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Gary Owens
Alexandra Stoddart
Steve Spears
Frank Welker

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The overall title for four cartoon segments: "Space Ghost," "Teen Force," "The Herculoids," and "Astro and the Space Mutts."

Space Ghost (Sequence 1): The exploits of Space Ghost, his aide Blip (a monkey), and space twins Jan and Jace, as they battle evil throughout the universe.

Teen Force (Sequence 2): Futuristic adventures with Kid Comet and the Teen Force (Elektra, Moleculad, Plutem, Glax, and Uglor) as they battle evil in outer space.

The Herculoids (Sequence 3): The series, set on the planet Quasar, depicts the exploits of Zandor and the Herculoids (Tara, Dorno, Zok, Gloop, Gleep, Igoo, and Tundro) as they risk their lives to defend their planet from alien invaders.

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