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Snoop surprises Shante with a ceremony to renew their wedding vows.

For Schnitzle
Snoop and the family head to Germany for the EMAs and plan a surprise birthday party for Shante in Munich.

New York Ain't Always What It Seems
Snoop is honored at a New York hip-hop awards show, while his sons get into trouble back home.

Downward Dogg
Snoop sees a doctor who recommends yoga, acupuncture and meditation to relieve his stress. After the housekeeper quits because the kids are too messy, Snoop's wife Shante tells the kids to clean the house.

Long Way From Long Beach
Snoop brings his children to his old neighborhood to learn about their roots.

Who'z Tha Boss
Snoop's wife Shante starts her own clothing line while Snoop works on his latest record.

Snow In Da Hood

The Dogg Whisperer
Snoop hires a trainer to bring the house's many dogs under control. Anthony tries to make a DJ demo to give to radio stations.

The Doggs & The Bees
Snoop and his oldest son discuss the birds and the bees.

Snoop It Like Beckham
Snoop procures David Beckham in an effort to get his kids to practice soccer.

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