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Taming of the Cube

While fighting a gelatinous cube monster, Haley and Jake accidently switch bodies. Jake goes onstage at Hayley's play because he is in her body and Hayley helps Jake by going on a date with Claudia. Felix fixes the cube in time for the last scene and changes them back.
Darren Daurie - Janitor/ Frank
David Del Rio - Felix Garcia (Regular)
Eduard Witzke - Etienne (Recurring)
Gage Golightly - Hayley Steele (Regular)
Isabelle Deluce - Claudia
John Marshall Jones - Mr Stockley (Regular)
Nicholas Purcell - Jake Collins (Regular)
Raugi Yu - Mr Maltby

Chris Marcil
Chris Morgan
Gary Stephenson
Greg Coolidge
J Max Burnett
Jay Kogen
Larry Sugar
Richard Bullock
Sam Johnson
Steve Welch

Pat Williams

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