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Death Sex
After an injury Eddie is sure that he's going to die. With that fear Eddie and Joy rekindle the romance. Eddie decides to take advantage of the situation when he finds out he's fine, by not telling Joy the truth.

Fight Friend
Joy turns to a friend, Nicole, for help when she and Eddie are fighting. When Eddie confronts Joy about Nicole, they get into a heated argument and seek support from their respective fight friends. Joy teams up with Nicole and Eddie with Nicole's husband, Cofeld, in order to prove their points.

The Anniversary Party
While attending Vicki and Stan's 25th anniversary party, Joy can't help feeling jealous at the attention Stan pays to his wife. Eddie gets advice from Stan about his role in the marriage. Jeff is embarrassed by Steph's dancing.

The Italian Affair
When Joy accuses Eddie of being a pack rat, he and Jeff go through piles of ancient items from Eddie's past. The duo comes upon an old roll of film, which Jeff agrees to get developed. When Eddie sees the photos of himself and Joy having a great time in Italy, he is reminded of how the vacation ended and a moment he and Joy never discuss. In order to make things right, Eddie does all he can to relieve their trip to Italy right there in the suburbs of Philadelphia.

The Wood Pile
Joy has had enough with the woodpile that Eddie uselessly keeps in the garage, and finally gives him an ultimatum: use it or lose it. When Eddie realizes that Joy may have a point, he desperately sets out to hold onto his pride and his woodpile, seeking the help of their newlywed neighbors Steph and Jeff Woodcock. When it comes to marriage, alls fair in love and woodworking.

The Garage Band
Eddie doesn't realize that Joy knows what he's doing when he tells her a lie about practicing with his band.

Summer of Love
When summer vacation begins Allison surprises her parents with Doug. While Allison and Doug spend their time enjoying the summer, Steph gets Eddie to join them. Jeff and Joy feel left out and upset by their partner's happiness, finally they are persuaded to join in.

The Colleague
When Joy gives Eddie permission to have a female friend, the pair bond over their history. Meanwhile, Jeff tries to be cool and uses Steph to get in with the cool high school kids. Later, when Eddie and his friend get too close, Joy takes on some history of her own.

The Toaster
When Joy attempts to persuade Eddie that unplugging the toaster saves electricity, Eddie is convinced that his wife is mistaken. Stubbornly, they bicker until Eddie decides to take it to the next level and goes out of his way to prove Joy wrong in a series of failed attempts. It doesn't take long before Eddie and Joy come to realize their childish behavior is inappropriate when they ruin Steph's surprise party.

Middle-aged Eddie and Joy Stark are closing in on day 9,000 of their marriage and have the battle scars to prove it. Their new next-door neighbors are young newlyweds Steph and Jeff Woodcock - idealistic, passionate, adorable and married for a matter of weeks. It's a show about new marriage versus old marriage

The Hockey Lie
Jeff is heartbroken and angry when Steph reveals that she wont be his Hockey Girl any longer. Eddie later muses that its normal for new couples to lie and that they will eventually grow apart because of it, but Joy insists that she and Eddie are actually becoming more similar as they grow old together. As Jeff tries to accept that his wife is not the woman he thought she was, Eddie tries to prove to Joy that he is his own man.

Dream Getaway
Steph and Jeff convince Eddie and Joy to join them for a getaway in the mountains, but when Steph tells Jeff she had an erotic dream about Eddie, their vacation is anything but relaxing for the Woodcocks.

The Bachelor Party
When the guys' discover that Jeff never had a bachelor party, they have a boys night out at a local club. But when Nicole tags along with Cofeld, the guys' night doesn't turn out as they planned. Meanwhile, Joy is sick at home and Steph comes over with a special recipe to help them both feel better.

THat's Ridiculous
Joy accompanies Allison on her spring break in Florida, leaving Eddie alone in the house and looking forward to spending quality time with his TV set. Until a storm knocks out the cable.

Sex for Furniture
When Eddie accidentally breaks the patio furniture, Joy isn't looking forward to asking him to replace it, until Steph tells her about a special type of deal she makes with Jeff to make it easier. With the women fully utilizing the power of temptation, Eddie and Jeff must take a stand to salvage what remains of their manhood. Its war as the two married couples deal with distressed patina finishes in a power struggle over who wears the pants and who buys the furniture

The Coffeemaker
Steph gives Eddie and Joy a cappuccino maker that was a wedding gift from Jeff's mom. Joy loves the gift, but Eddie soon begins to resent Joy for not learning how to work the machine herself. When Eddie refuses to make Joy her nightly cappuccino, she makes a list of all the things she does around the house and comes to the conclusion that Eddie doesn't do enough.

The Ring
When the Woodcocks and the Starks go out for a thank-you dinner, Joy yearns for more romance from Eddie and asks him why she never received the engagement ring she was promised. With a little help from Jeff, Eddie gives Joy a ring

Your Mother or Your Wife
Jeff gets in trouble when his mother comes to visit and he takes her side over Steph's. Jeff goes to Joy and Eddie for advice.

Webby's Not Happy
When one of Eddie's single idols comes for a visit, Eddie is in awe, while Joy is unimpressed by Webby's lifestyle of wild adventures and exotic travels. To Joy, Webby is running away from the one thing that can make him truly happy: a committed relationship. Ignoring Eddie's warnings, Joy sets Webby up with Denise, who tames Webby's ways. When Webby is ready to settle down, Denise lets Joy know that she is not interested. Meanwhile, Jeff is miserable at the sight of his crying wife in an incredibly ugly shirt.

Daddy's Girl
Eddie and Joys daughter, Allison, comes home for the holidays to celebrate New Years with her parents. When she gets some bad news from her boyfriend, Allison turns to her mother for help, leaving a snubbed Eddie perplexed. At the Woodcocks New Year's Eve party, Eddie lightens up his mood to impress his daughter, but as the clock strikes midnight and a new year begins, Allison realizes she likes her "big, dark, angry, wonderful dad" just the way he is.

Clay Date
When Eddie and Joy visit Allison for parent's weekend, they share a dorm room with a partying single father. When Allison lets them know her new major and future plans, Eddie and Joy try their best to persuade her to do otherwise but realize that their own mistakes led them to where they are today. Meanwhile, Jeff gets someone to help Steph tile the bathroom, bringing out the worst in her.

I Heart Woodcocks
When the Woodcocks strike up a close friendship with the Cofelds, the Starks feel left out. Much to their surprise, they find they really miss their time with Jeff and Steph. Eddie and Joy set out to win the Woodcocks' friendship back.

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