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Brush with Greatness
Marge's skill with the paint brush gets her a job painting a portrait of Mr. Burns.

Old Money
Grandpa Simpson doesn't know what to do with money that he inherits from a woman at the rest home.

Dead Putting Society
Bart gets advice from Lisa on how to deal with the pressure of a miniature-golf grudge match against the neighbors.

Bart the Daredevil
At a monster truck rally, Bart sees a daredevil and decides to take a shot at death defiance by jumping his skateboard over Springfield Gorge.

Bart Gets Hit By A Car
Homer sues Mr. Burns after he hits Bart with his car.

Dancin' Homer
Homer is hired as the mascot for a minor league baseball team where he's known as "Dancin' Homer."

Homer vs. Lisa and the 8th Commandment

Principal Charming
Homer fixes up Principal Skinner with Selma, but he falls for Patty instead.

The Way We Was
Marge and Homer recall their courtship in 1974 while they were in high school.

One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Blue Fish
Homer learns that he may have only 24 hours to live after eating a blowfish.

Two Cars in Every Garage and Three Eyes on Every Fish
After the discovery of mutant fish caused by the power plant, Mr. Burns decides to run for governor and change the laws rather than clean up the plant.

Simpson and Delilah
Homer begins to succeed in work and elsewhere when he uses a new hair tonic that works.

Bart vs. Thanksgiving
Bart runs away from home rather than apologize for wrecking Lisa's Thanksgiving centerpiece.

Bart Gets an F
Bart needs more that a little help when he is faced with repeating the fourth grade if he fails one more test.

Bart's Dog Gets an F
After Santa's Little Helper chews up Homer's $125 sneakers, Homer send him to dog-obedience school where he must pass the class or leave home.

Three Men and a Comic Book
Bart tries to find a way to get money for a comic book he wants, but it costs him his friendship with Martin and Milhouse.

Blood Feud
Homer thinks Mr. Burns is ungrateful after a blood transfusion from Bart saves his life.

The War of the Simpsons
Marge insists that she and Homer go on a marriage retreat, but Homer is only interested in fishing while they are there.

Treehouse of Horror
In "Bad Dream House" the Simpsons buy a haunted house. In "Hungry Are The Damned" the Simpsons are kidnapped by aliens. And, a Simpsonized version of "The Raven."

Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?
Homer discovers that he has an illegitimate half-brother.

Itchy & Scratchy & Marge
Marge goes on an anti-violence campaign against cartoons.

Lisa's Substitute
Lisa falls in love with a substitute teacher because of his unique teaching style.

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