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Drop Dead Gorgeous
Tru tries to stop a beauty contestant's death by entering the pageant herself. Meanwhile, Harrison aims to fix the winner of the pageant as one of the judges to settle a large debt. Tru finds out that Luc has a date with another girl.

Tru tries to ally herself with Jack who shares the same day-reliving power. As things develop though, it appears that Jack is working against and not with Tru when he first tries to stop her through distraction and then outright in saving the life of a woman.

Rear Window
Tru has a hard time determining who is victim and who is assailant because of case of possible identity theft. Davis discovers some important information about Jack.

The Getaway
Tru has to save the life of the reporter out to uncover the truth behind her ability to save people, but the attempt is complicated when events don't seem to repeat exactly as they normally would.

Murder in the Morgue
A distraught groom visits his murdered bride in the morgue, but then opens fire and shoots Davis. When Tru repeats the day, she must make an attempt to save both the bride and Davis.

Tru pretends to be a medical student in an attempt to save the life of another student who died of an apparent drug overdose. She stumbles upon a group of students who let each other die so that they can bring each other back.

Tru helps a young soldier through what could be his last day as he searches for the love he left for war.

The Longest Day
After her first attempt to save a life leads to another death, Tru finds herself repeating the same day over again with ever increasing complications.

Tru finds her high school rival, and all around popular girl, Lindsay floating in the school's swimming pool at their five year reunion and must relive the day in an attempt to help her avoid that fate.

Death Becomes Her
During Tru's attempt to save the life of an actress who had studied her job as a forensic attendant, Tru learns more than expected about the starlet. Jack and Harrison buddy up to each other.

Tru Davies discovers, on her first night alone in the City Morgue, that the dead can speak to her. Not only that, but she also has the ability to prevent their deaths by returning to their last day alive. Her first mission is to save a woman from a shooting.

Two Pair
Tru wonders if her powers have failed her when her day doesn't begin again after a dead person asks to be saved.

Two Weddings and a Funeral
On the day of Lindsey's wedding, Harrison is killed by a jealous ex-husband. The day restarts and Jack tells Tru that someone is going to have to die, be it Harrison or someone else.

Brother's Keeper
Tru's power gives her the ability to stop her brother from being involved in the murder of a woman's husband.

Tru doesn't plan on spending her Valentine's Day at a delapitated cabin with Harrison, Lindsay, Luc and a serial killer, but that's what happens to her. Tru relives the day and tries to keep her friends safe while outing the killer's identity.

Daddy's Girl
Tru has to get over her initial dislike of her father's new wife when she ends up in the morgue and Tru has to save her life. Tru finds assistance in the form of Jack Harper, a new forensics attendant in the morgue.

Past Tense
Tru masquerades as a bachelor party bartender to try and prevent five deaths. She tries to discern which person at the party is the killer before they can strike, but her probing reveals a truth hidden by all of them and puts her at risk.

Putting Out Fires
Tru falls for a firefighter doomed to die saving children from a fire.

Star Crossed
Tru pretends to be a high school student to save the lives of two lovers who died in a car accident, but things are deeper than she first surmised.

Morning After
Tru becomes utterly dependent on her life-saving ability when she wakes up next to the dead body of her ex-boyfriend after a night of partying with no recollection of what happened.

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