Survivor: Redemption Island Episode Guides

You're Looking at the New Leader of Our Tribe
Former castaways Russell Hantz and "Boston" Rob Mariano, alongside 16 new castaways, learn that after elimination they will have an opportunity to return to the game with the introduction of "Redemption Island." Meanwhile, one castaway is not shy about revealing their "top secret" past to gain the trust of their tribe.Francesca Hogi has been voted inhabitant of Redemption Island.

You Own My Vote
One castaway's kind gesture causes others to take notice and question his loyalty to the tribe, while Francesca settles into solitary life on Redemption Island and speculates who will join her next.Matt Eldrod was voted off and is now an inhabitant of Redemption Island.

Keep Hope Alive
One tribe considers a risky move, while on Redemption Island it's do or die as Matt and Francesca face off in the first duel to see who earns the right to stay in the game and who exits for good.Russell Hantz was voted off the island and onto Redemption Island.

Don't You Work For Me?
Secrets are revealed on Redemption Island and the second duel reduces one castaway to tears when he is eliminated from the game for good.Kristina Kell is voted off the Island and now inhabits Redemption Island.

We Hate Our Tribe
Two unlikely castaways unite over their shared frustration with their tribe members while another castaway hides clues to keep their tribe from searching for the idol.Krista Klumpp was voted off and now inhabits Redemption Island.

Their Red-Headed Stepchild
One castaway digs deep to find a way to weaken the strength of a powerful alliance, while a luxury item creates an unexpected bond between the dueling castaways on Redemption Island.Stephanie Valencia was voted off the main island and currently inhabits Redemption Island.

It Don't Take A Smart One
One castaway's resentment toward his tribe grows stronger when he is denied a simple pleasure, and, hungry for victory, the tribes face off in a grueling challenge that is a fight to the finish.Sarita White was voted off main island a now inhabits Redemption Island.

This Game Respects Big Moves
The former tribes have big plans for one castaway who has the potential to change the game. Meanwhile, this same castaway grapples with the decision of whether to make the powerful move.Matt Elrod was voted off the main island and now inhabits Redemption Island.

The Buddy System
A double tribal council sends two castaways to Redemption Island; a player works hard to stay in the game.Mike Chisel and David Murphy were voted off the main island and now inhabit Redemption Island.

Rice Wars
When one alliance's food supply is contaminated, a heated argument at camp sparks an explosive tribal council. Meanwhile on Redemption Island, the three remaining castaways compete to stay in the game and avoid becoming the first member of the jury.Julie Wolfe was sent to Redemption Island.

A Mystery Package
One castaway is on the verge of a breakdown, while other castaways speculate about the contents of a mystery package and how it affects their strategy.Steve Wright was sent to Redemption Island.

You Mangled My Nets
Tree mail leaves one tribe member with a tough emotional decision, and one castaway exhausts all efforts to ensure their safety in the game.Andrea Boehlke becomes the 14th person voted off the main island and onto Redemption Island.

Too Close for Comfort
A contestant's plan for a big move that could end up being detrimental.Grant Matteos was voted onto Redemption Island.

Seems Like a No Brainer
Eight remaining castaways vie for the title of "Sole Survivor". Yet, as the competition moves on, the number of challengers is whittled down to three finalists, who must prove their case to the jury in a game of cunning mind games. Rob Mariano was the final winner of Survivor: Redemption Island.

Rob Mariano is voted in as the Sole Survivor of Survivor: Redemption Island before a live audience. All contestant gather to discuss their competition and to revisit old wounds.

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