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'Trophy Wife' Review: 'Russ Bradley Morrison' & 'Twas The Night Before Christmas... or Twas It'

12/11/2013 1:57pm EST
Trophy Wife
Doubling up on Trophy Wife reviews again. The show is consistently producing amusing and entertaining half-hours and there isn’t that much to say in terms of growth or issues, the writers have really hit their stride. “Russ Bradley Morrison” is a fun installment, with an adequate use of the ensemble, though it could have benefited from a bit more cohesiveness. The two main storylines (Kate at the field trip with Diane and Warren and Pete stuck at home with crazy Jackie) worked well, the story with Bert and Hillary felt like an afterthought and filler. And we all know that Bert deserves more...

TV Report Card: Grading 5 New Shows

11/18/2013 3:05pm EST
So far, the 2013-13 television season has delivered far more home-runs than strike-outs.  Now that shows are doling out their juiciest storylines for November sweeps, it's time to hand out grades for the freshman television shows. 

"Mom" CBS, Mondays at 9:30pm EST
Anna Faris and Allison Janney are a mother-daughter duo battling their demons in this delightfully dysfunctional comedy from the sitcom king, Chuck Lorre.  The two are also a heartbreakingly hilarious combo that turn their struggle to sobriety into a blazingly entertaining and realistic journey.  In the most timely and relatabl...

'Trophy Wife' - 'The Date' & 'Lice and Beary White' Review

11/13/2013 4:17pm EST
Trophy Wife
Let me preface this review with celebrating the fact that ABC has given ‘Trophy Wife’ a full season order. Huzzah! Though the series hasn’t broken out and gotten the ratings it deserves, it’s certainly a great to see the network supporting the show. Hopefully ABC will actually give invest in some advertising for the family sitcom. That said, on to the review, which will cover the last two episodes “The Date” and “Lice and Beary White”.

Last week’s “The Date” is another great showcase for Michaela Watkins. The writers obviously enjoy exploring Jackie’s levels of craziness and seem to be rea...

'Trophy Wife' - 'Halloween' Review

10/30/2013 8:45am EDT
Trophy Wife
The show had fun with some 80s inspired costumes in last week’s “The Tryst”, but that was just a tease for this week’s Halloween-themed episode. The aptly named “Halloween” may be the most entertaining installment of the show thus far. The writers certainly made use of the series’ talented ensemble successfully, with the usual exception of Natalie Morales, every actor is given his/her moment in the spotlight. Plus, there is a lot of fun character interaction that hasn’t been explored previously. We already knew that Kate and Bert make a fine comedic pair, but this episode the dynamic betwee...

'Trophy Wife' - 'The Tryst' Review

10/23/2013 2:46pm EDT
Trophy Wife
In its fifth episode, “Trophy Wife” continues to be consistently funny and amusing, its almost unwavering formula of a serviceable, albeit familiar, A-story supported by a sillier B-story is quite effective. In “The Tryst” Peter and Kate are coerced by Diane to attend an 80s themed fund raiser and Warren and Hilary help Jackie with her online dating video. As it has come to be with the series, I fully enjoyed the smaller and more ridiculous B-story while had some reservations with the more prominent storyline.

Again the show employs sitcom clichés to structure the episode, the whole gettin...

'Trophy Wife' - 'The Breakup' Review

10/16/2013 4:04pm EDT
“The Breakup” is a serviceable episode in which the supporting storylines again elevate the overall episode. Of course, the ‘breakup’ of the title not only refers to Meg and her romantic troubles, but also to her and Kate’s friendship dilemma. The classic friendship breakup storyline is such an overused sitcom trope that it was difficult to go along with the narrative without seeing exactly where we were going to end up. And while I am a huge advocate of Natalie Morales and have been wanting for her to be a more prominent presence on the show, I soon grew tired of her part in this installme...

'Trophy Wife' Review: 'The Social Network'

10/9/2013 3:48pm EDT
Trophy Wife
It is a shame that audiences haven’t been responding so well to “Trophy Wife” because the freshman comedy is definitely gaining its footing and turning out consistently amusing episodes. While still consisting of familiar sitcom tropes, there is enough amusing weirdness to make up for it. In this episode alone we are treated to such idiosyncratic gems like Bert’s penchant for the Yiddish language, Jackie’s terrific venture into jewelry making, and Courtney Winters, Diane’s online alter ego. In “The Social Network” Kate is faced with yet another parenting dilemma and counters Diane’s overbea...

2013 Fall TV Season: What Will Be The Second Cancellation?

10/8/2013 6:00pm EDT
NBC- The Voice is still doing good numbers on Monday/Tuesday. The Blacklist is winning its timeslot, and was the first show (technically) to be rewarded with a back-nine pickup. Chicago Fire is also doing solid numbers on Tuesday. Revolution needs to regain some audience members if it wants a second season. With the success of The Blacklist, and Chicago Fire doing OK, Revolution is looking to be one of NBC’s weaker points right now. I can’t see it not running the full second season, but it might not get a third. Also, Ironside is definitely going to get cancelled. The premiere was so low, a...

Fall 2013 TV Report (So Far)

10/5/2013 2:06pm EDT
Sleepy  Hollow
Here’s how the Fall TV season has been shaping up.


ABC doesn’t have a lot to celebrate about. Once Upon A Time and Revenge are both down season-to-season, yet up from last season’s finales. So, really, you could say they are even for the night. Their new drama, Betrayal, however is a disappointment. Low ratings. Does ABC have anything ready to replace Betrayal though? They’re already definitely going to cancel the much lower rated Lucky 7 (an almost certainty), can they afford to axe two shows?

CBS has a nice strong lineup of returning shows, all performing well. FOX’s shows are ...

'Trophy Wife' - 'Cold File' Review

10/2/2013 3:04pm EDT
Trophy Wife
ABC’s “Trophy Wife” debuted with one of the funniest comedy pilots of the season and looked to be a promising series. Its second episode, “Cold File” takes a bit of a step back and falls into the formula of standard family sitcom fodder that is so familiar to TV viewers. Some of the subversive tone of the initial episode has gone and replaced with straightforward comedy, which isn’t horrible, but it would be nice to see the show straddle the line more often than not. The episode is amusing enough but the clichéd and familiar B-story was so uninspired that it soured the entire half hour. Do ...

ABC Reveals Promising Trailers For A Dozen New Shows (Video)

5/21/2013 2:15pm EDT
Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
During last week’s upfront presentation, Disney’s ABC network introduced a dozen new shows to their 2013-14 schedule. The network also announced plans for a Pixar special, Toy Story of Terror, as well as a reality adventure series The Quest.

The new shows for the 2013-14 season include Back in the Game, Betrayal, The Goldbergs, Killer Women, Lucky 7, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Mind Games, Mixology, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, Resurrection, Super Fun Night, and Trophy Wife.

Check out the trailers below:

Back in the Game


The Goldbergs

Killer Women


New Mom Malin Akerman Stuns In Post-Baby Pics, Is Definitely A 'Trophy Wife'

5/20/2013 8:00pm EDT
Malin Akerman
It's people like Malin Akerman that make having a baby look easy. The actress, who gave birth to her first child just one month ago, looked fab at the Disney Media Networks International "Upfronts 2013" in Burbank, Calif., over the weekend.

The Swedish-born actress and her rocker husband Roberto Zincone welcomed their son Sebastian in mid April. Not many women look this good (celebrities aside) so soon after giving birth.

Akerman stars in the upcoming fall ABC TV series "Trophy Wife" as a reformed party girl who becomes Pete's (Bradley Whitford) third wife. Hijinks ensue as she interacts ...