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The Substitute
The Troop discovers that their substitute teacher is a monster in disguise; Mr. Stockley must get his wisdom teeth pulled out.

Jake goes undercover to find the lair of a group of monsters that invade Lakewood. Meanwhile, Hayley helps Mr. Stockley with his morning school announcements.

Like a Moth to the Spotlight
Felix must figure out how to de-Snark Stockley who accidently gets Snarked back to the age of 17. Meanwhile, the Troop tries to alleviate the suspicions of two of their classmates who witnessed a monster fight.

Welcome to the Jungle
The Troop plans to initiate new member 'Jake' in their organization. However, Jake's neighbors are turning into stone.

Pajama Game...Of Death
Jack and Felix try to sneak into Hayley's cheerleader slumber party. Meanwhile, Stockey feels overshadowed by his former troop colleagues.

I, Monster
The Troop puts their base on lockdown while they try to determine who amongst them is a monster after a Verci takes the form of one of them.

Tentacle Face
Jake confronts a monster-hunting hero. Meanwhile, a Kaiju monster's tentacle is stuck to Felix's head.

Jake and Hayley pose as a couple to catch an Eris fairy that is breaking up couples at school. During a pretend fight Jake says he would never let go of Hayley if he got the chance to become her boyfriend.

The Good, the Bad and the Ickie Doll
The Lakeview Troop have their hands full since its Christmas time. While Jake and Hayley work together to collect the new "Ickie Doll" toys, which seem to have infected the town. Felix is preparing for his annual webcast and Mr. Stockley is facing troubles while dating.

The Troop has to work without Mr. Stockley's help when a SWARM monster causes the town residents to act like perfect angels.

My Gus Is Back, and There's Gonna Be Trouble
Felix's new friendship with Gus does not go well with the others. Meanwhile, Gus has secret plans to destroy the Troop. Hailey feels all stressed out and Mr. Stockley instructs her to get some much needed relaxation.

Snarked Up
Jake becomes pregnant with a baby Snark.

No More Master Nice Guy
Haley becomes suspicious when a timid classmate suddenly gets new status and power. She discovers change is due to a Doulos, a dangerous and strong monster that can become invisible and serves the first human it comes across as its master.

Forest Grump
The student council plans to clear the trees, but the tree monster takes the form of a student in order to teach them a lesson.

Itty Bitty Baby Dragon
Jake, Haley and Felix are chasing a baby dragon, but unfortunately, Phoebe finds the dragon and adopts it. She names it Sam. Now, Jake and the troop must return the baby dragon to its mother before the mother comes looking for her baby.

There Is No 'I' in Monster Hunter
Mr. Stockley teaches Jake the values of working as a team. However, Hayley wants to be liked by everyone.

The Great Punkin
The Troop has to recapture all the monsters that escaped during a security system failure on Halloween night.

Taming of the Cube
While fighting a gelatinous cube monster, Haley and Jake accidently switch bodies. Jake goes onstage at Hayley's play because he is in her body and Hayley helps Jake by going on a date with Claudia. Felix fixes the cube in time for the last scene and changes them back.

Batteries Not Included
Mr. Stockley's best day as an acting principal turns upside down, as a monster named Oculypse escapes from head quarters.

Don't Talk to Dr. Cranius
The Troop captures an evil sponge named Dr. Cranius who tries to manipulate them into pulling off the perfect escape.

The Next Stop: Lakewood
Gus returns more powerful than ever and he has plans to take over Lakewood. He kidnaps Mr. Stockley in order to enter the Troop headquarters.

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