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'Sister Wives' Star Robyn Brown Gives Birth

1/13/2016 9:36am EST
'Sister Wives' Star Robyn Brown Gives Birth To A Baby Girl!
"Sister Wives" star Robyn Brown gave birth to a baby girl on Jan. 10, the 18th child of legal husband Kody Brown.

Kody Brown is the patriarch of a polygamist family that includes wives Robyn, Meri, Christine and Janelle.

The family resides in Las Vegas, Nevada.

According to Robyn Brown, the couple is enjoying the moments with their new daughter.

Said the reality star to People Magazine, "Right now we haven't decided on a name."

"We have been searching for the right one for months, but nothing has felt right. We are just getting to know her now and waiting until she whispers it in our e...

'Sister Wives' Cheating Scandal Destroys Tight Polygamist Family

10/9/2015 9:13am EDT
'Sister Wives' Star Meri Brown Gets Taken By Online Suitor
"Sister Wives" star Meri Brown continues to be embarrassed at being duped by an online suitor after her own marriage fell into shambles.

Meri Brown turned to the internet for companionship during a particularly trying time in her life.

Her legal husband, Kody Brown, had divorced Meri so he could legally marry her sister wife Robyn Brown. This way, Kody Brown would be allowed to legally adopt Robyn Brown's three children from a prior marriage.

Although Meri Brown encouraged the divorce for the good of the children, it looks as if she took the split harder than was once believed.

Meri Bro...

'Sister Wives' Star Meri Brown Is Opening Up About An Online Relationship Gone Wrong

10/5/2015 5:01pm EDT
The cast of 'Sister Wives'
"Sister Wives" star Meri Brown has had a very difficult year, as fans have seen on the show. She has been open throughout the show's run about many of her difficulties, including her decision to divorce husband Kody Brown recently, but now she is opening up about another struggle that show fans didn't know about until now.

As viewers have seen in the past couple of seasons, Meri Brown struggled at times over the fact that she had only been able to have one child with husband Kody Brown. She was the one of Kody's four wives who was legally married to him, but she made an offer to change tha...

'Sister Wives' Star Making Wedding Plans!

9/14/2015 10:07am EDT
'Sister Wives' Star Engaged! TLC Star Maddie Brown To Tie The Kn
"Sister Wives" star, Maddie Brown, will be the first of the extended brood of Kody Brown's children to tie the knot.

The daughter of Kody and Janelle Brown has announced that she is engaged to Caleb Brush.

"We are making plans for a wonderful outdoor wedding, hopefully in the country," Maddie, 18, revealed to People Magazine. See the pics of her gorgeous ring here.

The two have been dating for some time. Congratulations @MaddieR_Brown I love you!.... and Caleb too!

— Kody Brown (@realkodybrown) September 13, 2015

Reportedly, Brush requested the approval of K...

Reality TV Shows That Are Leading To The Downfall Of Humanity

3/12/2012 1:00pm EDT
Reality TV Shows That Are Leading To The Downfall Of Humanity
Recently, Lifetime's reality TV series "Dance Moms" sparked controversy with its latest episode involving child dancers performing sexually provocative dance routines in flesh-colored bra and panty costumes that simulate nudity. To make matters worse, the episode was entitled, "Topless Showgirls." Reality shows like this are the reason why our civilization is sinking further and further into a deep dark hole. These shows are setting bad examples on how we should live our lives and are promoting trashy, classless, and irresponsible behavior. The "Jersey Shore" has already given humanity a ma...

Reality TV Spotlight: What's New And What's Returning In 2011

1/13/2011 11:37am EST
american idol
In my mind, there are four kinds of reality TV. There are the competition shows (“Top Model,” “The Apprentice” and “Project Runway”), personality/family shows (“Jersey Shore,” “Real Housewives” and “Sister Wives”), home improvement shows (pretty much everything on HGTV) and occupational shows (pretty much everything on TLC). Some of these shows are trashy, some are inspiring, and they are all, to some degree, entertaining.

Ace of Cakes - Food Network, (started) Jan. 6, Thurs at 10
Given the choice between “Ace of Cakes” and “Cake Boss,” choose “Ace of Cakes” every time. Duff, the owner ...