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'Tabatha Takes Over' Recap: Passive Aggressive Tania

3/15/2012 8:25am EDT
Tabatha Takes Over
On Tuesday’s Tabatha, the sharp tongued stylist headed to West Hollywood, Ca’s royal dog grooming and daycare, ‘Barkingham Palace.‘ Partners Tania and Tee are, combined, over $100 grand in debt in just under four years.

At the throne of their dismay is stubborn and passive aggressive owner, Tania. While she might describe herself as ‘direct,’ the staff has a very different take. During the undercover, Tabatha discovers Tania in her office most of the day, eating and doing her make-up, only to come out and utter disparaging remarks about her staff under her breathe but in front of them. Exp...

'Tabatha Takes Over' Recap: Legendary Complacency

3/9/2012 8:18am EST
Tuesday evening’s episode of ‘Tabatha,’ really pulled on the heartstrings. The takeover took us to Torrance, Ca to salvage what was left of the famous Flavio Beauty College. Once a highly respected institution lead by Dr. Flavio, the beauty college is now at an all time low of attendance; run-down and otherwise in a dire state. After almost sixty years in business, Flavio is in danger of losing his home and at 85 that is not an option.

Fueled by her respect and admiration of the passion and dedication of Dr. Flavio, Tabatha goes into high gear to set the college back on the path to succes...

'Tabatha Takes Over' Recap: These Shoes Were Made For Walking

3/1/2012 10:34am EST
Tuesday night’s episode of Tabatha was definitely one for the records. During this week's installment our favorite Aussie migrated to the Midwest to save struggling salon, H Design in Minneapolis, MN. While most episodes revolve around a hairstylist turned owner in massive debt, H Design flipped that model upside down. Owner Brian has been a stockbroker for the past nineteen years, but when H Design began taken a turn for the worse seven years ago, his father (who owns the building) asked him to take over the salon so the entire building would be profitable.

As a stockbroker, is it expect...

First Look by Bravo: 'Bethenny Ever After' & 'Tabatha Takes Over'

2/20/2012 4:35pm EST
Bethenny Ever After
'Skinnygirl,' Housewife and soon-to-be talk show host, Bethenny Frankel is back for a third season of 'Bethenny Ever After.' This year the lovey dovey fairytale of marriage is over and reality sets in. 'Jason's penis has cobwebs on it,' Bethany comments. Oh Bethany,we've missed you! This season promises to be a true look at the hardships of intimacy when you have a young child and are trying to run a business.

'Bethany Ever After' premieres Februrary 20 on Bravo at 9 Pm.

'Give me your keys, I'm taking over.' Yes! After a week long hiatus, those infamous words return on a brand new ep...

'Tabatha Takes Over' Recap: Yogurt, Coffee... And Liver Snaps? Oh My!

2/9/2012 11:33am EST
The takeover continues this week into the land of yogurt. Tabatha travels to Ventura, Ca, to ‘Chill’ beachside. Built on the love of the frozen treat, owner Sandy’s dream is slowly crashing along the coast. Just 18 months in business and already $90,000 in debt, Sandy desperately needs Tabatha’s help.

It takes the queen of styling no time at all to figure out the source of the problem: Sandy. During the interview we learn that of three local businesses owned by Sandy and her husband, ‘Chill’ is the only one not performing. It is also the only one actively ‘managed’ by Sandy. A bar, run by ...

'Tabatha Takes Over' Recap: Georgia Pits And Peaches

2/3/2012 10:48am EST
On the latest installment ‘Tabatha Takes Over,’ our favorite stylist takes us to the Deep South: Douglasville, GA. While the South is known for its hospitality and high tea with the Ladies, Tabatha finds much to the contrary at ‘Pat’s Hair Shoppe.’

Pat, who has owned her shop for more than twenty years, is near a nervous breakdown after over ten of her long time stylists walked out on her just six months ago. Directly prior to that event, the struggling owner had just expanded her business into the shop next door. With few stylists and an onset of rumors from her former staff, rent was bec...