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‘The Secret Circle' Recap: Prom

5/8/2012 7:38am EDT
Nick is determined to find the last crystal!
It's prom night in Chance Harbor, but instead of taking a night off from Circle duties, Cassie and the gang are on the hunt for the last remaining crystal. Here are the top five events you need to know from this week’s ‘Secret Circle’ including: zombie Nick, hallucinating Charles and deceiving daddies!

Nick Rises From The Dead:

Who would have thought that Nick would end up being the witch traitor? We all thought that the Circle member had died, but Blackwell threats that even though Nick drowned, the demon possessing him could have survived and taken over Nick’s body! Melissa, who was cru...

'The Secret Circle' Recap: Crystal

4/23/2012 10:12am EDT
Faye is sure she is Blackwell's daughter, but is she really?
Cassie and the gang split up in search of crystals in this week’s episode, but their hunt is put in jeopardy when Callum decides to tag along. Here are the top five events you need to know from this week’s ‘Secret Circle’ including: Jane and Charles’ attempt to kill Blackwell, crystal missions and the unveiling of Blackwell’s lovechild!

The Crystal Maze:

During the past 18 episodes Dawn has been on the rampage to find crystals, and here we have the Circle tracking down two in only a day’s work! While Faye is searching for her family’s crystal she stumbles upon her mum’s diary, which is fi...

'The Secret Circle' Recap: Sacrifice

4/3/2012 11:33am EDT
The Circle pull together to stop Eben from resurrecting demons!
Last week Blackwell evilly meddled in Cassie and Adam’s romance, but in this week’s episode he becomes the hero when Eben plans to resurrect demons. Here are the top five events you need to know from this week’s ‘Secret Circle’ including: flirting mania, lurking demons and a new plan of action!

Master Witch-hunter Turned Demon Resurrector:

Jake and one of his old witch-hunter pals, Samuel, are locked in a fist fight and Cassie, being the dark blooded witch that she is, breaks the two up. It turns out that Eben is going to be resurrecting demons, a la the ones that caused Nick’s death a fe...

'The Secret Circle' Recap: Lucky

3/17/2012 8:13pm EDT
Blackwell wants Cassie to give up her dark magic, but is that ea
Cassie is warming to having her father around, that is until she spies him searching for something in the abandoned house. Meanwhile, Lee is in a spot of bother when his ex-girlfriend, Eva, wakes up from her coma. Will he choose Eva over Faye? Here are the top five events you need to know from this week’s ‘Secret Circle’, including: Diana’s new Aussie lover, cursed stars and murder!

Father knows Best:

John Blackwell doesn’t seem to be the evil genius that everyone expected him to be. In fact, he is just like any other overprotective dad who enjoys a heart to heart with his daughter whilst...

'The Secret Circle' Recap: Valentine

2/10/2012 10:28am EST
'The Secret Circle' Recap: Valentine
Faye hosts an anti-Valentine’s no-boys-allowed slumber party to celebrate the season of crushed love. Once again there is an alpha fight between Adam and Jake to win the heart of Cassie, who is being haunted by dead witches. Here are the top five events you need to know from this week’s ‘Secret Circle’, including: ghost witches, sleepover cliques and love fests.

Love is in the air (for some):

The episode begins with Faye waking up in Jake’s bed. She tells Jake that this is the last time they will ever be together, until they sprawl back onto the bed again. At school Cassie confesses to ...

'The Secret Circle' Recap: Medallion

2/3/2012 10:26am EST
The Secret Circle
Cassie is determined to activate her father’s medallion so she can protect the Circle from the witch hunters. Here are the top five events you need to know from this week’s ‘Secret Circle’ including: deceiving psychics, crystal stealers and Devil’s Spirit!

Cassie Receives a Warning:

The person that saw Cassie when she travelled through Jake’s memories is coincidently in Chance Harbor! The fragile woman, called Lucy Gibbons, arrives on Cassie’s doorstep. She explains that for the past sixteen years she has been reliving the events of the boat incident. Lucy is a psychic and she tells Cassi...

'The Secret Circle' Recap: Witness

1/21/2012 9:11am EST
The witches delved back in time to discover what really happened on the boat sixteen years ago. Here are the top five events you need to know from this week’s ‘Secret Circle’ including: magic drugs, alive dead people and no Melissa!

Jake Has Returned For A Reason!

The deceiving Jake has returned to Chance Harbor to discover the truth. He admits that the council of witch hunters murdered John Blackwell to destroy his dark power and now they are planning to kill Cassie. Jake explains that when he was a child he witnessed the events of the boat incident, but he has blocked out the memories f...

'The Secret Circle' Recap: Fire/Ice

1/16/2012 8:15am EST
Faye plots to steal Cassie's magic!
A normal High School dance transforms into a not-so-average High School disaster when Faye’s devious plan backfires. Here are the top five events you need to know from this week’s episode, including: guys in mysterious black boots, teenage kisses and something we never thought to expect: a happy Melissa….until she almost died, of course.

The Abandoned House Had a Famous Inhabitant!

After causing Diana’s dress to catch on fire, Cassie is determined to find out more about the mysterious John Blackwell and his dark magic. She teams up with Adam to hunt through the City Records where they sea...

‘The Secret Circle’ Recap: Darkness

1/7/2012 7:55am EST
Cassie accesses her dark side in this week's episode.
‘The Secret Circle’ returned to our screens with a bang and in this week’s episode Cassie learns that there are perks to having a dark side. Here are the top five events you need to know from this week’s winter premiere including trust issues, a hot Grandma and badass dark magic!

Cassie’s Secret is Out!

It’s now official: the entire Circle knows that Cassie possesses dark magic (due to Diana’s Sherlock skills). Cassie tells anxious Adam about the dark power held within her. He agrees not to tell anyone else in the Circle about it until she is ready. Diana catches Adam looking up dark magi...

TV's Sexiest Female Stars 2012 Edition

1/6/2012 10:00am EST
TV's Sexiest Female Stars
Welcome to 2012 everybody, and according to the ancient Mayan calendar it's our last year on Earth!

With the midseason launch of a whole slew of new TV shows, we wanted to start the new year right and share the list of our favorite sexy female TV stars who are not only featured in these new additions to the idiot box, but those who are already holding their own on all the returning shows.

Check them all out and don't forget to leave us a comment below to let us know who's on your list!

Kat Dennings "2 Broke Girls"

Did you think we'd not include "2 Broke Girls" Beth Behrs?


'The Secret Circle' Recap: Beneath

11/4/2011 3:06pm EDT
Is that some new spa treatment you're trying out Faye?
Romance is in the air at the lake house, but not everything is going smoothly for one of our witches…

Wise grandma Jane has been lost in action ever since she went to visit Henry at the lake house. Cassie confesses to the group, minus Melissa, that she believes it was herself who caused Luke to light up like a sparkler because she used individual magic. Furthermore, she unveils the sheets left by Calvin which could answer why she is able to unlock greater power. Unsurprisingly, Jake is extremely intrigued by these notes left by the witch he killed in last week’s episode, although, Cassie d...

'The Secret Circle' Recap: Masked

10/29/2011 12:54pm EDT
Our teens get together for a Halloween party!
Our witches don’t have to hide their identity tonight in this week’s Halloween special! Jake proves he’s a right badass and Cassie holds a Halloween bash!

Faye and Cassie go to a mysterious antique shop to buy goodies for the party. The bitchy witch invites Luke, a la, the lad that Cassie went with to the school disco, so that Cassie will have someone to flirt with at the party in the hope that Adam and Diana will rekindle their relationship. When Cassie accidently touches the shop owner, Calvin, the mirror behind him smashes into smithereens!

Wise grandma Jane explains that Calvin is ind...

Fall TV: The So-So, The Bad And The Ugly

10/28/2011 11:00am EDT
The X Factor
Thanksgiving is a few short weeks away, and before you slice into those turkeys, let’s take a look back at the new TV shows that are thriving and those that don’t have a Thanksgiving prayer. We’ll break it down by category.

Modest Hits

(We would have had a full-on “Hits” category, but there are certainly no runaways so far.) FOX’s ‘New Girl’ can be deemed a first-season success. The Zooey Deschanel comedy was the first fall series to earn a full season pickup, and for good reason: Its ratings are better than lead-in ‘Glee’ and it’s frequently tops on Tuesdays in 18-49. To date it’s ave...

‘The Secret Circle’ Recap: Wake

10/23/2011 8:28am EDT
Jake causes trouble in
It’s still shocking that Nick has been killed off, and don’t suspect he’ll be resurrected in this episode because instead we have someone new in town and his intentions are not to benefit the circle.

In the middle of the night, Cassie wakes up to see a fire in Nick’s backyard with some strange guy gazing over it. Her grandmother, Jane, explains that this would have been Nick’s older brother, Jake, who skipped town two years ago as, let’s just say, he was very troubled. Jane explains that the circle is yet to be broken, even without one of its members, as binding the circle also joins the m...

'The Secret Circle' Recap: Slither

10/14/2011 2:06pm EDT
You'll be in shock after this weeks episode of 'The Secret Circl
The most shocking episode of the season! Another morning at Nick's household and Melissa is resisting getting up for school. She complains of a throbbing headache, but what she doesn't understand is that she actually has a snake controlled demon lurking under her skin! Cassie's feels her grandmother, Jane, is becoming suspicious of her hanging out with the children of her mums old friends and witches. Cassie believes it would be good for an adult to know the truth about them, but Diana informs her that this would end badly. If her grandmother was to tell Diana's dad for instance, they might...

CW Gives Full Season Orders To 'Hart Of Dixie,' 'Ringer' & 'Secret Circle'

10/13/2011 9:49am EDT
Hart of Dixie
The CW Network gave full season orders to its three freshmen series Hart of Dixie, Ringer and The Secret Circle.

Hart Of Dixie (Mondays, 9:00-10:00 p.m. ET) centers on a young surgeon who winds up working at a small practice in Bluebell, Alabama. The series stars Rachel Bilson as Dr. Zoe Hart, Jaime King as Lemon Breeland, Wilson Bethel as Wade Kinsella, Cress Williams as Lavon Hayes, McKaley Miller as Rose and Scott Porter as George Tucker.

In Ringer, (Tuesdays, 9:00-10:00 p.m. ET) Sarah Michelle Gellar stars as a woman who, after witnessing a murder, goes on the run, hiding out by ass...

'The Secret Circle' Recap: Heather

10/8/2011 8:38am EDT
'The Secret Circle' Gang
Cassie is on a mission to find out what happened to Heather Barnes, e.g. one of her mums best, none witch, friends, but will she discover what she is looking for?

'The Secret Circle' has a thing for throwing us straight into Nick and Melissa's hot steamy relationship. Once again they miss the start of school to cure their hormones. Faye is still fuming about how she is unable to make her own magic and takes it out on the happily helplessly in love Melissa. The witch tells her friend that Nick is worthless and that their relationship won't last. Unsurprisingly, Melissa takes this personally...

'The Secret Circle' Recap: Loner

10/3/2011 7:52am EDT
Will Cassie become friends with her fellow witches?
Now the circle has officially been formed, it's time to discover the consequences of what is set to come.

Not good, if we’re looking from Faye’s point of view. When trying to open up her locker with magic she discovers that she has lost her own individual power and now only when the group are together they can perform to a stronger and more controlled ability. Cassie confesses to Diana that even though they are now magically bound she doesn’t want to be her friend as she doesn’t like the “secrets” that the circle have made and lying to Sally about what happened the night before.

Nick and ...

‘The Secret Circle’ Recap: Bound

9/26/2011 7:40am EDT
The Secret Circle Gang
The premiere of 'The Secret Circle' introduced us to the main characters. Now, the second episode is all about uncontrollable action!

Straight away we realize that two members of the yet bound circle have done justice to the shows title by secretly hooking up. We see Melissa with Nick, the only other male in the group of outcasts, at his house and they are both getting dressed, although they both don’t want anyone else to know about their intimate relationship. Cassie is in for a shock when she discovers the strength of her powers. Noticing that Nick is spying on her once again with his to...

TV Spotlight: Check Out 'The Secret Circle' Tonight On The CW

9/15/2011 8:00am EDT
The Secret Circle
The CW is continuing its paranormal streak with a new series focusing on witches.

In "The Secret Circle," a young girl named Cassie moves in with her grandmother after her mother dies. She meets a new group of friends who reveal they are descended from a line of powerful witches--and she is too.

The secret circle soon learns that darker powers are at play, and these powers might be linked to the death of Cassie's mother.

"The Secret Circle" stars Britt Robertson as Cassie Blake, Thomas Dekker as Adam Conant, Gale Harold as Charles Meade, Phoebe Tonkin as Fay Chamberlain, Jessica Parker K...

Britt Robertson Talks CW's 'The Secret Circle' From Creators Of 'Vampire Diaries'

8/6/2011 8:00am EDT
The Secret Circle
This fall, The CW is doubling up on their Thursday night supernatural romances. The new show The Secret Circle is joining The Vampire Diaries, from the same executive producer Kevin Williamson and based on books by the same author, L.J. Smith.

Britt Robertson stars as Cassie, a teenager whose mother is killed by mysterious magic. She moves to Chance Harbor with her grandmother, where a group of young witches teaches Cassie about her family powers. They need her to complete their circle. Adam (Thomas Dekker) is a predestined partner through family lineage. He’s dating Diana (Shelley Henning...

Fall 2011 TV Preview: New Shows You Don't Want To Miss (Video)

7/26/2011 3:56pm EDT
Pan Am
Before you know it, summer will be on its way out, and fall will be in. The good news? There are plenty of new TV shows you're not going to want to miss in the upcoming season. Check out some of our quick picks from the networks this season:


Maria Bello plays a tough cop on a male force in the crime drama "Prime Suspect." Christina Applegate joins Will Arnett as a young couple with a baby in "Up All Night."

The CW

It's the season of the witch! "The Secret Circle" comes from the creator of "The Vampire Diaries." Sarah Michelle Gellar returns to her TV roots to star in "Ringer." And...

The CW Announces Fall 2011 Premiere Dates

6/20/2011 3:22pm EDT
Hart of Dixie
The CW Network will launch the 2011-2012 season on Tuesday, September 13, with four new series and returning favorites on new nights.

Learn more about the series HERE and check out the schedule below:

Tuesday, September 13

8:00-9:00 pm 90210 (Season Premiere)
9:00-10:00 pm Ringer (Series Premiere)

Wednesday, September 14

8:00-9:00 pm H8R (Series Premiere)
9:00-10:00 pm America’s Next Top Model (Season Premiere)

Thursday, September 15

8:00-9:00 pm The Vampire Diaries (Season Premiere)
9:00-10:00 pm The Secret Circle (Series Premiere)

Friday, September 23

8:00-9:00 pm Nikita (Season ...