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Now Playing: Supah Ninjas Talk Season Two! USA's 'Divide And Conquer' Comedy Adds 'Supah Ninjas' Actor (Exclusive)
2013-08-19 AwesomenessTV with Daniella Monet on Nickelodeon!
2013-07-02 Supah Ninjas Guest Star Jillian Rose Reed
2013-04-15 Nick Star Gracie Dzienny at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards
2013-03-24 Nick's Supah Ninjas Talk Season 2&George Takei
2013-03-08 Nick's Ryan Potter Talks Supah Ninjas Season 2
2013-01-02 12 Days of Christmas with Big Time Rush, Ariana Grande,&TONS MORE
2012-12-14 Carlos Pena Joins Ryan Potter To Help Toy Box of Hope
2012-12-04 Nick HALO Awards with Marvin Marvin Cast, Nathan Kress&More!
2012-11-20 MORE FRED! With Lucas Cruikshank!
2012-08-02 Supah Ninjas Talk Season Two!
2012-04-09 Extracurriculars with Ryan Potter
2012-03-09 Dressing Room Dish: Supah Ninjas Cast
2011-11-18 Nick Cannon, Jason Derulo&Nickelodeon Stars at the HALO Awards
2011-10-31 Baking Cupcakes with Nickelodeon's Gracie Dzienny
2011-10-27 Supah Ninjas Carlos Knight's Episode Details
2011-10-13 The Real Story with Lucas Cruikshank as Superhero"Kickbutt"
2011-09-08 Supah Ninja's Ryan Potter's Previews His Favorite Episode
2011-07-25 Backstage of Supah Ninjas with Gracie Dzienny
2011-06-25 Supah Ninjas Star Gracie Dzienny's Sweet Obsession
2011-06-23 The Cast of Supah Ninjas Are All About...
2011-06-22 Supah Ninjas Talk About Working with The Big Show
2011-05-30 Behind the Scenes of Nickelodeon's Supah Ninjas
2011-05-23 Supah Ninjas Cast on Being on Set Together
2011-04-19 Supah Ninjas and George Takei at Kids' Choice Awards

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