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Jal is at the top of the world with the 'Young Musician of the Year' competition within her reach, but she can't seem to reach her dad. Meanwhile, Sid is on the run from Mad Twatter, who wants his drugs, his money or Sid.

Maxxie and Anwar
Maxxie and Anwar test the limits of their friendship while on a history class trip.

Cassie manages to fool everyone into believing that she's beating her eating disorder. Sid inadvertently steps out of Tony's shadow to win a place in Cassie's heart, by being the only person to notice the truth. He is the only adult she trusts, and the only person who's ever seen her eat anything. Meanwhile, Michelle has a food issue of her own when her mom returns from holiday to find the house has been the scene of one almighty food and drink fight. However, Michelle's mom is preoccupied with her new husband, Malcolm.

Tony is a smart 17 year-old. He is convinced he can get his best friend Sid laid, and make a profit - and Abigail's party seems like the perfect place to do both. Tony's plans go awry when the stolen car with the drugs in it goes into the river.

Sid is failing at everything. His history coursework hasn't made the grade and he's only got a week to write something decent or he'll fail the year. And, of course, he can't get Michelle, his best friend's girlfriend, out of his head.

It's Anwar's birthday party, yet no-one is in the mood to celebrate. Sid thinks he's got his act together, but when he tries to tell Cassie how he feels he ends up in a padded cell. Tony is also in the mood to make up, but it seems his luck has run out too.

Tony's girlfriend Michelle has had enough. She's also had enough of her mom's latest husband, Malcolm. Michelle falls for someone new, but Tony is determined to prevent the new relationship from working out.

Tony is worried about his sister, Effy, who never talks and goes missing after sneaking out at night. Desperate to find Effy, Tony tries to rely on his old friends.

Happy-go-lucky party animal, Chris, wakes up one morning with a hangover, before discovering $2000 in cash and a note from his mum saying that she's gone away. After partying away the money, Chris must sell everything to start over and Chris must face the truth that his mum may never come back.

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