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The Test Dream
Tony B. finds out that Angelo is dead; Tony goes to the Manhattan; Christopher follows him to the city to inform him that Tony B. shot the Leotardo brothers; Tony and Carmela end up chatting on the phone about their lives.

Where's Johnny?
Feech La Manna crosses paulie when in his attempt to break into landscaping; Tony gets a roomate; Johnny Sack doesn't like Tony's power sharing plan.

All Happy Families
Johnny Sack's men take a hit out on Lorraine Calluzzo; Feech tries to withhold earnings from Tony on a poker game; Carmela sends A.J. to live with Tony after he disobeys her and stays out all night; Tony arranges for Feech to violate his parole in order to send him back to prison.

Sentimental Education
Tony B. prepares to go into the massage business with his abrasive boss Mr. Kim. Carmela starts dating AJ's guidance counselor. Tony B. beats up Mr. Kim and goes to Tony so that he can be included in the family business.

In Camelot
Tony runs into his deceased father's mistress and tries to help her out financially. Junior is going stir crazy under house arrest and tries to get out of the house as much as possible by going to funerals. Christopher has to collect on a debt by a friend he met while in addiction therapy.

Two Tonys
After the breakup, Carmela accuses Tony of withholding money from her while buying things for A.J.; a bear starts foraging in the backyard so Tony has Benny Fazio and Little Paulie Germani guard the house with an AK-47; Feech La Manna is released from prison and seeks Tony's permission to pursue entrepreneurial ventures; Carmine, Sr. suffers a massive stroke and Johnny Sack tells Tony that he is still bitter about Tony's refusal to hit the don; Tony tells Dr. Melfi that he wants to take their relationship to a new level.

Cold Cuts
Tony B. and Christopher dig up some old memories; Carmela and Tony plan another party; Janice is sent to anger management therapy.

Long Term Parking

Unidentified Black Males
A rumor about his cousin threatens Tony's relationship with Johnny Sack.

All Due Respect
Johnny Sack turns up the heat; Carmela counts her blessings; Christopher gets freaked out by an unexpected visitor; AJ demonstrates his business skills.

Irregular Around the Margins
Adriana goes to the doctor after she starts feeling sick; Christopher goes away on business; Tony offers Adriana a ride home, ends up flipping his car, and soon a rumor starts to spread that the two are sexually involved.

Marco Polo
Johnny Sack sinks Carmine's cabin cruiser; Tony agrees to bankroll the repair work on Leotardo's car; Carmine approaches Tony Blundetto for a job; Carmela throws a 75th birthday barbecue for her father.

Rat Pack
Tony reunites with his cousin Tony Blundetto after he is paroled; Carmela starts a film club; Adriana struggles with the guilt of being a snitch.

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