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The Impossible Dream
A janitor who wanted to be a singer lives his live in misery because of his lost drea. When his brother is arrested for possible connectionto investment fraud he discovers his brother ruined his chances at being a Motown singer and must deal with his unhappiness once and for all.

The Birthday Present

Angels Anonymous

The Bells of St. Peters
A matriarch who has family issues tries to bring her family closer by planning a trip to the vatican but her cancer interferes.

Minute by Minute

The Princeless Bride
A couple who are to be married need some heavenly intervention when their wedding is threatened by a mutiltude of factors including their break-up.

Holy of Holies

Gloria learns the truth about the Jews and the holocaust after a group of skinheads impose their views.

The Blue Angel
The angels give a man new hope after years of blaming himself for failing his dreams of a proper television career.

The Last Chapter
Monica tried to help a recovering alcoholic who she knows from the past.

Secrets and Lies
A man whose daughter is dying from Leukemia must admit to an affair he had years ago because his illegitimate son may have a matching bone marrow that could save her.

Heaven's Portal

Most Likely To Succeed
A former highschool loser transforms himself into a success as part of a plan to get revenge on his old tormentors.

For All The Tea in China

When Sunny Gets Blue

The angels must help a widower and his daughter come to terms with the death of his wife and the more recent death of his daughter from complications from sickle cell anemia.

Famous Last Words

The Perfect Game

Hello, I Love You
When a 10 year old girl's mother gets injured in an accident, she takes it upon herself to track down the father she never knew.

Forever Young
The angels tend to a family that is falling apart after the murder of the daughter.

A Winter Carol

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