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Episode 403/404

More dancers try to impress the judges with their moves, at the second part of the auditions in Dallas, Charleston, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, Milwaukee and Washington, D.C.
Adam Shankman
Cat Deeley
Mandy Moore - Judge
Mary Murphy
Nigel Lythgoe

Adam Cooper
Allen Shapiro
Ashley Landers
Barry Adelman
Barton Kimball
Bonnie Lythgoe
Colleen Childe
Hope Wilson
James Breen
Jeff Thacker
Kris Lythgoe
Kyle Doll
Melanie Oberman
Mike Yurchuk
Mike Deffina
Nicola Gaha
Nigel Lythgoe
Patrick Lynn
Ron Shay
Sabrina Rufo
Simon Fuller
Zoe Brown

Nigel Lythgoe
Nigel Lythgoe

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