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Spartacus learns that being the leader of the rebellion comes with unexpected sacrifices. Claudius Glaber comes to Capua, requiring Spartacus to keep his band of rebels from splintering.

A Place In This World
Even after they are liberated by Spartacus and his men, the slaves in a Roman villa have their doubts. Oenomaus enters the brutal pits.

The Greater Good
After learning of Naevia's fate, Spartacus must find a way to handle the rift among the gladiators. Lucretia shares a secret to further her own ends. The rebels face an attack.

Empty Hands
Spartacus and the survivors travels through the woods but Crixus gets separated. Lucretia meddles in Ilithyia's business, hoping to win favor with an important Roman

Spartacus leads a mission to rescue Crixus. Illithyia's manipulations put her marriage to Glabus in danger.

Chosen Path
Spartacus tries to get the rebels to train to defend their new home. Ilithvia and Lucretia offer each other comfort. Glaber grows his forces.

Spartacus and his rebel force try to grow by freeing enslaved fighters. Lucretia hopes to convince one of her husband's former gladiators to serve her cause.

When a high-level Roman is captured, Spartacus must decide between revenge and the big picture. The situation among Glaber and the women in his life gets complicated.

Spartacus attempts to convince his followers to unite together against the Roman onslaught. Lucretia yearns for freedom from the men who endanger her. Glaber's actions carry a toll.

Wrath of the Gods
With supplies low and the powerful Romans pressing forward, the rebellion is in dire shape. Spartacus tries to reinvigorate his people as the ultimate battle with Glaber's forces nears.

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