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Mergers and Acquisitions
Furio returns to Italy on a trip to visit his dad. Carmela tries her hand on new investments. Paulie tries to help his mother become a part of Green Grove.

While Adriana, to her distress, finds Christopher using her club more and more as a place of business, Tony takes an interest in the promising new horse Ralph is training at the track.

The Strong, Silent Type
While Christopher realizes he can go in one of two directions and AJ and Carmela try befriending Furio, Dr. Melfi scoffs at the depressing portrait Tony draws of himself.

While Tony and Johnny Sack carefully consider their choices, Tony and Carmela discuss buying a summer house.

Everybody Hurts
Artie lends money to his hostess's brother to fund a foreign business venture.

Whoever Did This
As Tony finds peace at the stables and Uncle Junior's lawyers try to come up with a new strategy, Ralph has fun at his mother's expense.

Watching Too Much Television
Tony and friends throw a bash at Bada Bing for Paulie when he's released.

No Show
As Meadow decides to take a break from school, Christopher takes the reins as the interim head of the family.

For All Debts Public and Private
Carmela worries about the family's financial standings as Tony invest in a lucrative land deal. Uncle Jr receives some discouraging news about his future trial.

When a protest forms against the Columbus Day parade, Silvio and Ralph must take care of it; Carmela feels embarrassed when anti-mafia remarks are made at an Italian pride lunch.

Calling All Cars
As Janice grows irritated with Bobby and Tony ponders the future of the HUD partnership, Paulie gets together with an old friend and blows off some steam.

The Weight
Johnny sets out on a personal vendetta when someone makes a disparaging remark about his wife's weight.

While Carmela finds herself unable to keep her decorating date, Tony continues to go back and forth with Johnny Sack and Carmine about the Esplanade profits.

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