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Elementary School Musical
Homer and Bart follow Krusty to Norway for the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony. After attending an artsy camp, Lisa tries to find the same creative camaraderie in the city.

Lisa gives Nelson capital for his business.

Lisa coaches Bart's baseball team using unconventional statistical strategies.

Treehouse of Horror XXI
Three Halloween-themed segments:"War and Pieces" Bart and Milhouse unleash a dangerous world where board games come to life."Master and Cadaver" Homer and Marge's romantic boat trip is disrupted when they pick up Roger, a scary castaway."Tweenlight" Homer has to rescue Lisa when she falls for a handsome young vampire.

Lisa Simpson, This Isn't Your Life
When she learns of Marge's early academic potential, Lisa worries that her own could suddenly disappear.

The Fool Monty
Mr. Burns confronts mortality and an unsympathetic Springfield when he receives a terminal diagnosis.

How Munched is That Birdie in the Window
Bart cares for an injured pigeon but requires care for himself when other family pet problems transpire.

The Fight Before Christmas
Martha Clause intervenes at holiday time to reinforce Marge's Christmas spirit.

Donnie Fatso
Homer goes undercover in Fat Tony's organization.

Moms I'd Like To Forget
Marge has a renaissance of social contact with other mothers.

Flaming Moe
Moe's blue-collar bar becomes the hottest gay bar in Springfield.

Homer The Father
Bart wants a new dirt bike but Homer and his new parenting strategies stand in the boy's way.

The Blue and the Gray
Marge lets her hair go gray. In an effort to meet more women Moe enlists Homer as his wingman.

Angry Dad: The Movie
Homer does his best to take all of the credit for Bart's film "Angry Dad: The Movie" during awards season.

The Scorpion's Tale
Lisa discovers a potential cure for ornery behavior.

A Midsummer's Nice Dream
Cheech and Chong visit Springfield and Homer joins their tour. Marge helps the cat lady with hoarding issues.

Love Is a Many Strangled Thing
Homer embarrasses Bart at a football game and enters a fathering class to learn what it is like to be his son, but Bart soon takes advantage of the newer, softer Homer.

The Great Simpsina
Lisa stumbles upon a magician's house, and soon has taken up the trade studying under the Great Raymondo. When she inadvertently gives away his best trick to a thieving upstart magician, the Great Raymondo gathers other famous magicians for the ultimate magical revenge.

The Real Housewives of Fat Tony
After meeting at the DMV, Fat Tony marries Selma, much to Marge's dismay. As Selma starts to make herself over as a mob wife, Fat Tony brings Homer and Marge on a vacation to the Jersey Shore. Bart learns that he can sniff out truffles, and Lisa uses this as a chance to make money.

Homer Scissorhands
When Bart and Lisa accidentally ruin Aunt Patty's hair, Homer cuts and styles it, learning a talent for hair styling. Soon he is the biggest stylist in Springfield.

500 Keys
Homer, Lisa, and Bart discover a cache of keys that can open every door in the city of Springfield. Lisa finds a secret room in under the elementary school, but when she tries to show others it disappears with the key. Lisa sets out to solve the mystery.

The Ned-Liest Catch
Bart's hijinks gets Mrs. Krabappel suspended. When he helps her break out of her teacher holding area, she bumps into Ned Flanders, and soon the two begin dating. The episode ends with the question of whether the two will stay together, and viewers are given the opportunity to vote online for the outcome to be revealed next season.

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