral challenge involving a drunk driver in order to help them make a decision.

Grace Under Fire
The remaining eight contestants conduct televised interviews with pedestrians on the Vegas Strip, trying to demonstrate their best communication skills and their ability to put others at ease. However, they have to deal with the wrath of a focus group, and the judges hope the contestants handle their criticism with grace and not anger. Meanwhile, the bottom two are pleasantly surprised when they are not eliminated, but one of their fellow contestants is sent home due to a rules violation.

Finding the Ring
The contestants are challenged with doing a photo shoot involving various foods. Also, a scenario is staged involving a woman who loses her engagement ring, and the contestants choose whether or not to help her.

Change My Score!

Bride in Trouble
There are five contestants left, and this week their challenge takes place at a wedding chapel in Vegas. They compete to play the role of bridesmaids and groomsmen in weddings throughout the day. However, their compassion is tested when an overweight bride-to-be is berated by her mother during a dress fitting. Some contestants offer her sympathy, while others coldly ignore her.

Stop Smoking!
The final four contestants' hidden camera "inner beauty" challenge puts each contestant next to an actress pretending to be pregnant and she is drinking and smoking. Some of the contestants confront the woman, but some do not. The next challenge is to be the best blackjack dealer at the high rollers' table. This proves to be inopportune timing for one contestant who drank all day poolside and mortifying for another one who can't add up the cards and has no clue how to play the game.

The Final Test
The remaining three contestants enjoy a long night of partying as a reward for all their hard work. However, instead of getting to rest at the hotel after their long night, the exhausted contestants are quickly put in front of the camera in order to shoot a commercial for Vegas. All three do a nice job in spite of being exhausted, though one contestant d s have a momentary meltdown. Later, the true nature of the game is revealed to the contestants before the winner is announced.

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