The Secret Life of the American Teenager Episode Guides

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When One Door Opens
Adrian is severely depressed after the loss of her baby. Amy and John decide to move in with Ricky.

Another One Closes
Ben admits he's not sure if he still wants to be married now that Adrian lost the baby, and Leo is unsure about his own marriage. Ricky is bothered when he finds out that Amy lied about telling Adrian they moved in together.

When Opportunity Knocks
Amy and Ricky deal with the disapproval of their parents when they decide to live together. Ben tries to tell Adrian that he doesn't want to be married, and Grace comes back from Africa.

One Foot Out the Door
After a trip to the ER, Amy and Ricky learn that John continues to say "Ow" because of their constant fighting. Adrian calls her own doctor to find out if it's safe to get pregnant again.

Hole in the Wall
After learning that Adrian has donated the nursery items, Ben angrily tells her he regrets their marriage and goes off to get drunk. Ricky secretly listens to a voice mail from Adrian that he told Amy he'd deleted.

Don't Go in There!
Ricky's college interview goes awry when the admissions interviewer hits on him. Adrian returns to school despite Ben's misgivings and he agrees to return to live with her, but just as friends.

When Ricky tells Amy why the college admissions counselor rejected him, she resolves to help him. Grace tries to warn Ben not to sleep with Adrian. Grace feels out place when visiting Daniel at college

Dancing With the Stars
Amy tries to convince Ricky to take her to the big dance. Leo reveals to Ben that his family has a history of alcoholism. Amy and Ricky try to find a way to warn Ben about Adrian's pregnancy plans.

Flip Flop
Adrian's doctor convinces her to pursue dreams other than pregnancy. Ben is unsure of his feelings. Adrian decides to pursue Ricky but Ben won't move out. Amy discovers a message from Adrian on Ricky's phone.

The voicemail from Adrian lead to Amy and Ricky breaking up. When Ben decides to let Adrian stay with him for college, things turn romantic. Grace tries to distract Adrian from Ricky by offering to set her up. Amy and Ricky reconcile despite Adrian's best efforts.

The Games We Play
As Amy tries to get Ricky to marry her, he tells John in confidence that he already plans to propose. Anne learns Nora is living with George. Henry ends things with Alice. Madison refuses to go to the graduation dance as "friends" with Jack so he asks Grace and Daniel instead.

Amy lets Ricky, Nora and George know she wants a long engagement. Ben tells Henry their friendship is over. Dylan's parents catch her Ben, Leo, Raven, Mercedes and Wendy smoking pot.

And Circumstance
Grace gives Jack a hand with his speech for graduation. Anne and George have sex but George still doesn't view them as a couple.. Ricky proposes to Amy at graduation. At Jesse's lake house for the graduation party there are multiple hookups and breakups.

Smokin Like a Virgin
Amy tells Ricky she wants a long engagement. Ben tells Henry their friendship is over. Dylan's parents and Leo catch Dylan, Ben, Raven, Mercedes and Wendy smoking pot.

Amy's decision to go to summer school instead of working causes conflict with Ricky. Leo and Dylan's parents forbid she and Ben to see each other but they stay in touch over the phone. Jack begs Grace for a date. Ben admits to Leo that he's still dating Dylan

They Gotta Eat
At the suggestion of the Principal, many kids agree to have family dinners with their parents. But a dinner arranged by Lauren and Madison's fathers goes awry. Leo and Dylan's parents try to talk about their issues but the evening ends badly when they turn down a dinner offer from Ben. Kathleen shares one big secret with Grace but hides another.

Suddenly This Summer
Anne and George argue about whether she should take Robbie to Europe. Amy worries that she might be pregnant again. Ben can't convince Dylan's parents to let them date. Grace and Jack decide to just be friends. Kathleen brings home Grace's half brother, Jacob.

The Beach Is Back
Amy and Ricky's plan for a beach day is upended by George. Dylan and her friends sneak into Ben's school. Grace is upset when her classmates learn that Jacob is her half-brother. Leo gives Ben permission to date Dylan.

The Splits
Leo hides Ben's divorce documents because he doesn't think he's ready for them. Ben and Dylan go on a date. Adrian talks to Omar about her pending divorce. Dylan grows jealous of Ben's exes and gets him to make a rash decision. Kathleen asks for Georges help after a conflict involving Amy, Grace and Jacob. Camille tells Leo she wants kids. Tom gets pulled over by the police while trying to help Jacob and Grace reconcile.

Strange Familiar
George calls Anne in France to say they're over. Amy suspects George wants her to quit her job and watch Robbie so he can date more. Dylan is jealous both Amy and Adrian and makes an unannounced visit to see Adrian. Omar is bothered that Adrian is fixated on her divorce. Grace finally takes the time to get t know Jacob and makes a surprising discovery about her father.

When Amy learns she's doing poorly in summer school, she bears down. Lauren warns Amy that she's making bad choices. Grace warms to Jacob, who falls under Ethan';s influence. Kathleen and George see each other secretly. Grace won't sleep with Jack without a commitment, which he can't give. Omar proposes to Adrian but doesn't expect an answer. George suggests Amy be honest with Ricky about her evening with Ben.

The Text Best Thing
Amy is surprised when Ricky doesn't get upset about her hangout with Ben. Amy decides to get married on the 4th of July. Dylan thinks Ben should transfer to her school. Amy is upset when George tells Kathleen that Anne is gay and word spreads.

Rumors about Anne and Amy make Grace jealous. Ben goes behind Leo's back to transfer to Dylan's school. Ben lets Amy know about the rumors about her sexuality. Grace has sex with Jack after a kiss from Adrian gets her frazzled. Anne learns that George spread the story about her sexuality. A new rumor spreads.

Love Is Love
Grace informs Kathleen that she's not certain about her sexuality. Ben reconsiders going to Dylan's school. Anne tells Amy she gay and Amy tells Anne George is dating Kathleen. Everyone is upset by the fallout. Adrian and Grace kiss again. Dylan's school burns down. Ben sleeps with Alice. Amy tells Ricky she wants to elope.

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