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Survivor: Nicaragua Recap: 100% Grade A Dirt Squirrel

11/5/2010 11:30am EDT
Alina is the latest sent packing.
First of all, let me begin by apologizing for the late recap of the latest Survivor: Nicaragua installment. Truth is, I fell asleep from boredom during Wednesday night's show. After amping myself up on several cups of coffee and my leftover Halloween stash (my kids don't need that junk anyway), I finally prepared myself to sit down again and give Brenda and Co. my full attention. Thank sweet baby Jesus for DVRs.

Something needs to happen, and it needs to happen fast. This cast has me yearning for the likes of Russell Hantz, Boston Rob and Richard Hatch. Heck, I'd even take Dreamz or that w...

'Survivor: Nicaragua' Recap: I Became Yellow

10/28/2010 2:48pm EDT
Survivor: Nicaragua
Espada scored a double victory this week by winning both reward and immunity challenges, enjoying a morning of horseback riding, milking cows, and fresh farm eggs as well as three more days guaranteed on the island.

La Flor, on the other hand, ruined yet another perfectly fine opportunity to rid themselves of the gray-haired, overgrown, boy bander Marty, choosing to send home his much less threatening partner in crime, Jill. Let's recap, shall we?

At the reward challenge, each tribe must choose a "defender" to stand on a pedestal in the middle of a pool of water and attempt to block the o...

'Survivor: Nicaragua' Recap: 'Your First Blindside, Congratulations'

10/21/2010 12:51pm EDT
Kelly B. is blindsided.
Episode 6 opens with yet another Espada tribe member ready to pack it in because of Mother Nature. I've never been to Nicaragua myself but they must have some pretty brutal raindrops to beat down two players within two weeks so hard that they're willing to pack it in for a warm bed and a dry pair of socks. Call me crazy, but a tornado would have to sweep in and lift me from that island in its vicious tunnel cloud before I would even consider giving up.

Surprisingly, it is not the resident complainer NaOnka nor the somewhat crazy Holly stealing production's cell phone and booking the first ...

'Survivor: Nicaragua' Recap: Keep It 100!

10/14/2010 1:53pm EDT
Tyrone should lay off the chicken next time.
Wednesday's Survivor begins with two of the cockiest tribe members on the island, Marty and NaOnka. They've got game, they've got the numbers, and they've got huge egos that quite surprisingly both fit on the same island. It's a crying shame that the Survivor gods didn't put these two on the same tribe. A Marty/NaOnka confrontation would definitely be a popcorn-worthy event, don't ya think?

Over at Espada, Marty, who reminds me of a 50 year old boy bander (seriously, how does he get his hair so spiky? Tree sap? Worm guts?), is gloating about the control he has over his tribe. He's managed ...

'Survivor: Nicaragua' Recap: The Jimmy T. Show

10/7/2010 1:39pm EDT
Survivor: Nicaragua Jimmy T
We begin this week with Jimmy T. giving a whole new meaning to singin' in the rain. Just back from Tribal Council, the oldies sit around camp, shivering in the rain, lamenting that they have no food, no luck and no Coach. Hey- at least they have Jimmy T. to break out in song, staging an impromptu concert for the downtrodden tribe. Does it lift their spirits? Um, no. Does it make them want to stab their own eyeballs out with fishing hooks? Dunno. But it would mine. Let's recap.

While Jimmy T. is busy flexing his vocal chords, Naonka is over at La Flor running off at the mouth yet again. See...

'Survivor: Nicaragua' Recap: Put Me In Coach

9/30/2010 9:36am EDT
Jimmy Johnson Snuffed
Last week, I took an intense disliking to Naonka. Her little hissy fit about the socks sent me over the edge. Her voice could be compared to nails on a chalkboard. Oh, what a difference a week makes. I think I've found myself a new favorite.

This week's show begins with the youngsters returning from Tribal Council, and Alina and Kelly B. are still reeling from their leader Shannon's exit. As the camera pans to Naonka, I immediately cringe. She starts running her mouth... I gag. She does a dead-on imitation of Alina... I perk up. Hmmm...what's happening here? Could it be? Beneath all of the...

CBS Fall 2010 Line-Up: What And When To Watch

9/23/2010 11:00am EDT
Presenting Starpulse's quick-and-dirty guide to this fall's new CBS programming.

First, the new:

Mike & Molly, Mon. Sept. 20, 9:30/8:30 CST -- America's obesity epidemic has left a lot us a bit fluffier, and "Mike & Molly" might be CBS's attempt to deliver a show we can relate to. Unfortunately, that seems to be the extent of the humor -- being fluffy. The main characters, played by Billy Gardell ("Yes, Dear") and Melissa McCarthy ("Gilmore Girls"), meet at an Overeaters Anonymous meeting, fall for each other, and deal with the modern-day problems overweight couples face. Time will tel...

'Survivor: Nicaragua' Recap: The Case Of The Missing Shoes

9/23/2010 9:22am EDT
Survivor Nicaragua - Missing Shoes
I sincerely hope you set your DVRs because this is one Survivor episode just chock full of crazy. Generally, I'm happy to have just one headcase or evil villain to snark about all season, but Mark Burnett hit ratings gold this year with his cast of backstabbers, bullies and flat out nutjobs. Let's recap.

We catch a glimpse of the crazy that is Holly early on in the episode when she hijacks tribemate Jill's big old bucket of snails. Jill, hoping for a little protein and using every resource available to her, is sitting quietly and chomping on a breakfast of snails, when Holly sails by and b...

'Survivor Nicaragua' Recap: Babies vs. Boomers

9/16/2010 2:40pm EDT
Survivor Nicaragua: Babies vs. Boomers
What do you get when you throw together an ex-NFL coach, a goat rancher, an amputee, and a handful of bratty, snarky twenty-somethings? Well, besides a hot mess, that is? How about Survivor: Nicaragua, the program's 21nd installment that pits under 30s against over 40s to see who will ultimately outwit, outplay and outlast.

The season begins with 20 hopefuls silently making their way through the jungle, sizing each other up, and mistakenly assuming that the groups they've been divided into will be their new respective tribes. This year's crew brings Jimmy Johnson of Dallas Cowboys and Mi...

Cyndi Lauper To Star In New Reality Show

6/22/2010 8:50am EDT
Cyndi Lauper
Pop star Cyndi Lauper is inviting cameras into her New York home to document her family life for a new reality TV show.

The "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" hitmaker has teamed up with acclaimed "Survivor" producer Mark Burnett for the untitled new project.

Lauper will appear alongside her husband of 19 years, actor David Thornton, and their 12-year-old son Declyn in what the star describes as "the comedy of our lives," reports the New York Daily News.

It will be the singer's second reality show this year - she recently competed against the likes of Sharon Osbourne and Bret Michaels for the t...

'Survivor' With Paint: Bravo's Art Reality Show

6/10/2010 8:04am EDT
Sarah Jessica Parker
Following the popularity of "Top Chef" and "Project Runway," Bravo introduced "Work of Art: The Next Great Artist" Wednesday night. And it's more erratic than a Pollack attached to a ceiling fan on high.

In the new reality show, 14 artists compete in weekly challenges, as art big wigs eliminate them one by one until only the "Next Great Artist" remains. The grand prize is a solo exhibition at the celebrated Brooklyn Museum, and a $100,000 cash prize.

For their first task, the artists were randomly paired off and were given 13 hours to produce a portrait of their partner.

But before t...

'Survivor' Producer Arrested In Mexico

4/8/2010 9:46pm EDT
Reality TV mogul Bruce Beresford-Redman has been arrested in Mexico after police discovered the body of his wife in Cancun.

The "Survivor" and "Pimp My Ride" producer told police that his wife had vanished during a vacation on Monday, and on Wednesday night, he told a Los Angeles TV news show that he was helping authorities search for his wife.

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department spokeswoman Detective Diane Harris told the Los Angles Times Monica Beresford-Redman's family believed her death "had something to do with foul play," and on Thursday her husband was taken into custody.


Anna David On 'Reality Matters'

4/5/2010 1:58pm EDT
Anna David Reality Matters
What do you get when you give a dozen writers who are hooked on reality television a pen and paper? Reality Matters. The book, edited by Anna David, is a brilliant compilation of essays by various writers coming clean about the reality shows they can’t stop watching. Why do we love this genre? Why are we glued to the TV every week as if our lives would end if we didn’t see who The Bachelor picked as his bride-to-be, or which wannabe star got the boot on American Idol? The book explores such shows like The Real Housewives of New York City, The Hills, Married by America, Project Runway, The O...

2010 Midseason TV: New Shows & Returning Favorites

1/5/2010 2:40pm EST
Big Love
January and the coming months are full of returning TV favorites and a few new series worth checking out. The new season of "The Bachelor" premiered last night, "American Idol" arrives next week, and the last season of "Lost" kicks off in February. Check out our guide of what's what in the next few months:


The Bachelor: On The Wings Of Love Jan. 5 ABC

Pilot Jake Pavelka seeks his soulmate.

The Biggest Loser Jan. 6 NBC

Season nine is a couple's season, and teams are made up of moms and daughters, husbands and wives, best friends and more. The shocker for the prem...

Celebrity Birthdays, November 4

11/4/2009 3:00am EST
Matthew McConaughey
Happy Birthday to:

Actor Matthew McConaughey (1969)

Rapper/producer Diddy a.k.a. P. Diddy, Puff Daddy, Sean Combs and Sean John (1969)

Survivor host Jeff Probst (1962)

Actor Ralph Macchio (1961)

'D-list' comedienne Kathy Griffin (1961)

Night Court actress Markie Post (1950)

M*A*S*H* actress Loretta Swit (1937)

Everybody Loves Raymond actress Doris Roberts (1929)

Honeymooners star Art Carney (1918; d. 2003).

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'American Idol' Needs a Revamp... Now!

8/10/2009 11:11am EDT
American Idol
With the recent news that Paula Abdul will not be returning for American Idol's ninth season, the timing seems perfect for the show to reinvent itself, and recapture the magic that has been steadily dwindling since it premiered nearly a decade ago. Though ratings remain high, viewership is decreasing, a problem that the show tried to address by adding a new judge at the start of the eighth season. Unfortunately, what "American Idol" needs is not a mere shuffling of parts, or replacement of personality. The show needs to restructure its format, and realize that the problem is an over-saturat...

Reality TV Couple Rob & Amber Welcome Baby Girl

8/3/2009 3:15pm EDT
Rob and Amber Mariano
Former stars of Survivor and The Amazing Race Rob and Amber Mariano welcomed a daughter last month, according to

Rob said the baby, born July 4, "tends to be a bit of a night owl like her daddy." He added, "She is a perfect baby and we could not have asked for anything more. We are over the moon with happiness."

Lucia Rose was named after her paternal great-grandmother.

Celebrity Birthdays, July 17

7/17/2009 3:00am EDT
David Hasselhoff
Happy Birthday to "Survivor" creator/producer Mark Burnett (1960), "Baywatch" star David Hasselhoff (1952), singer Phoebe Snow (1952), Black Sabbath bassist Geezer Butler (1949), singer/guitarist Spencer Davis (1941), Canadian actor Donald Sutherland (1935), actress Diahann Carroll (1935), jazz pianist Vince Guaraldi (1928; d. 1976), comedic actress Phyllis Diller (1917), and silver screen legend James Cagney (1899; d. 1986).

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'I'm A Celebrity …Get Me Out Of Here!': The Heroic Tale Of Speidi

6/2/2009 1:00pm EDT
This torturous and painful-to-watch version of a cut rate Survivor starts off with your typical collection of crying scenes and arguments amongst the cast. I'm A Celebrity …Get Me Out Of Here begins with the "Cast" trekking through the Costa Rican jungle for about 45 seconds where they set up camp, which looks like a Hollywood soundstage.

Then the 'stars' of the series, "Speidi" - newlyweds Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt (aka the Anti-Christ), from The Hills, announce after 5 minutes in the jungle that they're quitting and "Pulling the Ripcord" on their stay. Subsequently Spencer call...

'Celebrity Boxing 9' To Feature Lindsay Lohan's Dad & Johnny Fairplay

5/27/2009 10:49am EDT
Johnny Fairplay
Lindsay Lohan's father Michael has agreed to fight notorious "Survivor" contestant Johnny Fairplay on June 20 at the Philadelphia Airport Ramada, according to Eclectic Media Productions.

"I couldn't resist Fairplay’s challenge. He made a fool of himself once already with his 'Survivor' scandal and he will do it again once I knock him out." Lohan said.

Fairplay shocked fans and contestants by lying about his grandmother's death during "Survivor: Pearl Islands." Later he was the first person voted off "Survivor: All Stars" to be by his pregnant girlfriend's side.

Lohan has str...

CBS Announces Three New Dramas, One Comedy & More For 2009-10 Season

5/20/2009 11:11am EDT
Julianna Margulies
CBS announced today the addition of four new series to strengthen its already top rated primetime lineup for the Fall 2009-2010 season.

The new series include three dramas and one comedy. Chris O'Donnell and LL Cool J star in "NCIS: Los Angeles," a spinoff from the hit drama NCIS; "The Good Wife" stars Emmy Award winner Julianna Margulies in a legal drama about a steadfast wife and mother who boldly returns to work as a lawyer when her husband is imprisoned for a high profile political scandal; "Three Rivers," a medical drama that stars Alex O'Loughlin as the head of a renowned transpl...

A List Of Some Great TV Season Finales

5/18/2009 11:23am EDT
May sweeps is coming to an end after this week with dramatic TV season finales and cliffhangers. Last week shows like Lost ended their season with thrilling and unexpected moments that left audiences with more questions than answers. Season Finales are often the most memorable episodes during a TV series' run. They often include a mystery that is left unsolved until the next season. And most of the time they reveal something unexpected - like a surprise marriage proposal or a main character being killed off. Here's a list of some great season finales that have left viewers at the edge of th...

Spotlight On Summer Reality TV

5/15/2009 9:57am EDT
The Bachelorette
There was a time when summer television programming was all reruns. But since the overwhelming success of summer-premiered Survivor, American Idol, and America's Next Top Model among others, networks have looked to summer as the golden goose for debuting light, uncomplicated fare. In some shows, it's people having to prove they've got skills or face elimination; in others, it's people looking for love or, well, facing elimination.

Are these shows worth staying inside for or not worth wasting the brain cells? You decide, and tell us what you think!


What's On? This Week In Television

5/4/2009 2:08pm EDT
Michael J. Fox
The networks continue to vie for your attention and May sweeps wins. Don't miss the special "Adventures of an Eternal Optimist" this Thursday on ABC starring Michael J. Fox, based on his best selling book Always Looking Up. Lots of great competition out there as American Idol is down to four, six castaways remain on Survivor, the NBA and NHL playoffs continue, and Amazing Race 14 concludes.


Pick of the Night: House FOX 8/7c, "Under my skin." House continues to hallucinate seeing Wilson's dead fiancé Amber.

Other new episodes worth watching: The Big Bang Theory CBS 8/7c...

What's On? This Week In Television

4/27/2009 2:12pm EDT
Lots of new television this week! Nearly all of your favorite shows are new as the networks vie for May sweeps victories. Between dramas, comedies, reality, and sports, you'll be sure to find something you'll enjoy watching this week.


Pick of the Night: The Big Bang Theory CBS 8/7c, "The Vegas Renormalization."

Leonard, Howard, and Raj go to Vegas. Sheldon gets left behind in L.A., and quickly realizes he is locked out of the apartment.

Other new episodes worth watching: Chuck NBC 8/7c, Rules Of Engagement CBS 9:30/8:30c, How I Met Your Mother CBS 8:30/7:30c, Two A...

What's On? This Week In Television

4/20/2009 2:52pm EDT
American Idol
This Monday starts off a new week of television with a lot of reruns. If you're a sports fan, there will be plenty else to watch, as the NBA and NHL continue their first round playoff matchups.


Pick of the Night: NBA Playoffs on TNT 7/6c

Chicago looks to follow up on their surprising game 1 win as they take on Paul Pierce and the defending champion Boston Celitcs.

Other new episodes worth watching: Chuck NBC 8/7c, Rules Of Engagement CBS 9:30/8:30c,

Rerun alert: How I Met Your Mother CBS 8:30/7:30c, Big Bang Theory CBS 8/7c, Two and a Half Men CBS 9/8c.


What's On? This Week in Television

4/13/2009 2:36pm EDT
The week kicks off with new episodes for most of your favorite Monday night shows and wraps up with a Sunday that will include NBA and NHL playoffs and the Miss USA pageant.


Pick of the Night: House FOX 8/7c, "Saviors."

House takes on the case of an environmental activist after he collapses at a rally. The team continues to cope with the sudden loss of Kutner.

Other new episodes worth watching: Chuck NBC 8/7c, How I Met Your Mother CBS 8:30/7:30c, The Big Bang Theory CBS 8/7c, 24 FOX 9/8c, Two And A Half Men CBS 9/8c, Rules Of Engagement CBS 9:30/8:30c, CSI: Miami CBS...

What's On? This Week in Television

3/30/2009 1:52pm EDT
It's the end of an era later this week, as ER airs its 2-hour series finale on Thursday. Usually, I suggest you go out and do something on Saturdays, but if you're a basketball fan you're going to want to watch the NCAA final four. Michigan St. takes on Connecticut, and Villanova faces North Carolina for the right to play in this year's national championship game.


Pick of the Night: CSI: Miami CBS 10/9c., "Wolfe in Sheep's Clothing."

Wolfe is kidnapped by the Russian mob, and is forced to help them or be killed.

Other new episodes worth watching: Chuck NBC 8/7c, How...

Is There Any Reality Left In Reality TV?

2/17/2009 9:02am EST
The Bachelor
Writers and producers from many shows including "Laguna Beach," "The Bachelor," and, the granddaddy of them all, "The Real World," have admitted that their shows are either partially scripted and/or edited to manufacture storylines. And even before they admitted it, most of us knew for a long time that the term "reality TV" was kind of an oxymoron.

But remember when the first season of "The Real World" premiered 17 years ago? Some of you who are fans of the show now may have still been in diapers back then, but hopefully you've had an opportunity to see its beginnings. If you have, yo...

TV's Best Crime Shows In Transition

1/22/2009 11:42am EST
Television's best crime show, CSI, enters a new era Thursday night as the first episode of the post-Grissom era. William Petersen had appeared in all but two of the episodes since first airing in 2000. CSI actually got its start on Friday nights, but was moved to Thursdays after Survivor when it started gaining some notice. This was back when Survivor was the hot new sensation, and naturally the viewers stuck around to fall in love with CSI.

The show changed the landscape of crime television. Now you can find a miscellaneous crime drama on every night of the week, including...