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Now Playing: Who Is Sterling Knight A Fan Of%3F Demi Lovato, Wilmer Valderrama Dating Again?
2013-10-24 Demi Lovato To Join Glee?
2013-08-19 G. Hannelius Reveals What's Next For"Dog With A Blog"
2013-07-23 Brandon Mychal Smith Interviews Chelsea Staub
2011-08-16 How Did Chelsea Staub and Brandon Mychal Smith Meet?
2011-08-16 Sterling Knight: Fun On The Set Of Sonny With A Chance
2011-08-16 Tiffany Thornton Remembers her Childhood Mentor
2011-08-16 Who was Sterling Knight's Mentor?
2011-08-16 Doug Brochu is DJ D FRESH!
2011-08-11 Sonny With A Chance Star Describes Her Red Carpet Style
2011-08-11 Sonny With A Chance Stars At the Radio Disney Studios!
2011-08-11 Brandon Mychal Smith Shows off His Bling
2011-08-04 Jonas&Sonny With A Chance Star Talk About Jonas Brothers&Demi Lovato
2011-08-04 Radio Disney's Jake&Ernie D. Chat With Your Fave Stars!
2011-08-04 Sonny With A Chance Stars Talk About Who's Funny
2011-08-04 Sterling Knight Gets A Surprise Fan Visit
2011-08-04 Sterling Knight Is A HUGE Demi Lovato Fan
2011-08-04 Sterling Knight On His Sizzlin' Summer
2011-08-04 Sterling Knight Supports Former Neighbors, Mitchel Musso&KSM!
2011-08-04 Sterling Knight Takes Over Radio Disney!
2011-08-04 Tiffany Thornton Loves The Summer At Sea Pirate Party
2011-08-04 Tiffany Thornton's Truck or Treat!
2011-08-04 Tiffany Thornton's Wish For Sonny With A Chance Season 2!
2011-08-04 Who Is Sterling Knight A Fan Of?
2011-08-04 Sonny With A Chance Star's Funny Take On How To Be A Rock Star!
2011-08-02 Sonny With A Chance Stars Give Season 2 Sneak Peek!
2011-08-02 Sterling Knight Shows His Support On the Red Carpet
2011-08-02 Sterling Knight Spills Nicknames for Demi Lovato&Costars!
2011-08-02 Sterling Knight's Self-Esteem Advice
2011-08-02 What Do Sonny With A Chance Stars Do In Their Downtime

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