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Arthur quits his job as an accountant to become a superhero, getting caught up with The Tick and his entourage. They must foil a Soviety conspiracy plot known as "The Red Scare".

Arthur Needs Space (a.k.a. Arthur Needs His Space)
Arthur encounters an old high school crush, who seems to be attracted to his superhero character; the other tries to teach Tick about sex.

The License
When the crew learns that The Tick lacks a superhero license, they venture to the DMV to try and obtain one.

The Tick Vs. Justice
The gang testifies against Destroyo, but Tick winds up jailed for contempt of court.

Arthur, Interrupted
When Arthur announces to his family that he is actually a superhero, they commit him to a psychiatric ward, forcing Tick to bust him out.

The Funeral
A legendary superhero known as The Immortal comes to visit, but he dies while having sex with Janet; The Tick and Arthur must conceal the body to prevent word from getting out.

The Big Leagues
Liberty and Batmanuel become jealous when The Tick and Arthur are invited to join the League of Superheroes, so they accuse the league of discrimination.

The Terror (Unaired)
Tick and Arthur reflect back on their first week together as a duo, when they faced a 112 year old villain named The Terror.

Tick and Arthur spend some time with another "dynamic duo" and discuss the different politics of hero/sidekick relations.

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