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Joy Ride
Eddie takes his car into the shop, but decides it's time for a new ride, so he buys a new red convertible. Joy realizes that Eddie's recent purchase is more of a mid-life crisis than anything else, so she flirts with her co-worker in order to get some of the attention Eddie is giving his new wheels. Kenny on the other hand, buys Eddie's old car and pimps it out.

Speed Bumps
Joy can't flirt her way out of her first speeding ticket, so she thinks about getting some new lingerie and possibly even some plastic surgery to help with getting her "groove" back. Meanwhile, Kenny and Tina are still feuding over custody of their dog, Beyonce.

Philadelphia Freedom
When Eddie and Joy spend a romantic night out in the city, Joy becomes enamored with city life and decides they should move downtown. Eddie tries to convince her to keep their house in the suburbs, but a visit to a new downtown loft development tempts him with fancy modern conveniences and causes him to reconsider his decision.

Secret Meatball
Joy finds out Eddie has been sneaking to his favorite meatball-sandwich shop without her. She comes to the realization that keeping secrets from each other is stupid because they've been married so long they seem to know everything about each other. Meanwhile, Steph's comments cause Joy to propose that she and Eddie come up with a secret in an effort to spice things up.

Sugar Dougie
Allison comes home from college for a visit. But when her and her hippie boyfriend get in to an argument and decide to break up, Eddie loves it, until he finds out that Doug is rich. Allison's parents then try to get the two back together by inviting Doug over for a feast. Meanwhile, Kenny wants the couple back together so he can have his room back. .

Kenny becomes Joy's new "girlfriend," making Eddie feel left out and jealous. To feel included, Eddie crashes Joy's '70s-themed party at work and ends up sending Joy to the hospital.

When Kenny goes swimming with his girlfriend, he looses his trunks and she sees that he is not circumcised. But when he decides to get the procedure, Joy is impressed at his dedication to a woman he hardly knows, and badgers Eddie to do more sweet things he thinks she would like. Eddie decides to talk Kenny out of the operation.

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