Survivor Marquesas Summary

Reality/adventure series that strands a group of Americans in a very remote region of the world, to fend for themselves while also competing for a monetary prize.

The eight members of the Maraamu Tribe are: nature guide Gina Crews, 29, from Gainesville, Florida; Federal Express pilot Hunter Ellis, 33, from La Jolla, California; bowling alley owner/wine shop owner/yoga enthusiast Peter Harkey, 45, from Millis, Massachusetts; truck assembler Patricia Jackson, 49, from Lugoff, South Carolina; accounts manager Sarah Jones, 24, from Newport Beach, California; construction worker Rob Mariano, 26, from Canton, Massachusetts; teacher Sean Rector, 30, from Harlem, New York, currently residing in Los Angeles; and office manager Vecepia "Vee" Towery, 36, from Portland, Oregon, currently living in Hayward, California.

The eight members of the Rotu Tribe are: bartender Gabriel Cade, 23, from Celo, New York, currently residing in Los Angeles; registered nurse John Carroll, 36, from Omaha, Nebraska; limousine driver Robert DeCanio, 38, from Queens, New York; student Neleh Dennis, 21, from Layton, Utah; judge Paschal English, 57, from Thomaston, Georgia; crime reporter Tammy Leitner, 29, from Mesa, Arizona; real estate agent Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien, 47, from Burlington, Vermont; and fishing boat captain Zoe Zanidakis, 35, from Monhegan Island, Maine.