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Cassie manages to fool everyone into believing that she's beating her eating disorder. Sid inadvertently steps out of Tony's shadow to win a place in Cassie's heart, by being the only person to notice the truth. He is the only adult she trusts, and the only person who's ever seen her eat anything. Meanwhile, Michelle has a food issue of her own when her mom returns from holiday to find the house has been the scene of one almighty food and drink fight. However, Michelle's mom is preoccupied with her new husband, Malcolm.
Alan George - Alan the Taxi Driver
Arabella Weir - Anna
Daniel Kaluuya - Posh Kenneth
Danielle Jadelyn - Water Bottle Girl
Danny Dyer - Malcolm
Duncan Duff - Congrats Leader
Eleanor Lawrence - Stacey
Hannah Murray - Cassie Ainsworth (Regular)
Heidi Monsen - Dr Stock
Mitch Hewer - Maxxie Oliver (Regular)
Naomi Allisstone - Margeritte
Neil Morrissey - Marcus
Robert Wilfort - Tom
Siwan Morris - Angie
Stephen Walters - Mad Twatter
Wendy Brierley - Marnie

Paul Gay

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