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A strange flower grows in Smallville that causes people to lose their inhibitions, and Jonathan, Pete, and Lana are among those affected.

The high school football coach develops the power to start fires with his mind after he uses kryptonite rocks in his steam room.

Clark and Lex team up to save Clark's classmates when a janitor at Luther Corp. holds them hostage. The janitor believes that he has been infected with deadly "jitters" and demands to be shown the secret sublevels of Luther Corp.

Tempest (Part 1)
A sneaky reporter activates the alien spaceship in the Kent's storm cellar as a tornado rips through town.

Lex is robbed by three mysterious thieves who seem to have the ability to walk through walls. He is blackmailed by the thieves who steal a computer disk that proves he is tapped into his father's network.

A meteor explosion sends shards of meteor rocks flying and Lana is hit. The shards give her the ability to see through the eyes of a kidnapper, and she soon must use her newfound abilities to do everything she can to keep Chloe from being buried alive.

A bug-collector and old friend of Clark's is accidentally bitten by meteor-rock irradiated bugs. After slowly developing the characteristics of the bugs, he decides to act on his crush for Lana in hopes of mating with her, leading Clark to try and stop him.

Clark's secret is discovered by a boy with the power to read minds. Lex considers working for his father.

A gifted art student is the victim of a hit-and-run accident that robs him of the use of his hands but gives him a strange gift of telekinesis.

Lex learns that the daughter of one of the household staff has an obsessive crush on him. At the same time, an invisible entity threatens the Luthor mansion and Lex suspects Amy. Whitney grows distant from Lana sending her running to Clark for support.

When Clark's father is framed for murder, Clark has no choice but to join forces with a corrupt cop.

Clark is struck by lightning while rescuing a classmate during a storm. The electrical surge results in Clark's powers being transferred to the other student.

Clark volunteers in a retirement home to be closer to Lana. He cares for a patient with an ability to see the future of those she touches. When she grabs Clark, she tells him that someone close to him will soon die.

A sick woman asks her son to kill her to end her suffering. When he dies himself, a shard of kryptonite brings him back to life and gives him the power to turn people to dust just by touching them.

Two men gain a strange power of persuasion after a car accident exposes them to kryptonite. One of the men, a powerful businessman, uses his power to persuade Clark's father to sell the family farm to a pesticide company. Clark works with the other man, a reclusive hermit, to save his farm.

A womanizing football player falls through the ice of a kryptonite-infested lake. After a night under the ice, he survives, but must suck the heat from other people in order to live.

Lex is hunted by a shady character from his past in Metropolis.

When a meteor shower hits Smallville, Kansas, it brings the arrival of an infant who is discovered and subsequently raised by the Kents, Jonathan and Martha, as their son Clark. The shower kills the parents of a toddler named Lana Lang, and its effects also cause permanent hair loss in young billionaire heir Lex Luther. Years later as a high school student with some unusual abilities, Young Clark saves Lex's life after Lex's car veers off the road, prompting a graetful Lex to befriend the young man who will one day become his sworn enemy. Meanwhile, Clark's new friendship with Lana is affected by Lana's overbearing athlete boyfriend, Whitney, and he turns for help to the other friends in his life, Pete, and intrepid school reporter, Chloe. Clark soon must face down a young man who wants revenge on his tormentors after becoming an unwilling "scarecrow" in the cornfields.

An overweight girl diets with Kryptonite shakes. When the kryptonite makes her ravenous, she'll eat anything in her way, including fellow classmates.

Clark's X-ray powers begin to emerge but he's unable to control the flashes. Lex is accused of robbing the Smallville Savings and Loan after several eyewitnesses, including Clark, put him at the scene of the crime. But as Clark looks further into the crime, he makes a startling discovery about a local girl with the ability to morph into the perfect image of other people.

A classmate of Clark's is stung by bees, gaining an inexplicable control over them. She runs for student government and uses her minions of bees to eliminate her opponents.

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