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Terror Starts at Home
Nate finds relief working at a dog kennel; David tries to cope with his kidnapping; Ruth starts doubting her relationship with George; Claire and Edie bond; Brenda and Joe look at a house together and start to plan their future.

The Dare
Nate and Brenda continue their affair, but Nate begins to have doubts; Edie kisses Claire after a night at the movies; Ruth and George go fossil hunting together and stop off to see Ruth's sister; Keith comes out to his co-workers.

Nate finds a picture of Lisa that he believes was taken on the day she died and pays a visit to Barb and Hoyt's house to investigate; Federico apologizes to Vanessa, but she tells him that she still wants to get a divorce; David goes to visit his kidnapper in jail; Claire has her first gallery show and gets into a fight with Russell before leaving with Billy; Ruth meets George's daughter for the first time when she's in town on business.

Falling Into Place
Nate drives up to Santa Barbara to retrieve Lisa's body; Lisa's family arrives for the funeral and the two families clash over how Lisa should be buried; David and Keith look for new ways to start over; Claire tells Russel about her abortion; Brenda spends more time with Joe; Federico seeks out a priest for absolution.

Bomb Shelter
Claire conflicts with Russell over who should get credit for her photo project; Brenda and Billy are forced to confront one another.

The Black Forest
Nate has second thoughts about attending Lisa's family's memorial service in Idaho. Brenda encourages him to go, and decides to go along as a show of support. Ruth finally decides to go home. At a wedding reception, David talks to a couple with an adopted child and is shocked when they mention that the adoption agency they used doesn't work with gay couples. Federico runs into more conflict with Vanessa after a visit with the kids. Claire gets high and makes an unsuccessful pass at Edie.

In Case of Rapture
George's domestic habits start to irritate Arthur; Keith applies for a new job in security for a company with high profile clientele; Claire goes to an open mic poetry reading and meets another girl from her school, Edie; Nate quits Fisher & Diaz; Federico starts spending more time with Sophia.

Grinding the Corn
Ruth and Bettina go on a road trip to Mexico; Edie starts talking about Claire behind her back; Billy ends up substitute teaching one of Claire's art classes; Nate freaks out on Brenda when she says 'I love you'; Keith tells David that he slept with Celeste.

That's My Dog

Can I Come Up Now?
David's ex-fiancee comes to him for help when her father dies; Nate goes to a psychic to resolve his grief for Lisa; Brenda and Joe start to get more serious and she takes him to meet her mother; George tells Ruth that he has a son he has never mentioned before; Claire discusses sex with Edie and begins to wonder whether she has ever had an orgasm; David urges Keith to come out at his new job.

Parallel Play

Coming and Going
Claire and Edie pursue their relationship; David starts to unravel and begs Keith to come home; Keith sleeps with Celeste on tour; Joe walks in on Nate and Brenda; Ruth and George drift further apart after he prunes her favorite tree; Vanessa and Anjelica confront Sophia about Rico and end up getting into a fight.

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