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Dean reveals to Sam the big secret his father told him: the demon who killed their mother has special plans for Sam that he intends to execute if Dean doesn't keep him on the right path. Sam goes searching for the demon in a fit of rage, and comes across it in Illinois. There, a psychic woman finds Sam and warns him of an impending doom. In this case, it's Gordon, who takes Dean hostage and uses him to try to trap Sam. But Sam doesn't fall for the trap and the police end up busting Gordon for the murder committed by the demon. As Sam and Dean go to thank the psychic woman, they discover that her fiance's been killed and she's gone missing.

Everybody Loves a Clown
Still reeling from their father's death, the Winchester brothers go after a demonic clown that can only be seen by children and whose goal is to eat their parents.

Night Shifter
The Winchester Brothers look into a mysterious string of bank robberies wherein a top employee robs the bank then commits suicide. With the help of a night watchman from one of the robbed banks, they ascertain that the shape-shifter has returned. But, trapped in a bank the night watchman has held up in order to expose the shifter, the brothers appear to be trapped without the possibility of escape and the one alternative they have could make them both federal fugitives.

The Winchester Brothers go to San Francisco to look into a murder that looks to be the work of a werewolf. Sam quickly takes to the victim's attractive secretary, and the two strike up a physical relationship. Meanwhile, Dean goes hunting for the werewolf, but he discovers that it is somebody close to the secretary; Sam finds out that his new lover is a werewolf, too. But she doesn't want to go on hurting people and the brothers know of no cure for her condition, leaving only one unpleasant option for the secretary: death.

No Exit
Blonde women go missing and the Winchester Brothers suspect the soul of a serial killer is responsible. But their investigation takes a turn for the worst when the ghost captures Jo.

Houses of the Holy
People claiming to have been visited by angels commit terrible murders in the name of God, and Sam and Dean investigate their assertions. But while Dean doubts even the existence of God, Sam is convinced these people are telling the truth. In order to determine the cause of the killings, the Winchester Brothers perform a seance and discover that a slain priest is responsible for the misguided killings and the boys perform the proper burial rights to exorcise the priest. That's when Sam recognizes the possibility that there might not be a higher power after all.

Folsom Prison Blues
The Winchester Brothers get themselves thrown in jail on purpose in order to take out a ghost that's killing inmates. But when dogged FBI agent Henricksen arrives at the prison, they realize that killing the ghost and busting out of prison is not going to be that simple.

Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things
The Brothers help a college kid who has resurrected his college crush. But instead of falling in love with him as he'd hoped, the resurrected girl has gone to murdering her ex-boyfriend and the woman he cheated with.

The Winchester Brothers look into some suspicious deaths at a century-old hotel where the proprietor's daughter might be the key to finding the killer... via her imaginary friend. But the demon is, in fact, trying to use the little girl to take over her body.

Born Under A Bad Sign
Dean gets a phone call from Sam, who's been missing for 10 days and doesn't know where he is or how he got there. Once they meet up, the Winchester Brothers discover that Sam has killed a man in cold blood. But Dean finds out that it wasn't Sam who killed, but the demon inside him. Sam, possessed by the demon, goes to Minnesota to kill Jo and Bobby, but Dean arrives in time and together, he and Bobby banish the demon back to Hell.

In My Time of Dying
In the hospital after the car crash, while one Winchester considers making the ultimate sacrifice to save the others, another must deal with a stalking Reaper.

Hollywood Babylon
Sam and Dean try to stop a ghost that is wreaking havoc on a Hollywood movie set.

A series of beheadings and cow mutilations draw the brothers to Montana where they discover a gang of vampires. But these vampires don't want to be mindless hunters. So when Gordon, the other demon hunter, attempts to take down the entire gang, he puts all of their lives in jeopardy, as they battle each other.

Sam dreams that Dean shoots a man. Reality begins to mirror the dream when the brothers travel to Crater Lake, Oregon, where a blood-borne demon virus is wreaking havoc. When one of the townspeople transfers the virus to Sam, Dean is forced to consider killing his own brother. But, ominously, Sam demonstrates an immunity to the disease. Soon after, the townspeople vanish into thin air and Sam and Dean are left with their own demons.

All Hell Breaks Loose, Part One
The Yellow-Eyed Demon captures Sam and puts him with other kids who have special abilities with the intent of forming an army to destroy the human race. While Sam balks at the prospect of fighting humanity, the demon intrigues him by showing Sam what really happened to his mother the night she died. Still wanting no part in the plan, Sam hopes to get in touch with Dean and work with him to stop the demon's plans, but Dean arrives too late, and the Winchester Brothers are stuck in the middle of war between the natural and the supernatural.

Tall Tales
Despite getting on each other's last nerve, the Winchester Brothers try to solve the murder of an ethics professor in a college town. But the potentially ghostly manner of his death conjures up even more ghoulish circumstances in the boys' detective work, so they decide to call in for some help from their fellow hunter Bobby. He ascertains that the town is under the influence of something called a Trickster, which does a remarkable job of eluding capture. But that doesn't stop the boys from thinking they've killed the thing after leaving town. What they don't know is that they only killed the Trickster's body double.

What is and What Should Never Be
Dean hunts something called a Djinn -- basically, a genie -- and winds up being transported to a parallel universe where Sam is in law school, engaged to his deceased ex-girlfriend, and their mother is alive. While this appears to be a perfect world for Dean, he soon learns that every potential victim he has ever rescued is dead in this parallel universe and now he must decide if he should be selfish or continue to save others from the ghosts and the monsters.

Simon Said
The Winchester Brothers encounter a hippie named Andy, whose family was visited by the Demon that killed their own mother. The boys come to suspect Andy of using psychic powers to commit murder, but a dark secret from Andy's family might actually be the cause and solution to these murders.

Crossroad Blues
The Winchester Brothers attempt to deal a fatal blow to a deal-making demon, but when it offers Dean the chance to see his father all bets are off.

The Usual Suspects
The Winchester Bros. are in hot water after an investigator pins a pair of murders on them. But when she begins to receive visions, the boys are able to convince her of the existence of ghosts, and together they learn that the ghost isn't killing people, but trying to alert future victims of the ghost's own murderer.

All Hell Breaks Loose, Part Two
Sam dies, but Dean manages to bring him back to life by selling his own soul. That reaper will come looking for his soul in one year's time. In the meantime, the Winchester Brothers try to stop Jake from opening a portal to hell that will allow The Demon who killed their mother to wage war on Earth. The brothers close the portal, but not before hundreds of new demons spill out onto the Earth, and not before their dad climbs out of Hell. But Dean takes the big shot and kills The Demon, avenging his mother, and allowing his father to reunite with her in heaven.

Road Kill
Sam and Dean try to help a woman who's just survived a car wreck but is now being chased by a demented farmer, whom the Winchester Brothers discover is actually an evil spirit bent on killing this woman to fulfill its yearly ritual.

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