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When You Dish Upon a Star
When Homer crashes through the skylight of Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin's secret Springfield hideaway, he talks his way into becoming their assistant and running errands for them to protect them from the public eye. But when Homer's mouth reveals their location (along with houseguest Ron Howard), the public shows up and Homer is fired. Feeling rejected, Homer plots revenge, only to be pursued in an action sequence that tests the stars' mettle.

Monty Can't Buy Me Love
Mr. Burns attempts to gain popularity and fame by showering Spingfield with money, appearing on talk radio and by finding the Loch Ness Monster and bringing it back to Springfield.

Viva Ned Flanders
When Flanders wants to learn how to have fun, Homer takes him to Vegas and gets him drunk.

Make Room For Lisa
After one of Homer's screw ups, the Simpsons have to keep a cellular transmitter in Lisa's bedroom. Also, Marge begins hearing Springfield gossip via Maggie's baby monitor.

Thirty Minutes Over Tokyo

Simpsons Bible Stories
The Simpsons fall asleep in church and dream that they're bible characters.

The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace
Homer suffers a midlife crisis when he realizes that he's accomplished nothing with his life. Homer begins inventing things, but when he discovers that Thomas Edison invented it first, he decides to break into a museum to destroy the evidence.

Tree House of Horror IX
Hell Toupee: When Snake is put to death for violating a smoking law, his hair is grafted onto Homer's head, along with his desire for revenge. The Terror of Tiny Toon: Bart and Lisa become trapped in an Itchy and Scratchy cartoon, and they drop into a live-action segment of Regis and Kathy Lee. Starship Pooper: On an episode of Jerry Springer, it is revealed that Kang is revealed to be the father of Maggie.

Mayored to the Mob

They Saved Lisa's Brain
Lisa is admitted as a member to Springfield's MENSA society which then tries to make improvements to the city.

Lisa Gets an A
Homer becomes emotionally attached to a lobster he wants for dinner. Lisa catches a cold, and cheats to get an "A" on a test, which gets the school a grant.

Homer to the Max
A goofy character on a mid-season replacement show is named "Homer Simpson" and Homer becomes the butt of a new barrage of jokes. He changes his name to "Max Powers" in retaliation.

Marge Simpson in 'Screaming Yellow Honkers'
Marge gets road rage when she drives a new Sport Utility Vehicle, causing her to be sent to the traffic school taught by Chief Wiggum.

Sunday, Cruddy Sunday
Homer gets a free trip to the Super Bowl after helping a travel agent fill a charter bus. When they get there, their tickets are useless, but they end up in the locker room of the winning team after an unintentional visit to Rupert Murdoch's skybox.

Homer Simpson in "Kidney Trouble"
Homer runs out to sea after he accidentally damages Grandpa's kidney and offers him one of his own.

Mom and Pop Art
When Homer attempts to build a barbeque and makes a huge mess, an art gallery owner sees his mistake as art and gives him a one-man show.

The Old Man and the C Student
When Bart blows Springfield's chance to host the Olympics, he has to do community service at the Retirement Castle -- he decides to spice up their activity time with a cruise that sinks, then floats, then sinks, then floats...

D'oh-in' in the Wind
Homer relives the sixties at his mother's old commune. End credts music by Yo La Tengo.

Maximum Homerdrive
When a trucker next to him expires, Homer decides to finish his run, but his constant chatter on the CB-radio gets him in trouble.

Wild Barts Can't Be Broken
When Homer and his drunk friends vandalise the town, Chief Wiggum assumes that kids did it and declares a curfew for youngsters. Bart leads a revolt.

Bart the Mother
Marge warns Bart to stay away from Nelson, but he ignores her and accidentally kills a bird with Nelson's BB gun. He then tries to take care of the bird's orphaned eggs.

I'm With Cupid
Apu gives his wife an incredible Valentine's Day gift, inadvertently making the other husbands of Springfield look bad.

Lard of the Dance
Homer goes into the grease-recycling business. Meanwhile, Lisa becomes jealous of a worldly new student.

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