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'Lost In Transmission': A 1981 AMC Eagle Station Wagon Hot Rod?

6/5/2015 9:06am EDT
'Lost In Transmission' Recap: 'Fly Like An Eagle' - From Wagon T
In the penultimate episode of Lost in Transmission, Rutledge Wood and George Flanigen are working with a 1981 AMC Eagle station wagon. They think they're going to turn it into a hot rod. We think they're crazy, but then again, that only adds to their charm.

The Eagle belongs to a guy named Rick, who lives in Tennessee and has been an AMC fan since the 1970's. He's got the car under a tarp in the back of his house, which George correctly deduces is not a good sign. The Eagle isn't the worst car they've been dealt this season, but it needs some cleaning up, at least one air freshener, and an...

Rutledge And George's Next Patient, A 1972 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ-40.

5/29/2015 9:08am EDT
'Lost In Transmission' Recap: 'Off Road Rust Bucket' - Anything
In the fourth episode of Lost in Transmission, Rutledge Wood and George Flanigen's next patient is a 1972 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ-40. But in "Off Road Rust Bucket," our boys are doing anything but cruising.

Amy is hoping that they can get the FJ-40 back in shape, so she can take her kids riding in it like her father did with her. But it hasn't run in some 20 years, and as the episode title indicates, it's got plenty of rust inside and out. "Something was living in this at some point," Rutledge comments as they survey the carcass. Ever the optimist, he still thinks they can do the job for $2...

Rutledge And George Try To Preserve Nicole's 1964 Ford F100 Pickup

5/22/2015 10:20am EDT
'Lost In Transmission' Recap: 'Fire In The Hole'
Tonight's episode of Lost in Transmission has nothing to do with the Elmore Leonard short story called "Fire in the Hole." Really, it's more about Rutledge and George trying not to light themselves on fire.

The dynamic duo are trying to preserve Nicole's 1964 Ford F100 pickup truck that might just burn either of them before they can give it to her son Cameron. For once, George likes the choice; he's even enthusiastic about it, at least until he sees the F100's current sad state. It's got years of rust, a lizard under the hood, and a hole in the bed large enough to fit Rutledge. Oh, and it ...

The Second Episode Of 'Lost in Transmission' Recap

5/15/2015 9:42am EDT
'Lost In Transmission' Recap: 'The Thing' - Orange Spells Danger
The second episode of Lost in Transmission, "The Thing," features as unique a car as you'll ever see. Naturally, our pal Rutledge Wood thinks this is awesome, while his partner in crime George Flanigen is much more concerned. We're sort of with George on this one.

The patient this week is a 1974 VW Thing, or as George puts it, "a shipping container with wheels." Kevin needs a little help putting it back together, and picking out another paint color, because this car is road cone orange with camouflage duct tape holding the windows together. He also wants it back in two weeks, because he dr...

Series Debut 'Lost In Transmission' Recap

5/8/2015 10:42am EDT
'Lost In Transmission' Recap: 'Drowned Delorean' - Back To The F
From the network that brought you Top Gear comes an all-new series featuring co-host Rutledge Wood, his friends, family and of course, a whole lot of cars. Lost in Transmission follows Rutledge and his friend George Flanigen as they try to help folks whose memorable rides have been through the wringer. In "Drowned Delorean," Rutledge and George start their journey with one wrecked Back to the Future car and a whole lot of panache.

Meet Chad, who owns a Delorean that happens to be purple. And that survived Hurricane Sandy. And when he reveals that he got it for the price of a twelve-pack of...

Rutledge Wood Tells Us About His New Adventure 'Lost In Transmission'

5/7/2015 12:08pm EDT
Rutledge Wood Finds Himself 'Lost In Transmission'
Rutledge Wood makes everything better. He just does. Top Gear viewers and NASCAR fans will tell you that he's one of the most upbeat guys on the planet, and he also loves cars almost as much as he adores his family.

That's what makes his new series Lost In Transmission so darned awesome - it's pure Rutledge, as he and his good friend George Flanigen use their powers to save other folks' rides from certain doom. Because if you were ever in trouble, Rutledge is the guy you'd want coming to your rescue. If your car broke down, he wouldn't just call you a tow truck and give you a ride, he'd pr...

'Top Gear' USA's Tanner Foust Features In Tonight's 'Top Gear' UK

3/9/2015 12:08pm EDT
'Top Gear' USA's Tanner Foust Features In Tonight's 'Top Gear' U
It's not the much-requested Top Gear/Top Gear USA crossover, but it's close: on tonight's Top Gear, James May is joined by Top Gear USA host Tanner Foust for an exploration of European rallycross.

When he's not co-hosting the American edition alongside Adam Ferrara and Rutledge Wood, Tanner is one of the most popular names in rallycross, and he spent part of last season competing in Europe. Now fans will get to watch him try to teach "Captain Slow" what it's all about.

Tonight's episode of Top Gear UK also features two new car tests: Jeremy Clarkson takes the Jaguar F-Type R around Top Ge...

2015 Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race Dream Grid

1/16/2015 12:08pm EST
Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race
It's soon to be time for the most entertaining celebrity charity event of the year. Three months from now, a field of celebs (and a handful of pros) will get behind the wheel for the 2015 Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race as part of the Grand Prix of Long Beach.

Having covered the Pro/Celebrity Race for the last few years, we know that it's a special event because the competition is great and the personalities are as fun as the event itself. And we know the race pretty well. That led us to a question: who do we want to see on the starting grid this year?

Read on for our selections for this year's...

'Top Gear's' Rutledge Wood Gets New Series 'Lost In Transmission'

1/10/2015 12:15pm EST
'Top Gear's' Rutledge Wood Gets New Series 'Lost In Transmission
While Top Gear fans wait to find out if the series will be renewed for another season, they can rejoice in the news that co-host and fan favorite Rutledge Wood has now become the Drew Carey of the History Channel: the funny guy with multiple shows.

History announced on Thursday afternoon that Rutledge and George Flanigen will headline a new series for the network, Lost In Transmission, which sees them rescuing and restoring cars. Six episodes have been ordered for the first season, which will start sometime this spring.

Here's the network's description of the new program:

In each episo...

'Top Gear's' Tanner Foust Named Red Bull GRC Fan Favorite Driver

11/9/2014 12:05pm EST
'Top Gear's' Tanner Foust Named Red Bull GRC Fan Favorite Driver
Top Gear co-host Tanner Foust finished his "day job" on a high note, taking home the Royal Purple Fan Favorite Driver Award for Red Bull Global Rallycross the day after he placed sixth in the series' final race in Las Vegas.

Tanner, wrapping up his first season with Volkswagen Andretti Rallycross, was named Fan Favorite for Red Bull GRC's Supercars division on Thursday night. The two-time series champion won the GRC event in July on his way to finishing ninth in a hotly contested driver championship.

The ever-busy driver also wrapped shooting on the fourth season of Top Gear - in which he...

'Top Gear' (USA) Season Finale Recap: 'Appalachian Trail' - End Of The Road?

10/22/2014 10:18am EDT
'Top Gear' (USA) Season Finale Recap: 'Appalachian Trail' - End
Every journey has a destination, and so it is that season four of Top Gear is finally coming to an end. But before we say goodbye to Adam Ferrara, Tanner Foust and Rutledge Wood, we get to join them for one last ride, and it's a big one: trying to drive a portion of the famous Appalachian Trail in a mere 24 hours. Driving all day without crashing or dying is hard for normal people - for these three guys, it might be darn near impossible.

After Adam gives us the rundown on the Applachian Trail (and we laugh at the idea of these guys hiking anywhere), it's time to meet the rides. Tanner's br...

'Top Gear' Season Finale Preview: Racing The Appalachian Trail

10/21/2014 12:07pm EDT
'Top Gear' Season Finale Preview: Racing The Appalachian Trail
It feels like we've just gotten started, but in reality History's Top Gear is finishing its fourth season tonight. It all comes down to one last road trip for Adam Ferrara, Tanner Foust and Rutledge Wood, as they're tasked with driving a road version of the infamous Appalachian Trail in 24 hours. We say "infamous" because the actual Appalachian Trail runs from Maine to Georgia and spans more than 2,000 miles.

Can the guys find enough ways to speed up their trip and get to the finish line in time? Will they manage to arrive in one piece, or end up hurting themselves - or each other - in the...

'Top Gear' (USA) Recap: 'Weekend Race Cars' - This Episode Has Not Been Sanitized For Your Protection

10/15/2014 10:22am EDT
'Top Gear' (USA) Recap: 'Weekend Race Cars' - This Episode Has N
On this week's episode of Top Gear, the guys are bringing their best "Weekend Race Cars" to see which one of them can handle more punishment. It's more likely that Adam, Tanner and Rutledge will be the ones needing a little help by the time they get to the finish line.

It's an eclectic bunch of contenders for this week's challenges, with another awesome drive on the line. Rutledge brings a 2002 Subaru WRX, while Tanner places his bet on a 1999 Mazda Miata, and Adam goes really old school with a 1969 VW Baja Bug. You have to hand it to Adam; two weeks ago it was a Mail Jeep and now this - h...

'Top Gear' (USA) Sneak Peek: Tanner Foust Gets Dirty In Fontana

10/14/2014 2:01pm EDT
'Top Gear' (USA) Sneak Peek: Tanner Foust Gets Dirty In Fontana
There are only two episodes left in this season of Top Gear, so don't miss one of your last chances to ride shotgun with Adam Ferrara, Rutledge Wood and Tanner Foust. You can hit the road early with our video sneak peek from tonight's episode.

Tonight's installment is called "Weekend Race Cars," and if it looks familiar to a few viewers, that's because filming took place at Fontana's Auto Club Speedway - the same place where Will Power won his first Verizon IndyCar Series championship in August. Adam, Rutledge and Tanner are much less controlled.

Check out the videos below to see the guys...

'Top Gear' (USA) Recap: 'Need For Speed' - The Havoc Spreads To Germany

10/8/2014 10:35am EDT
'Top Gear' (USA) Recap: 'Need For Speed' - The Havoc Spreads To
On this week's Top Gear, we're making a little bit of history (pun not intended). The hosts of the UK Top Gear have visited the US on numerous occasions and run afoul of the law and the South - now it's our time to send our boys on a European holiday, as we ship Adam Ferrara, Tanner Foust and Rutledge Wood to Germany and just pray they don't get in trouble with the cops.

This episode is entitled Need For Speed, and yet does not contain any reference to the movie of the same name, in which Tanner stunt drove for Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul. Now, that's disappointing. And if this is like any f...

Rutledge Wood Dishes On 'Top Gear' Season 4: 'It's So Much Fun'

10/7/2014 12:10pm EDT
Rutledge Wood Dishes On 'Top Gear' Season 4: 'It's So Much Fun'
Top Gear came back with a bang last Tuesday, sort of literally: Adam Ferrara hit a tree and Tanner Foust was driving half of a Honda by the end of "What Does It Take." With a midseason premiere like that, we couldn't wait to find out what the guys will get into next! We thought we'd check in with the ever-lovable Rutledge Wood to see what we could find out about the remaining three episodes of season four.

It's not as if Rutledge doesn't have enough high-speed excitement in his life - he's in the middle of covering NASCAR's Chase for the Sprint Cup for FOX Sports 1, and he's pretty well kn...

'Top Gear' (USA) Recap: 'What Does It Take' - Breaking Down Is Hard To Do

10/1/2014 10:02am EDT
'Top Gear' (USA) Recap: 'What Does It Take' - Breaking Down Is H
Start your engines - Top Gear is back with four all-new episodes putting Adam Ferrara, Tanner Foust and Rutledge Wood to the test. It all starts here with a visit to the Mojave Desert, and seeing how far they can dismantle their vehicles of choice. The last man driving will be rewarded with the keys to an expensive new Rolls Royce.

Can somebody break Tanner's winning streak? Will Adam come out of this with all his limbs? Can Rutledge avoid throwing up? The answers to all these questions and more, in "What Can It Take."

The guys wander around in a dry lakebed - with Adam looking around for...

Adam Ferrara Previews The Return Of 'Top Gear'

9/30/2014 12:02pm EDT
Adam Ferrara Previews The Return Of 'Top Gear'
Tuesdays are now officially the best day of the week, because Top Gear is back on History. After not one but two breaks, Adam Ferrara, Tanner Foust and Rutledge Wood are returning with four more adventures to wrap up the fourth season of the craziest and most entertaining show on wheels.

Naturally, we couldn't wait to find out what our favorite hosting trio has in store for the next month. So we connected with Adam last week to see what he'd tell us about what's ahead for Top Gear - and what other trouble he's gotten into.

There's still a lot of good stuff coming in the final four episode...

'Top Gear' (USA) First Look: Adam Ferrara Goes Barrel Racing

9/23/2014 12:01pm EDT
'Top Gear' (USA) First Look: Adam Ferrara Goes Barrel Racing
We're just one week away from new episodes of Top Gear! Adam Ferrara, Tanner Foust and Rutledge Wood will be back next Tuesday to finish out season four with four all-new adventures, and because we know you can't wait that long, we've got a brand-new clip for you featuring Adam from the midseason premiere.

Click below to see what happens when Adam gleefully goes racing in...erm, about half a car. And 'racing' might be a loose description.

The first new episode is entitled "What Does It Take," and features Adam, Tanner and Rutledge trying to answer that exact question. Each of them will ...

Everything We Didn't Need To Know, We Learned From 'Top Gear'

9/16/2014 2:05pm EDT
Top Gear
Just two more weeks until the midseason premiere of new Top Gear on History! We don't know about you, but we can't wait to see what Adam Ferrara, Tanner Foust and Rutledge Wood get up to in the final four episodes of Season 4.

So while the folks at History are getting the new installments ready to roll, we present to you something to hold us all over - a list of some of the many lessons that Top Gear has taught us over three and a half seasons.

1. The three most dangerous words in the world are 'Watch this launch'. Most likely to be uttered by Tanner Foust, and followed by something ridic...

'Top Gear' (USA) Recap And Review: 'Cool Cars For Grownups' - Minivans Cause Mayhem

7/9/2014 9:06am EDT
'Top Gear' (USA) Recap And Review: 'Cool Cars For Grownups' - Mi
We couldn't have described this week's Top Gear any better than Adam Ferrara did: It's "responsible cars, not so responsibly." Adam, Tanner Foust and Rutledge Wood try to pretend that they're mature adults when they're sent to Denver to see if you can drive a car that is both fun and practical.

Adam brings an AMG Mercedes, while Tanner shows up in a Porsche Cayenne Turbo S, and Rutledge arrives in a Honda Odyssey, because minivans are cool when Rutledge Wood is driving them - and when they've been souped up to have a thousand horsepower. Rut immediately leads his confused colleagues on a m...

'Top Gear' (USA) Recap And Review: 'Off Road Big Rigs' - Logging Disasters

7/2/2014 9:01am EDT
'Top Gear' (USA) Recap And Review: 'Off Road Big Rigs' - Logging
When somebody gave the British Top Gear hosts big rigs, they just crashed through a bunch of stuff and hurt themselves. Is the American version going to be any different? Erm...who are we kidding?

Adam, Tanner and Rutledge have decided to join the timber hauling industry, with the first one of the trio to reach their final destination to be declared the winner (of what, who knows - possibly some therapy). As Adam points out, the last time these guys went trucking, it went badly. There's plenty of room for improvement.

Once the obligatory race is out of the way (complete with Tanner gloati...

'Top Gear' (USA) Recap And Review: 'Snow Show' - Adam's On Fire

6/25/2014 9:05am EDT
'Top Gear' (USA) Recap And Review: 'Snow Show' - Adam's On Fire
Fans of the British Top Gear will remember an episode in which the hosts built a snowplow out of a combine harvester and then accidentally destroyed anything it touched. Now it's the American show's turn to tackle the cold weather - and it's actually even wilder than the first time around.

This episode is actually more like a play on last season's "Doomsday Drive," except with a prize at the end. The guys must build the best possible snow-clearing machine, and whoever makes the most worthy contribution to their effort gets to drive a supercar against a snowmobile. Tanner shows up in Maine ...

'Top Gear' (USA) Recap: '80's Power' - Lou Ferrigno Guest Judges

6/18/2014 9:05am EDT
'Top Gear' (USA) Recap: '80's Power' - Lou Ferrigno Guest Judges
There were a lot of things to love about the 1980's. Movies with Andrew McCarthy in them. Some of the music wasn't that bad. But the cars? Well, our Top Gear heroes are spending this week trying to prove that the cars were okay, too.

Given $5,000 to pick their ride of choice, the guys meet at a mall outside of Los Angeles for their usual "series of challenges leading to an ultimate winner" escapade. Rutledge turns up in a supercharged Toyota MR2, while Adam arrives in a Buick Grand National, and Tanner has the keys to such a Tanner-esque car: a bright red Chevy Camaro IROC-Z. Tanner thinks...

'Top Gear': Checking In With Adam Ferrara And Tanner Foust

6/17/2014 12:18pm EDT
'Top Gear': Checking In With Adam Ferrara And Tanner Foust
The fourth season of Top Gear just came roaring back, and already Adam Ferrara and Tanner Foust can't stop talking about it. We checked in with two-thirds of the TG hosting trio when they attended last week's E3 Expo (Rutledge Wood being on the road and unable to join us). Here are a few things Adam and Tanner spilled about what it takes to make Top Gear.

Firstly, tonight's episode is going to be an interesting one (as if they're ever not). "There are some stunts in this next episode," Tanner told us.

"There's the ones we know about and the ones that just happen," Adam corrected.


'Top Gear' (USA) Recap: 'Desert Trailblazing' Gone Somewhat Wrong

6/11/2014 8:54am EDT
'Top Gear' (USA) Recap: 'Desert Trailblazing' Gone Somewhat Wron
Honestly, who wouldn't want to take a road trip with the Top Gear guys? Adam, Tanner and Rutledge are three great people to spend time with...and when you put them all together, something wild usually happens. This week's adventure is no exception to that rule.

Our heroes are in Arizona with a trio of 4x4's, which must make it to the Colorado River within 48 hours and without GPS - which, honestly, might be a plus considering how wrong things went when they relied on GPS in "Doomsday Drive." It's like a modern-day version of The Oregon Trail, only hopefully no one is about to get cholera a...

'Top Gear' (USA) Recap: Testing Out 'Muscle Cars' In Florida

6/4/2014 10:48am EDT
'Top Gear' (USA) Recap: Testing Out 'Muscle Cars' In Florida
After some auto racing, a promotion and a baby, the guys from Top Gear are finally back with us for some more automotive adventures. This week's theme is American muscle cars, so naturally, the show opens with a race. "How insane was that?" Rutledge comments. "I'm so glad that road was closed."

They're in Gainesville, Florida - home of the University of Florida Gators - with three resto mods to put to the test. There's a 1967 Ford Shelby Mustang GT500 (courtesy of Tanner), a 1972 Dodge Charger SE (Rutledge), and a 1968 Chevy Camaro (Adam, duh). As the guys examine each other's rides, there...

Finish Line: 'Top Gear' Returns For More Season 4

6/3/2014 12:15pm EDT
Top Gear
You can stop crying into your beer. After a six-month hiatus, History's Top Gear has mercifully returned with new episodes to make us laugh, smile and cry in the name of love of the automobile. From muscle cars to rally cars, the Grand Canyon to Germany, it's going to be one crazy summer.

To prepare for this momentous occasion, BFTV scoured the country (okay, the state of California) to catch up with hosts Adam Ferrara, Tanner Foust and Rutledge Wood, and talk a little Top Gear.

Are they as upended by the split seasons as we are? "It can be a little confusing," Rutledge laughed. "We're ve...

Tanner Foust Tackling New Challenges In 2014

4/28/2014 12:16pm EDT
Tanner Foust Tackling New Challenges In 2014
Tanner Foust is already one of the biggest badasses in motorsports. So what does he do when he's already driving at the top of his game? He finds new challenges, and new ways to continue getting even better.

If you saw Need for Speed earlier this year, that was Tanner behind the wheel, doubling for Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul. He's participating in more mayhem as new episodes of Top Gear are in the works. And BFTV caught up with him over the weekend in Lake Elsinore, where he was participating in the Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Series, to ask him about that as well as the new team he's join...

Rutledge Wood, Sam Witwer Set For 2014 Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race

4/12/2014 12:01pm EDT
Rutledge Wood, Sam Witwer Set For 2014 Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race
By the time you're reading this, the 2014 Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race will be just hours away. At yesterday's practice and qualifying day, BFTV finally caught up with our friend and defending champion Rutledge Wood - who by virtue of his victory now starts in the Pro category - and newcomer to the field, but not to our audience, Sam Witwer. Here's what Rut and Sam had to tell us about their plans for handling this race and their future projects.

Rutledge is being a little, shall we say, cautious about his chances. "I think the only way that we'll have a shot is if we steal the keys to Al Uns...