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Peer Group

When a father finds his teenage sons notebook full of violent images and blueprints of his high school, he turns to CNU to prevent a hostage situation before its too late. Unfortunately, Matt and Emily are one step behind and by the time they arrive at the school, the tormented teens have already kidnapped their enemies. With the tables turned, the harassed become the bullies as they torture their captives and broadcast it over the Internet.
Allen Maldonado
Anne Howard - Susan Langdon
Annie LaRussa - Rachel Steckler
Ash Christian - Billy Freymuth
Bryce Johnson - Dave
Connie Jackson - Lisa King
Dan Sachoff - Robert French
Drew Bell - Chuck Landon
Gina Torres - Cheryl Carerra (Regular)
Jose Cantillo - Duff (Regular)
Josh Zuckerman - Cary Steckler
Mandy Turpin - Kate Freymuth
Mark Smith - Ron King
Michael McGill - Scott Freymuth
Michael Cudlitz - Frank Perry (Regular)
Noel Fisher - Owen Johnson
Paul Schulze - Dale Steckler
Raquel Alessi - Lia Mathers (Regular)
Ron Livingston - Matt Flannery (Regular)
Rosemarie DeWitt - Emily Lehman (Regular)
Roy Werner - Jerry Langdon
Scout Taylor-Compton - Tina Bolt
Sean Marquette - Michael French
Shawn Smith - Andre King
Tamara Clatterbuck - Linda Bolt

Brian Wankum
Chris Black
Daniel Knauf
David Levinson
Glen Mazzara
Jonathan Glassner
Juan Carlos Coto
Linda Gase
Marc D Alpert
Tim Minear
Tim Story

Robert McNeill

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