Survivor 3 Summary

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Reality/adventure series that strands 16 Americans in Kenya, a remote region of the world many miles from civilization, to fend for themselves while also competing for a monetary prize.

The 16 participants are: Carl Bilancione, 46, a dentist from Winter Springs, Florida; Clarence Black, 24, a high school basketball coach from Detroit, Michigan; Tom Buchanan, 46, a goat farmer from Rich Valley, Virginia; Jeffrey Camacho, 27, a deputy sheriff from Orlando, Florida; Teresa Cooper, 42, a flight attendant from Jackson, Georgia; Silas Gaither, 23, a bartender from Germantown, Tennessee, who currently resides in Los Angeles; Frank Garrison, 43, a telephone technician from Odessa, New York; Kelly Goldsmith, 22, a behavioral research analyst from Rancho Santa Fe, California.

Kim Johnson, 5, a retired school teacher from Oyster Bay, New York; Diane Ogden, 42, a U.S. Postal Service mail carrier from Lincoln, Nebraska; Kim Powers, 29, a freelance marketer from Conshohocken, Pennsylvania; Brandon Quinton, 25, a bartender from Dallas, Texas; Lindsey Richter, 27, an advertising account executive from Portland, Oregon; Linda Spencer, 44, a career counselor from Cambridge, Massachusetts; Lex van den Berghe, 38, a marketing manager from Santa Cruz, California; and Ethan Zohn, 27, a professional soccer player from Lexington, Massachusetts, who currently resides in New York City.