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Survivor: Philippines 2012 – And The Winner Is … Denise!

12/17/2012 10:37pm EST
After an exciting season, the Final Four prepare to become the Final Three. We begin with a flashback to the earlier episodes, and a reminder that the players survived 21 straight days of pouring rain.

Returning from Tribal Council, where the evil Abi was finally voted off the tribe, the remaining four cannot believe how relieved they feel. “That’s like having a tumor removed,” says Michael Skupin. “It sucked life out of you, having (Abi) here.”

While Malcolm worries that he’s been painted as the hands-on winner, Skupin believes that it’s his own turn to shine. “I believe I have a better ...

'Survivor: Philippines' 2012 – (W) Rapping Up The Reunion

12/17/2012 11:01am EST
Lisa Whelchel, Michael Skupin and Survivior: Philippines winner,
Once again snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, Malcolm Freberg lost the title of Sprint Fan Favorite/Player of the Season by a margin of only .7% (the closest in history),to Lisa Whelchel, who smilingly accepted the $100,000.00 check. And that wasn’t the only surprise, as we gathered for one last episode with the cast of Survivor: Philippines.

Denise Stapley was lauded and congratulated for her win of the Sole Survivor title and million dollar award. Jeff Probst was characteristically charming and in control – until love-struck Sarah Dawson again launched herself at Probst’s lips, t...

Who Will Be The Ultimate Survivor Of 'Survivor: Philippines' 2012?

12/15/2012 2:00pm EST
Survivor: Philippines
CBS will air the two hour season finale of Survivor: Philippines 2012 on Sunday, December 16. The Final Four include Lisa Whelchel, Michael Skupin, Malcolm Freberg and Denise Stapley. Who will win the title of Ultimate Survivor?

The four most likeable players of the season have wrangled and wrestled their way to the finale. Evenly split, there are two males, and two females, two former Tandang members, and two former Matsing’s.

Lisa Whelchel (48), was a teenaged TV star as “Blair” in “The Facts of Life.” Lisa began the series as the older woman of the tribe, ostracized and ridiculed, and ...

'Survivor: Philippines' 2012 – Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead!

12/13/2012 12:30pm EST
Abi-Maria Gomes becomes the next evicted survivor
As Lisa, Michael Skupin, Malcolm, Denise and Abi trail back to camp after Tribal Council, Abi tells the others that she “doesn’t even know how to thank” them. Which is true. Abi is incapable of apologizing or thanking anyone, it seems, believing that her bluff about her fantasy hidden immunity idol was what really saved her. The others are sorry that Carter had to be voted out over Abi. It was a strategic move. But can they last any longer with the unlikeable Abi in the tribe?

This week, Abi continues bluffing the others with her fake idol, but no one believes that she has one. After all,...

'Survivor: Philippines' 2012 – The Culture Of Abi

12/6/2012 11:56am EST
Shot into Smithereens
The countdown begins to the final weeks of this season’s Survivor. With only Carter, Lisa, Malcolm, Denise, Michael Skupin, and the hated Abi left to pick from, an immunity challenge win is all important.

Aware that everyone but she and Carter are in the Final Four pact, Abi tries to work her magic on Carter to convince him that she does indeed have the imaginary Immunity Idol she lied about finding.

This week, we’re immediately brought to the Reward Challenge, where Jeff Probst shocks everyone by saying that today’s Challenge will involve being paired up with a loved one. Mouths drop as...

'Survivor: Philippines' 2012 – Abi Wins Immunity – Hell Freezes Over

11/29/2012 4:26pm EST
Hell Hath Frozen Over
Lisa finally decided that her alliance with the former Tandang was meaningless, and threw her lot in with Michael Skupin, Denise and Malcolm as the potential Final Four. Abi, now completely on her own, was still clueless as to why her behavior and attitude had turned the others against her.

Knowing that she will be the next one voted out, Abi determined to somehow win immunity.

This week begins with a treemail call to a Food Auction! Everyone is excited at the prospect of a tasty meal, but Abi’s intention is to see how best to use her money to her advantage. Jeff Probst welcomes them all,...

'Survivor: Philippines' 2012 – From Queen For A Day To Most Unlikeable

11/22/2012 11:22am EST
Despite soul searching and a display of outright paranoia from Abi, Lisa once again sided with the former Tandang tribe, sending Artis to the jury. But Lisa’s loyalty can only be stretched so far – and with Jonathan Penner and Mike Skupin remaining her closest allies, it may be time for a change in the game.

Post Tribal Council, Malcolm, Denise, Penner, Skupin, Lisa and Carter decide they’ll aim for final 6, and then battle it out to the end.

This week, Pete and Abi are a losing alliance of two. Abi is just stunned that her game plan has fallen apart. She’s also shocked that Lisa is hones...

'Survivor: Philippines' 2012 – 'I Don’t Know Who Told Abi She Knows Everything About Everything'

11/15/2012 11:40am EST
Lisa Whelchel, Abi-Maria Gomes and Peter
Well, we all knew that it would take a pretty wild episode to beat the insanity and confusion of last week’s incredible Tribal Council. And this episode isn’t it. Sure Abi once again displays her trademark lack of gamesmanship and petty mindedness, but it’ll be a while before we see another episode like the last!

We begin with Lisa desperately trying to smooth over Abi’s anger at Lisa’s big move and attempt to save Mike Skupin and show loyalty to Tandang. Despite Lisa outing Malcolm’s hidden immunity idol. Abi has nothing but contempt for Lisa. But Malcolm understands. Abi assumes that S...

'Survivor: Philippines' 2012 – The Biggest Blown Opportunity In The History Of The Game?

11/8/2012 12:23pm EST
Survivor: Philippines
Last week, the tribes merged to form a new tribe, Dangrayne. Jonathan Penner knew he was in trouble. He played his hidden immunity idol, saving him from the vote, but leaving him in danger of the next. RC, with no alliance but Mike Skupin, was voted off.

This week, Penner’s normally relaxed personality is gone, as he struggles to find a place within the new tribe. The people he trusted – Denise, Jeff Kent, Carter – admit they voted for him, to further their own game. He is furious, and vows that he will win immunity at the next challenge. Jeff Kent is still determined to get rid of Penne...

'Survivor: Philippines' 2012 – The Name Of The Game Is BlindSide

11/1/2012 11:24am EDT
 Abi-Maria Gomes and Peter
Kalabaw, now minus Katie, regroup back at camp. Jonathan Penner notes that Denise has been at every Tribal Council this season, and says she needs a break. Jonathan was surprised that Katie wrote his name down at TC, but understands that it’s a warning that he needs to keep his eyes wide open at all times.

At Tandang, Mike Skupin mentions that it’s the anniversary of the day he fell in the fire, 24 series before, when he last played Survivor. His current tribe thinks it’s a miracle he’s made it this far in this series.

Off in the distance, a boat appears, and the Tandang members are first...

'Survivor: Philippines' 2012 – Here's Mud In Your Eye!

10/25/2012 2:04pm EDT
Survivor: Philippines
In the “can’t take your eyes off the crazy” that was Tribal Council last week, I seriously had not noticed that Katie wore a formal red dress to Tribal. I’m trying to picture what goes through your mind when you’re getting ready to go to TC – hmm, not the little black dress … ah yes! This red dress that I wore to pageant, that’s it!

Katie is going to need more than a little color to cheer herself up, because with both Dawson and Dana out of the game, she’s lost her only allies in the Kalabaw tribe. Even newcomer Denise has been accepted into the Boy’s Club of Jeff Kent, Carter and Jonatha...

'Survivor: Philippines' 2012 – Going In For The Clinch

10/18/2012 11:30am EDT
Malcolm Freberg and Denise Stapley of the Matsing Tribe
Is it a tribe or a duet if there are only two of you? Malcolm and Denise are Matsing’s last two members, after Russell’s pouting departure last week.

Day 11 dawns as cold and wet as the others. Malcolm and Denise know that it’s likely they’ll be split up, with their tribe of two pitted against two tribes of six. It’s too early for a merge. They determine to find the tribe’s hidden immunity idol before the next challenge. Malcolm finds the idol, while Denise hopes he’ll stay loyal to her.

Malcolm’s “giddy as a schoolgirl” at the find, and he just gets giddier at the Reward Challenge. Jeff...

'Survivor: Philippines' 2012 – Superman's Never Supposed To Fail

10/11/2012 11:15am EDT
Russell Swan of the Matsing Tribe is voted off during Tribal Cou
“My plan is to mount the greatest comeback that has ever been seen.” Great plan, Russell, but with Matsing now down to three players, non-stop rain drenching everything, including the fire, and three very depressed tribe members – you’re going to need a miracle.

Russell blames their sorry state on “a smoker, a lunatic, and a beauty queen.” Malcolm , on the other hand, says that Malcolm has lived up to his poor expectations of him, and lacks self-awareness. “it’s apparent at challenges, it’s apparent in the way he talks to us around camp, and it’s apparent the way he loses his cool at Trib...

'Survivor: Philippines' 2012 – Malcolm In The Middle Of The Goon Squad

10/4/2012 12:03pm EDT
Survivor: Philippines
With Righteous Roxy gone, Matsing is a tribe of four. Russell needs to find an alliance pronto. If Denise decides to side with cute couple Angie and Malcolm, he’s a goner. I’m feeling like I really know the players in this tribe. Oh wait, that’s because we almost never see anyone BUT this tribe! For the third week in a row, Matsing is in the spotlight, with their inability to win a challenge. The only way we’ll know any of the other players this season seems to be if and when the opening credits feature the full roster of players.

When a new day dawns, Matsing discover that their raft has ...

'Survivor: Philippines' 2012 – What This Tribe Needs Is Cookies!

9/27/2012 11:50am EDT
Survivor: Philippines 2012
Week Two, and Matsang’s Russell’s already admitting that he almost passed out from the tension at last week’s Tribal Council, where crazy Zane claimed responsibility for everything bad that’s ever happened to anyone at any time in the history of Survivor. Zane was sent home, natch, but Russell learned that telling yourself not to act bossy didn’t necessarily mean you could stop yourself from being bossy when the games begin.

Now Matsang is down to five players, while the two other teams, Kalabaw and Tandang, remain at six players each.

Rain has fallen almost non-stop during the first six ...

'Facts Of Life' Star Lisa Whelchel Joined 'Survivor' To Get Over Her Divorce

9/21/2012 9:19am EDT
Lisa Whelchel
After 24 years of marriage, Lisa Whelchel and her husband are no longer together. The "Facts of Life" star has confirmed to that she and Steve Cauble officially got divorced in March.

Whelchel is currently competing on "Survivor: Philippines," and one of the reasons she decided to do it was to take her mind off her broken marriage.

"The divorce was final on March 1, and (I) went out to be on Survivor on March 10. Going out to Survivor was helpful for me, to divert my attention and not just dwell on the loss... I just never thought it would happen to me. It was painful to realiz...

'Survivor 2012: Philippines' Premiere - How To Blind Side Yourself

9/20/2012 1:01pm EDT
The Tandang tribe during the premiere episode of Survivor: Phili
And we’re back! It’s the Survivor 2012: Philippines premiere. Eighteen castaways - check. Three tribes- check. The dashing Jeff Probst - check. Now all we need are our second chance players, Russell Swan (Survivor: Samoa), Jonathan Penner (Survivor: Macronesia) and Michael Skupin (Survivor: Australian Outback,) each of whom was pulled from the game after life threatening injuries. Just to keep things interesting, we’ll toss in former San Francisco Giants MVP Jeff Kent and The Facts of Life star Lisa Whelchel (Blair.) Simmer for 39 days, until one player emerges as a million dollar winner...

2012 Television Premiere Dates

9/8/2012 9:45am EDT
The Voice
It's that time of year again. Television fans have appointments with their couches as the fall season kicks off this month with tons of returning favorites and new shows. DVRs will be working overtime as viewers record their must-see-TV programs and talk about them later at the watercooler.

Check out the premiere dates of the new season (brand new shows are indicated with italics and by *). All times are eastern unless otherwise indicated.

Monday, September 10
The Voice 8 p.m. NBC

Tuesday, September 11
Go On 9 p.m. NBC *
The New Normal 9:30 p.m. NBC *
Parenthood 10 p.m. NBC

Wednesday, ...