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Home > Television > S > Star Wars > Videos 'Star Wars'' J.J. Abrams Broke His Back Trying to Help Harrison Ford
2015-08-01 Benicio Del Toro Linked to Star Wars Villain Role
2015-07-22 Comic-Con Shares Clips of Huge Blockbuster Movies
2015-07-15 13 in 3: Robots Who Are Bad at Killing Humans
2015-07-12 New Star Wars Episode 7 Character Details
2015-07-11 'Star Wars: LEGO Movie' Directors Taking on Young Han Solo Film
2015-07-08 A Solo 'Han Solo' Movie Is Officially in the Works
2015-07-08 Step Aside, Solo. These 'Star Wars' Characters Need a Show
2015-07-08 'Star Wars' Hero Han Solo to Get Own Film
2015-07-08 Second ‘Star Wars' Spin-Off to Focus on Han Solo Origins
2015-07-08 7 Things You Didn't Know About Kingsman: The Secret Service
2015-07-05 Is Forest Whitaker Joining the 'Star Wars' Universe?
2015-06-17 'Star Wars' Could Beat 'Jurassic World's' Box Office Record
2015-06-15 7 Star Wars Characters That Deserve 'Anthology' Spinoff Movies
2015-06-06 Trank: Why I Quit 'Star Wars'
2015-06-05 Gremlins Puppets & Men In Black Creatures - Rick Baker's Movie Prop Collection
2015-05-28 Simon Pegg Leaks Daniel Craig's Super Secret Star Wars Role
2015-05-19 Top 10 Non-Horror Movie Masks
2015-05-13 Harrison Ford Could Return to Tet Another Iconic Character
2015-05-13 Carrie Fisher's Daughter Billie Lourd Is NOT Young Leia in 'Star Wars'
2015-05-12 Brad Bird Talks The Incredibles 2 & Star Wars
2015-05-12 Movie Fights: Who Should Play the Punisher?
2015-05-11 Joss Whedon In Talks For Star Wars?
2015-05-09 Snap Judgements: New 'Star Wars' Photos
2015-05-05 'Star Wars Day': May the Fourth Continue Our Obsession
2015-05-04 Original Yoda Creator Talks Star Wars and Jim Henson
2015-04-30 Theo James Joins Dark Comedy 'War on Everyone'
2015-04-27 'Star Wars' Spinoffs - Good Idea or Bad Idea?
2015-04-26 'Batman V Superman' Trailer: Awesome or Awful?
2015-04-26 Darth Vader Goes Gold in Japan
2015-04-22 The Biggest Reveals From the Star Wars Celebration
2015-04-20 Meryl Streep Starts Screenwriting Programme for Older Women
2015-04-20 Shia LaBeouf Joins Coming Of Age Drama ‘American Honey'
2015-04-07 New Star Wars Infographic Reveals Updated Canon
2015-03-29 6 'Star Wars' Movies Ranked
2015-03-29 'Star Wars' Spinoff Title & Episode 8 Release Date Announced
2015-03-18 8 Most Badass Movie Weapons
2015-03-18 10 Famous Movie Hotels You Can Visit
2015-03-15 'Frozen' Sequel Finally Confirmed By Disney
2015-03-13 Felicity Jones Lands 'Star Wars' Lead Role
2015-02-04 Is Felicity Jones Heading to a Galaxy Far, Far Away?
2015-02-04 George Lucas Is One of Us Now! - Movie Minute
2015-01-22 R2-D2's 'Star Wars' Scenes - Now with Subtitles
2015-01-15 The Top 5 Most Anticipated Movies of 2015
2015-01-12 Coming Attractions: The Big Movies Hitting Theaters In 2015
2014-12-26 Top 10 Movie Villains That Turned Out to Be Underlings
2014-12-07 Trailer Report: 'Star Wars' Teaser Beats 'Age of Ultron' in Debut
2014-12-02 'Star Wars' Hype Hits Fever Pitch
2014-12-01 Star Wars: The Force Awakens Official Teaser
2014-11-29 Saturday's Showbiz Round-Up
2014-10-19 Warwick Davis Confirms He's in Star Wars: Episode VII
2014-10-17 Top 10 Underrated Movie Sequels
2014-09-30 'Episode 7' Star Wishes Lucas Hadn't Tweaked the Original Trilogy
2014-09-30 Adam Driver Is Not Ready to Become a 'Star Wars' Action Figure
2014-09-08 Cameras Capture Moment 'Star Wars' Fan Learns He Won A Part in 'Episode VII'
2014-08-12 'Star Wars' to Film in Protected Bird Habitat
2014-07-31 'Star Wars: Episode VII' Adds Two New Cast Members
2014-07-07 Star Wars Episode 7: Harrison Ford's Injury Explained
2014-06-20 'Chronicle' Director to Helm 2nd Star Wars Spinoff
2014-06-05 Star Wars Episode 7 Spoilers
2014-05-03 Chewbacca Is Back! 'Star Wars 7' Adds Peter Mayhew To Its Cast!
2014-04-08 Disney, Lucasfilm Announce Timeline For New Star Wars Movie
2014-03-19 'Star Wars Episode VII' Finds Its Villain
2014-02-27 Peter Mayhew Shares Treasure Trove Of 'Star Wars' Set PHOTOS On Twitter
2014-01-13 Top 10 Fictional Armies
2014-01-12 'Star Wars' Canon to Expand Beyond Films
2014-01-09 Marvel Takes Control Of Star Wars – Marvel Monday
2014-01-08 How 'Her' Created a Hyper-Realistic Future With a Sparse Budget
2013-12-31 Star Wars Episode 7 Casting Update – Franchise Friday
2013-12-14 Screen Junkies Show: How to Make 'Star Wars Episode VII' Good
2013-11-28 Original 'Star Wars' Blooper Reel Is One In A Million
2013-10-29 Ronan Confirms 'Star Wars' Audition
2013-10-05 Here's Another Benedict Cumberbatch 'Star Wars' Rumor
2013-09-19 'Star Wars' Origin Movies Extend Franchise Life Beyond New Trilogy
2013-09-13 Benedict Cumberbatch Talks 'Star Wars'