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Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Part 1)
When oil is discovered under the Springfield School, Mr. Burns taps in to get his share, angering everyone in town. But when he blocks out the sun to make everyone pay for light, someone shoots him.

Round Springfield
A bowl of "Krusty" cereal sends Bart to the hospital. Lisa is reunited with her saxophone idol "Bleeding Gums Murphy."

Lemon of Troy
Springfield's beloved lemon tree is stolen by their Shelbyville rivals, and the boys of Springfield go on a mission to recapture it.

Bart's Girlfriend
Bart falls for the preacher's daughter who turns out to be a wild girl and sets up Bart to take the blame for her pranks.

And Maggie Makes Three
Homer remembers his easy carefree days as a father of only two and how his dream of being out of debt was shattered when Maggie was born.

Homer the Great
Homer gets membership into a secret club, and the discovery of a strange birthmark has the club thinking Homer is the "Chosen One."

Lisa's Wedding
Lisa fantasizes about going to college and falling in love with a man from an upper-crust British family, that she then marries.

Grandpa vs. Sexual Inadequacy
When Grandpa's homemade tonic puts life back into the Simpson's bedroom, father and son decide to market the stuff if they can just keep from fighting long enough.

Bart vs. Australia
Bart tricks an Australian boy into accepting charges for an expensive long distance call, and the U.S. state department flies him down under so that he can apologize.

The PTA Disbands
Bart does what he can to help start a teacher's strike, and then regrets it when Marge takes over his class.

Itchy & Scratchyland
Homer has to promise not to embarrass Marge if he and the kids want to go to Itchy & Scratchy Land for vacation.

A Star is Burns
Springfield hopes to boost its image by having a film festival, which Mr. Burns plans to win by putting Homer and critic Jay Sherman on the judging panel.

Tree House of Horror V
"The Shinning" In a parody of "The Shining," Homer goes crazy while taking care of a remote hotel when the cable goes out and the beer runs out. "Time and Punishment" Homer fixes a toaster but finds it is transporting him back in time. "Nightmare Cafeteria" Children start disappearing just as a new food item ends up on the school menu.

Another Simpson Clip Show
After reading a romantic novel, Marge wants to have a family discussion about love. Clips from past Simpson love disasters are shown.

Homer Badman
After being accused of sexual harassment by a baby sitter, Homer finds himself the subject of tabloid headlines.

Homie the Clown
Homer goes to Krusty's Klown Kollege and does such a good job of impersonating Krusty that the clown's bookie comes after him.

Lisa on Ice
Lisa will fail gym class unless she joins a sports team. While at one of Barts hockey games she discovers a talent for the game leading to a showdown when their two teams meet.

Lisa's Rival
Lisa becomes jealous when the new girl in school does everything better than her, and is younger as well. Homer thinks he will get rich from a carload of sugar that he took from a crashed truck.

Springfield Connection
After catching a criminal, Marge becomes bored with her life and decides to join the police force.

Bart's Comet
Bart discovers a comet that is headed toward Springfield. When the missle sent to destroy it instead destroys the only bridge out of town, everyone takes cover in Flanders' bomb shelter.

Bart of Darkness
A broken leg keeps Bart out of the new pool, so he spies on Ned Flanders who he thinks murdered his wife.

Sideshow Bob Roberts
The public demands that the Mayor order the release of Sideshow Bob, who then turns and runs for mayor himself.

Two Dozen and One Greyhounds
Santa's Little Helper finds a girlfriend and they have puppies, but the Simpsons can't keep them. They agree to give them to Mr. Burns until they discover that he intends to use them to make a greyhound skin tuxedo.

Fear of Flying
Marge sees a psychiatrist to help her find out why she is afraid of flying, and for a change it's not because of Homer. Homer is banned from Moe's for pulling a pratical joke.

Homer vs. Patty and Selma
Homer can't pay back the money he borrowed from Patty and Selma so they turn him into their lackey. Bart is forced to take ballet lessons.

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