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The Best Of 2011 - Editors' Picks

1/1/2012 9:00pm EST
Editor's Picks 2011
You've seen the rest, now see OUR best - Starpulse contributing editors Pete Weiss, Noelle Talmon, Kevin Blair & Casey Johnson bring you their favorites from the year that was - 2011. We've been watching & listening, too, and here's what we think are the best TV shows (Drama, Comedy & Reality), the best movie of the year, and the albums that had the most plays on our iPods...

Pete, Editorial

Best TV Show, Drama: Breaking Bad

The big networks should follow AMC's lead, as they continue to produce the best programs on television. Season 4 of Breaking Bad was no exception, great acting and...

Boston Rob Mariano Finally Named Sole 'Survivor' – Reality TV Highlights (May 15-21, 2011)

5/22/2011 9:47am EDT
Rob Mariano,
After more than 100 days over 10 years spent roughing it in the jungles of the world, “Boston” Rob Mariano was finally named the sole “Survivor” on Sunday. Mariano earned all but one of the “Survivor: Redemption Island” jury votes (we still can’t believe Phillip received a vote) after giving an incredible final plea and answering jurors’ questions on the season finale. Winning the final immunity challenge solidified Rob’s spot in the Final 3, but it was his spot-on gameplay and near-perfect strategy that earned him the $1 million prize.

On Monday, Rob opened up to me about what he thought ...

'Survivor: Redemption Island' Finale – Rob Mariano Emerges As Winner

5/16/2011 9:24am EDT
Rob Mariano emerged as the winner of SURVIVOR: REDEMPTION ISLAND
This season saw the return of Boston Rob vs Russell. Although Russell was voted off by his team mates in a surprise thrown challenge, Rob emerged as the ultimate Survivor strategist. Despite wild card Philip, who gave us a new kind of crazy to admire, and Christian Matt, who survived Redemption Island over and over again, Rob seems set to make it all the way to the end, and finally, after 4 attempts, win the million dollar prize for himself. We saw Russell cry, Matt pray, and Rob scheme and scheme and scheme again, while his cult-like followers voted out every single member of the former Za...

What To Watch: Viewers Finally Learn Which ‘Glee’ Cast Member They Will Say Goodbye To Forever (May 15-21, 2011)

5/15/2011 11:15am EDT
The number one thing you need to watch this week is “Glee” because after months of speculation, viewers will finally find out which cast member they will say goodbye to forever. That’s right; in case you haven’t heard, one of McKinley High’s own will face an unexpected loss. Cast and crew have been tight-lipped about who is dying, but viewer guesses include Sue’s sister, Puck and Quinn’s daughter, or Kurt’s dad. Of course, this doesn’t mean it couldn’t be one of the regular cast members; ugh, I cringed at the thought!

‘Amazing Race; Unfinished Business’ wraps up with $1 million winner, ent...

'Survivor: Redemption Island' 'Too Close For Comfort' Recap May 11, 2011

5/12/2011 4:52pm EDT
Survivor: Redemption Island
Last week: With all ex-Zapatera members voted out of Murlonio, only the ex-Ometepes survive. Philip claims to have been acting crazy as a winning strategy. Rob continues to manipulate everyone, and Andrea is sent to Redemption Island.

At Murlonia, Ashley gloats over Andrea’s shock at being blind-sided. “It’s kinda funny to see the reaction,” she says, and then bunny cuddles with her BFF, Natalie. I guess their relationship could only get closer from the days when they clipped each other’s armpit hairs. (Ewww!) And yet Natalie can’t quite get over her reliance on Rob, who now confides that ...

A Letter To Rob Mariano From Stuart Brazell

5/12/2011 2:52pm EDT
Rob Mariano
Dear Rob,

Really Rob, really? You decided to send home Grant! After playing Survivor so many times and even admitting the sacrifices your wife Amber is making to send you back to play Surivor again, I am absolutely floored at your decision to send home Grant last night. Because let's face it, up until now we all know that YOU have been running this whole game!

I was literally screaming at you through the TV! Those two girls are going to get you! Grant was your friend, someone that you could 100% count on and you royally screwed him. I know that this is all in a scheme to make it to ...

'Survivor Redemption Island' Recap 'You Mangled My Nets'

5/5/2011 11:21pm EDT
Andrea Boehlke Voted Out
With the last two ex-Zapatera’s sentenced to Redemption Island, most of the ex-Ometepe’s have yet to realize they’ll soon be eating each other. Or if they’ve figured it out, they’re assuming it will be someone other than themselves. Natalie has a bit of a meltdown, which she blames on hormones, but which Boston Rob sees as a foible of youth. Yep, Murlonio just keeps getting more fun.

TreeMail! Product placement alert: Today’s treemail is brought to you by Sprint. With a smart phone text message, the Murlonio’s are summoned to RI, and then told to check the videos on the phone. It’s message...

Tweet TV - Is Twitter Taking Over Primetime TV?

5/5/2011 9:58am EDT
The Voice
While watching The Voice I couldn't help but notice the judges and Carson Daly's tweets "news" flashing at the bottom of the screen, and you know what ..... I loved it! I immediately jumped on twitter and started using #TheVoice hashtag and retweeting @blakeshelton and @adamlevine - these two guys are hilarious!

NBC's The Voice is the first show to really attack its audience social media radars and encourage them to participate and live tweet during the show. Yes while watching Glee you'll notice the #Glee at the bottom right hand screen and the "Gleek of the Week" and of course you can ...

'Survivor Redemption Island' - A Mystery Package – Recap

4/28/2011 9:47am EDT
Survivor Redemption Island
Following the Tribal Council, Steve actually proffered an olive branch to Philip, saying “I’m not being a racist, man. I just thought you were crazy.” Which Philip took rather well, considering he’s still being called, well, crazy. Philip was happy to exchange handshakes, but decided that Steve would probably be leaving next because he was not “totally genuous.” That’s definitely a new word for me, Phil. Steve and Ralph, being the last ex-Zaps, need all the friends they can get. And with Rob still pulling the strings, I wouldn’t count on any of Rob’s zombies to be those friends.

But it’s a...

'Survivor: Redemption Island' Rice Wars – And the 'N' Word April 20 ReCap

4/21/2011 11:20am EDT
Survivor: Redemption Island
What is this! The Lord’s best shepherd has had enough? We start at Redemption Island, where Matt is praying aloud, telling God he’s had it. Rather appropriately for the Wednesday before Good Friday, he’s saying, “you know how much I want out of this game, but if you want me to stay in it, I will. I will fight … I need you to protect my heart, Lord. I need you to protect my mind.” I think he means, “take this cup away from me,” but then, I went to a convent.

At any rate, his mind is apparently blown now that he has two companions on RI, Mike and David. They are wondering what the heck is u...

'Survivor' Recap: The Buddy System & Philip's Magic Feather

4/15/2011 9:19am EDT
Survivor Redemption Island
Let’s hear one more ‘awwww’ for poor Matt, who’s once again back on Redemption Island. Boston Rob let Matt just have one day of freedom before sending him back to solitary. Matt interviews that he must be the most naïve person to ever play Survivor. Say, if Matt goes crazy from being alone most of the 40 days, can he legally kill and eat other tribe members? Just wondering …

Murlonia ain’t no garden of Eden. David is in awe of Rob’s genius move in getting the tribe to vote Matt out again. “It’s straight out of a mob movie!” says he. Even Mike curries favor with Rob by calling the ousting a...

'Survivor Redemption Island' 'This Game Respects Big Moves' Recap April 6

4/7/2011 10:05am EDT
Maatt Elrod and Sarita White
This week: Matt wins another duel (yawn,) the Merge, and Matt gets a load off his chest and his butt back to solitary.

On Redemption Island, Sarita arrives at Matt’s ‘casa,’ and she tells Matt what a great group of tribe members she’s been with at Zapatera. (Um Sarita, they voted you out!) Matt thinks he just might flip to the Zaps when he gets the chance. Matt interviews that he’s cut the outside of his foot pretty badly, so if it’s an endurance challenge, he’ll have a problem. He shows us the cut. Doesn’t look that bad to me, but he’s pre-med, so I guess he knows.

And of course, it IS a...

'Survivor: Redemption Island' 'It Don't Take A Smart One' ReCap

3/31/2011 9:50am EDT
Survivor: Redemption Island
This week, on Survivor – Matt believes that God is keeping him in the game, Phillip is ‘turning Japanese’, and Boston Rob continues to conduct the Survivor Master Class.

Post Tribal Council, David has to defend his vote for Sarita, as the Zapatera tribe closes ranks against him. Over at Redemption Island, Stephanie drones on and on about the food that she will eat when she gets home, as Matt prays internally for her to SHUT UP! Matt interviews that he and God have had a nice chat, and he’s assured God that he’s in it for the long haul.

Another beautiful Ometepe morning, save for the si...

'Survivor: Redemption Island' Recap: Phillip Is The Red Headed Step Child

3/24/2011 11:15am EDT
Phillip Sheppard, and Natalie Tenerelli, of the Ometepe tribe
This week on Survivor: Redemption Island … The ladies of Ometepe have a ‘Spa Day’, Phillip loses it twice, and Stephanie learns how to lose friends and influence people – to vote her out.

Zapatera’s Steve admitted to being unhappy that Krista and Stephanie had voted against him during last week’s Council. It seems like his ego took a hit at being singled out. His confidence was further undermined when Stephanie acknowledged her vote, but tempered her apology with a suggestion that he ‘dig deeper’ if he wanted to stay in the game.

Omatepe’s Natalie and Ashley infuriated Phillip when they d...

'Survivor: Redemption Island' - 'We Hate Our Tribe' – They Don't Like You Either

3/17/2011 10:49am EDT
Survivor: Redemption Island
Matt’s still on a winning streak, while Russell’s Rooters keep on skankin’ …

My eyes! My eyes! Those big, droopy, pink panties are killing me! I have nothing against Phillip personally, but my word, if you know you’re about to be half naked for 39 days, can you not pick a neutral color for your gotch!?

First up, a visit to Redemption Island to watch Matt vs Kristina. Seems to me that even the tribe members can’t be bothered to make the trip, but off we go, with Krista and Stephanie (Russell’s Rooters) representing Zapatera, and Rob and Grant fronting for Omatepe. The challenge, to put t...

'Survivor' Pulls Shocker in Redemption Island Duel

3/10/2011 11:23am EST
Survivor: Redemption Island | Photo Credits: Monty Brinton/CBS
Spoiler Alert: The following reveals the outcome of Wednesday's episode of Survivor.

Hours after being renewed for two more seasons, Survivor proved why it's TV's longest-running reality competition series.

After being booted out by his wary Zapatera tribemates last week, returning veteran Russell Hantz had just one more chance to bounce back and fight his way to his third final Tribal Council. But the Survivor player fans love to love to hate fell short in the domino duel against Matt Elrod.

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Russell Hantz, Survivor: Redemption Island, M...

'Survivor' Renewed For Two More Seasons; Jeff Probst To Return

3/9/2011 4:15pm EST
Jeff Probst | Photo Credits: Monty Brinton/CBS
CBS has renewed Survivor for two more seasons with Jeff Probst returning as host, the network announced Wednesday.

The deal will keep the longest-running reality competition series on TV through 2012. Survivor is in its 22nd season with Redemption Island. It moved from its longtime Thursdays at 8/7c berth to Wednesdays at 8/7c in September.

Check out videos from Survivor: Redemption Island

"Survivor is a program franchise that continues to stand the test of time," said Jennifer Bresnan, CBS' executive vice president of alternative programming. "Each season delivers new faces, exotic plac...

Rob vs. Russell: Which 'Survivor' Vet Will Become King of Redemption Island?

2/16/2011 10:26am EST
Survivor | Photo Credits: Monty Brinton/CBS
For two of Survivor's most infamous contestants, there's much more at stake this season than hidden immunity idols and the $1 million prize. In addition to allowing players a chance to return to the game after elimination via the new Redemption Island, Survivor: Redemption Island welcomes back two of the show's biggest villains. After first going head-to-head last year on Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains, "Boston" Rob Mariano and Russell Hantz will duke it out once again, this time surrounded by 16 newbies. So who will come out on top? We compare stats to see what they need to do to outwit, o...

Survivor's Russell Hantz Accused of Leaking Show Secrets

2/2/2011 8:18am EST
Russell Hantz | Photo Credits: Monty Brinton/CBS
From the moment he burned Jaison Robinson's socks on Survivor: Samoa in the fall of 2009, Russell Hantz made it clear he couldn't be trusted during the game. It turns out he can't be trusted anywhere.

Jim Ealy, a Survivor message board commentator, told The Daily Beast that Hantz, 38, is guilty of leaking spoilers and other secret information.

Russell Hantz and "Boston" Rob Mariano join Survivor: Redemption Island

Ealy says he was sued by CBS and Survivor producers in December for prematurely publishing the names of...

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Former Castaways Russell Hantz & 'Boston' Rob Mariano Join 'Survivor: Redemption Island'

1/13/2011 1:04pm EST
Rob Mariano
CBS announced today that two former Survivors, Russell Hantz and "Boston" Rob Mariano, will join the 16 previously announced castaways on "Survivor: Redemption Island" when the series returns for its 22nd season, Wednesday, Feb. 16 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on CBS.

Having never been awarded the title of Sole Survivor, Hantz and Mariano return to compete for the one million dollar prize and one last shot at redemption.

Each one will join a separate tribe of new castaways at the start of the game, but it's up to the tribe to decide if they will welcome the knowledge of an experienced veteran,...

CBS Names 16 Of 18 Castaways Competing On 'Survivor: Redemption Island'

1/10/2011 10:53am EST
Survivor Redemption Island
CBS just announced 16 of 18 castaways who will compete against each other on "Survivor: Redemption Island" when the series returns for its 22nd season, Wednesday, Feb. 16 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT).

Two of the 18 castaways, to be revealed later this week, are former castaways who will return to seek redemption.

This edition of "Survivor" will feature a new twist when, for the first time, castaways who have been eliminated from the game will have an opportunity to seek redemption and return for a chance to win the million dollar prize. Each week at Tribal Council when a castaway is vot...