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Mixed Doubles
When Steph introduces Eddie to yoga and Jeff turns Joy on to tennis, the couples spend more and more time with their friends and less time with each other. The swap seems successful until Jeff's competitive streak emerges and Joy tries to bow out of tennis lessons.

Really Big Brother
To avoid doing housework with Joy, Eddie signs up to be a volunteer for a "Big Brother" program, but things go awry when he's accidentally given an adult instead of a kid to mentor.

Four Neighbors and a Funeral
When Eddie and Joy are the only neighbors not included in an elderly neighbor's funeral, they feel left out. Then, when Joy lands an invitation to sing at the funeral, Eddie wants to have a role of his own. Meanwhile, Steph and Jeff argue over Steph's eulogy for the funeral.

No More Mr. Vice Guy
Jeff becomes acting principal at the school and thinks his ship has finally come in and this is his chance to shine. However, when he has to make an important decision, he chokes and winds up suspending Eddie.

Sob Story
Joy accuses Eddie of not being able to express himself, so they enroll in couple's therapy, to strengthen their relationship and help Eddie get in touch with his feminine side. During a session, their teacher, Dr. Friedman, pushes her new age therapy, and makes a couple already seeking help even more uncomfortable.

Vintage Eddie
Eddie offends Jeff at his birthday dinner when he forgets to give him a gift. Eddie recovers by re-gifting Joy's expensive wine and then is forced to try to get it back.

When Joy and Eddie have a pregnancy scare, Joy convinces Eddie to get a vasectomy. Nervous about the procedure, Eddie takes advice from Kenny and pretends that he wants more children in order to avoid the trip to Dr. Park.

Tale of the Tape
Eddie complains about their neglected gym membership so Joy attempts to prove him wrong by taking on the treadmill and competing with other gym members. Meanwhile, Jeff begs Eddie to preview an adult video.

Bedtime Stories
When Joy purchases two new bedroom lamps, one lamp works and the other one is broken, prompting Eddie and Joy to fight over the working lamp. Meanwhile, Jeff fights for the right to go to bed whenever he wants.

Performance Anxiety
After attending a birthday party for Steph, Eddie decides it's time to confront Joy about some of her more irritating habits. However, Joy is not receptive to hearing about her social blunders. Meanwhile, over at the Woodcocks', Jeff finds it more difficult than he imagined to give his wife a gift that she has wanted for a long time.

Swimming with Starks
When Joy calls off their usual anniversary celebration and surprises Eddie with a gift, he decides to one-up her with a special snorkeling trip to Hawaii requiring him to take swimming lessons from Kenny.

Everybody Digs Doug
Joy is annoyed by Steph, who has developed an attitude from her husband's elevated status at the school. In Eddie's absence, Jeff searches for a substitute teacher and ends up hiring someone a little too close to home.

Second Marriage Guy
When Eddie's friend Karl introduces him to his second wife, Eddie becomes jealous of Karl's relaxed marriage and convinces Joy that they should try out a "second marriage." Joy has her own ideas of how a "second marriage" should be causing Eddie to re-think his suggestion.

Raisinette in the Sun
When Kenny is subjected to a perceived racist slight at a local movie theater, he reacts strongly causing Eddie to rush to his defense. In the aftermath, Eddie decides that Kenny over-reacted and resolves to prove it to him.

Come Out and Play
When Jeff runs into a rival vice principal from a snooty private school, his competitive side gets the best of him and he signs up for a school faculty basketball league. The team's secret weapon is Eddie, who's a former state basketball champion. However, Eddie has a shocking secret he has kept for over 20 years, a secret so astonishing not even Joy knows about it.

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