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The Word
A girl with OCD and her illiterate father get help from the angels.

Virtual Reality
A troubled teenager's obsession with a video game leads to a car accident and subsequent criminal trial.

Private Eyes
A lonely man who doesn't want to take a runaway back to her father receives help from the angels.

A Feather on the Breath of God
A woman on the verge of death gets the help she needs from the angeles to find her daughter a new home.

The Root of All Evil
The angels help a priest lead his brothers away from committing a crime.

When the lives of a suicidal teen and a radio "shock jock" collide, the angels swoop in for a rescue.

Remembering Me (1)
The others begin to worry that Tess is exhibiting signs of Alzheimer's disease.

And a Nightingale Sang
On Valentine's Day, the angels help three couples learn the true meaning of love.

Remembering Me (2)
As the symptoms of Tess's Alzheimer's disease worsen, Gabriel and the Angel of Music arrive to take care of her.

The Sixteenth Minute
When an average guy becomes a semi-celebrity after an courageous act, the angels must help him keep his head straight.

Two Sides to Every Angel
Monica's evil demon doppleganger tries to wreak havoc on a young couple's wedding and the angels attempt to stop her.

Song for My Father
The angels try to help a young singer learn new ways to express herself as she struggles with the demands of her stage father and the throat cancer that will end her promising career and possibly her life.

I Will Walk With You, Part 1
Monica tries to help townspeople who turn on each other in the wake of a tragedy that befell their children.

At the End of the Aisle
The angels try to convince an old friend not to get married.

As It Is in Heaven
An angel abandons her celestial duties to raise an orphaned child.

A Time for Every Purpose
The angels try to get through to a man who wants to commit suicide in the wake of his wife's death and being diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease.

Bring on the Rain
With the angels help, a depressed teen learns overcome the shame she feels about her past.

The Show Must Not Go On
When a show's director dies, the angels help the cast continue their production.

A Rock and A Hard Place
When a meteor is headed for earth, the angels must help a family reunite before the inevitable disaster.

I Will Walk With You, Part 2
Monica efforts to bring peace and closure to a small town torn apart by tragedy and grief are complicated by the arrival of an age-old foe.

The Good Earth
The angels help unite a dying inventor with a young boy who could keep alive his dream of a water energy source.

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