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Survivor: Nicaragua Recap: My Grandfather Invented The Color Wheel

12/21/2010 7:25am EST
Fabio FTW!
An old man, a crazy chick, a country boy, a surfer dude and a maggot walk into a bar. The old man leaves to visit the tanning bed, while the crazy chick opts for Glamour Shots. The country boy grabs a guitar and hops a plane to Nashville, while the surfer dude buys everyone a round of shots, and starts spouting about color wheels and folding card tables. The maggot? Well, he gets a shave and climbs back under his rock....voteless.

We begin the Survivor season finale with short Survivor snippets on the final five: Dan, Holly, Sash, Chase and Fabio. The alliance of three (Chase, Holly and ...

Jud 'Fabio' Birza Wins 'Survivor Nicaragua'

12/20/2010 10:24am EST
Survivor Nicaragua Finalists
With his alliance in ruins and every other player seeing him as a threat, Jud "Fabio" Birza won the last three immunity challenges to stay in the game and ultimately win Survivor Nicaragua and one million dollars.

Aloof and free-spirited, Jud Birza was quickly named "Fabio" by his tribe mates and wasn't considered a cerebral player. Fabio apparently caught on to this, allowing others to not see him as a threat until the very end. It was then that Fabio went all-out and won the last three immunity challenges, including a coin-stacking endurance test, to secure his spot in the finals.

With ...

'Survivor: Nicaragua' Recap: End of Story

12/16/2010 12:07pm EST
Jane is betrayed by her alliance.
Awww, 'tis the tearjerker episode of Survivor.You know, the one where they use some sort of product placement techie gadget to tease tribe members with videos and photos of their cute kids, siblings, and spouses before bringing them out in person to join in a Reward Challenge. My husband and I always laugh and roll our eyes and call them all sorts of derogatory names. We could go 39 days with no contact, sure! That's the blink of an eye, right? Silly Survivors. Truth is, I would probably blubber about incoherently like an idiot, with snot running down my face while sporting some major Tammy...

'Survivor: Nicaragua' Recap: Sashtastic

12/9/2010 4:51pm EST
Bye bye Benry
This is going to be a short post. I had a very long, well thought out post and then my computer went haywire and poof- it's gone. I've spent the last 5 minutes with my arms wrapped around my screen, muttering, "Oh no, oh no, oh no," over and over and over again. I just lost a lot of good words, people, and they are fluttering around free in cyberspace for some other Survivor fanatic to swipe right out of the air and use in their own recap. If that happens, Survivor fans, promise me you won't read it.

This week's Survivor begins with the tribemates naming their pet chicken Kelly Nay. I ho...

'Survivor Nicaragua' Recap: What The %$*#@?

12/2/2010 4:27pm EST
Survivor: Nicaragua
I tried to write this recap several times this morning, but after last night's show, it was entirely too frustrating to focus on the task at hand. I couldn't get the temperature right at my house, the fridge was completely devoid of food due to my grocery shopping procrastination habit, and my water filtration system was on the brink. Seriously, how is one supposed to operate under those conditions? I stuck my pen behind my ear, logged off of the Internet, and settled in for a long winter's nap. It was then that my subconscious conjured up the image of a red-faced, pissed-off Jeff Probst, w...

'Survivor: Nicaragua' Recap: The 'King' Gets Punked

11/18/2010 1:57pm EST
Survivor: Nicaragua
Last night's Survivor had the potential to be fantastic television. The build-up begins in the first five minutes when Holly and Jane have a pivotal conversation about the two leaders, Sash and Brenda. What's surprising is that it's Holly that's leading this bandwagon. She has the plan and the gumption to make it happen. Who knew that the crazy shoe thief from early days would make such an impressive turn-around? I still think she may be a bit cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs but I've got to give the lady props. She's making a power move and it didn't take much on her part to gain the support of almo...

Survivor: Nicaragua Recap: Take Him To The Woodshed

11/11/2010 4:53pm EST
Marty outwears his welcome.
Last night's Survivor begins with Marty plotting the demise of his archenemy, the "little old South Carolina woman" Jane. She's dangerous and she must go. She lost her husband. No one can compete with that sob story. Meanwhile, Marty also reminds folks of how NaOnka stole the flour and cooking utensils. She's certainly not winning any congeniality awards back at camp. Only makes sense to get her out despite the threat of "Miss Jane." I smell a blindside, right? We'll get to that later.

Being the little old lady from NORTH Carolina (you're wrong, smarty Marty), Jane knows a thing or two abo...

Survivor: Nicaragua Recap: 100% Grade A Dirt Squirrel

11/5/2010 11:30am EDT
Alina is the latest sent packing.
First of all, let me begin by apologizing for the late recap of the latest Survivor: Nicaragua installment. Truth is, I fell asleep from boredom during Wednesday night's show. After amping myself up on several cups of coffee and my leftover Halloween stash (my kids don't need that junk anyway), I finally prepared myself to sit down again and give Brenda and Co. my full attention. Thank sweet baby Jesus for DVRs.

Something needs to happen, and it needs to happen fast. This cast has me yearning for the likes of Russell Hantz, Boston Rob and Richard Hatch. Heck, I'd even take Dreamz or that w...

'Survivor: Nicaragua' Recap: I Became Yellow

10/28/2010 2:48pm EDT
Survivor: Nicaragua
Espada scored a double victory this week by winning both reward and immunity challenges, enjoying a morning of horseback riding, milking cows, and fresh farm eggs as well as three more days guaranteed on the island.

La Flor, on the other hand, ruined yet another perfectly fine opportunity to rid themselves of the gray-haired, overgrown, boy bander Marty, choosing to send home his much less threatening partner in crime, Jill. Let's recap, shall we?

At the reward challenge, each tribe must choose a "defender" to stand on a pedestal in the middle of a pool of water and attempt to block the o...

'Survivor: Nicaragua' Recap: 'Your First Blindside, Congratulations'

10/21/2010 12:51pm EDT
Kelly B. is blindsided.
Episode 6 opens with yet another Espada tribe member ready to pack it in because of Mother Nature. I've never been to Nicaragua myself but they must have some pretty brutal raindrops to beat down two players within two weeks so hard that they're willing to pack it in for a warm bed and a dry pair of socks. Call me crazy, but a tornado would have to sweep in and lift me from that island in its vicious tunnel cloud before I would even consider giving up.

Surprisingly, it is not the resident complainer NaOnka nor the somewhat crazy Holly stealing production's cell phone and booking the first ...

'Survivor: Nicaragua' Recap: Keep It 100!

10/14/2010 1:53pm EDT
Tyrone should lay off the chicken next time.
Wednesday's Survivor begins with two of the cockiest tribe members on the island, Marty and NaOnka. They've got game, they've got the numbers, and they've got huge egos that quite surprisingly both fit on the same island. It's a crying shame that the Survivor gods didn't put these two on the same tribe. A Marty/NaOnka confrontation would definitely be a popcorn-worthy event, don't ya think?

Over at Espada, Marty, who reminds me of a 50 year old boy bander (seriously, how does he get his hair so spiky? Tree sap? Worm guts?), is gloating about the control he has over his tribe. He's managed ...

'Survivor: Nicaragua' Recap: The Jimmy T. Show

10/7/2010 1:39pm EDT
Survivor: Nicaragua Jimmy T
We begin this week with Jimmy T. giving a whole new meaning to singin' in the rain. Just back from Tribal Council, the oldies sit around camp, shivering in the rain, lamenting that they have no food, no luck and no Coach. Hey- at least they have Jimmy T. to break out in song, staging an impromptu concert for the downtrodden tribe. Does it lift their spirits? Um, no. Does it make them want to stab their own eyeballs out with fishing hooks? Dunno. But it would mine. Let's recap.

While Jimmy T. is busy flexing his vocal chords, Naonka is over at La Flor running off at the mouth yet again. See...

'Survivor: Nicaragua' Recap: Put Me In Coach

9/30/2010 9:36am EDT
Jimmy Johnson Snuffed
Last week, I took an intense disliking to Naonka. Her little hissy fit about the socks sent me over the edge. Her voice could be compared to nails on a chalkboard. Oh, what a difference a week makes. I think I've found myself a new favorite.

This week's show begins with the youngsters returning from Tribal Council, and Alina and Kelly B. are still reeling from their leader Shannon's exit. As the camera pans to Naonka, I immediately cringe. She starts running her mouth... I gag. She does a dead-on imitation of Alina... I perk up. Hmmm...what's happening here? Could it be? Beneath all of the...

'Survivor: Nicaragua' Recap: The Case Of The Missing Shoes

9/23/2010 9:22am EDT
Survivor Nicaragua - Missing Shoes
I sincerely hope you set your DVRs because this is one Survivor episode just chock full of crazy. Generally, I'm happy to have just one headcase or evil villain to snark about all season, but Mark Burnett hit ratings gold this year with his cast of backstabbers, bullies and flat out nutjobs. Let's recap.

We catch a glimpse of the crazy that is Holly early on in the episode when she hijacks tribemate Jill's big old bucket of snails. Jill, hoping for a little protein and using every resource available to her, is sitting quietly and chomping on a breakfast of snails, when Holly sails by and b...

'Survivor Nicaragua' Recap: Babies vs. Boomers

9/16/2010 2:40pm EDT
Survivor Nicaragua: Babies vs. Boomers
What do you get when you throw together an ex-NFL coach, a goat rancher, an amputee, and a handful of bratty, snarky twenty-somethings? Well, besides a hot mess, that is? How about Survivor: Nicaragua, the program's 21nd installment that pits under 30s against over 40s to see who will ultimately outwit, outplay and outlast.

The season begins with 20 hopefuls silently making their way through the jungle, sizing each other up, and mistakenly assuming that the groups they've been divided into will be their new respective tribes. This year's crew brings Jimmy Johnson of Dallas Cowboys and Mi...

When Does Your Favorite TV Show Return?

8/21/2010 11:05am EDT
shit my dad says
There are a lot of TV shows returning and premering in the fall. Start making room on your DVR now because there are many can't-miss series on the boob tube.

I spent hours last weekend clearing out tons of space on my DVR. I know it can be a chore, but it's so refreshing afterwards! (Did that sound like a body wash commercial to anyone else?)

Check out the list for your favorite shows, mark your calendars and get ready for a long winter with some great TV.

Shows marked with an asterisk (*) are new and all times are ET/PT.

Tuesday, Sept. 7
Sons of Anarchy (FX), 10 p.m.

Wednesday, Sep...

Hot Photos Of The 'Survivor: Nicaragua' Castaways

8/10/2010 6:47pm EDT
Survivor Nicaragua
Twenty castaways will compete in a tribal battle of the ages on "Survivor: Nicaragua" this fall.

For the last 10 years, "Survivor" has traveled to the farthest corners of the planet and subjected over 300 contestants to the harshest environments. As the next decade of "Survivor" begins, this new group of strangers will compete on "Survivor: Nicaragua."

The castaways will be marooned in a land of smoldering volcanoes, wildlife and impenetrable terrain. They will be forced to work together to adapt to their new surroundings, yet compete against each other to the stay in the game or be ...