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My New Role

When Dr. Cox becomes overwhelmed in his new role as Chief of Medicine he does the unthinkable and reaches out to Dr. Kelso for friendship.
Alysia Powell - Karen
Betsy Beutler - Katie (Recurring)
Bob Bencomo - Colonel Doctor (Recurring)
Cooper Thornton - Tommy Tanner
Dave Franco - Cole (Regular)
Donald Faison - Chris Turk (Regular)
Eliza Coupe - Denise (Regular)
Esther Mercado - Mrs Guerrero
Frank Cameron - Dr Michead (Recurring)
Gabrielle Allan - Woman No 1
Helen Geller - Mrs. Fishman
Jack Thomas - Jim Morrison
Jake Fritz - Billy
Jennifer Naimo - Gina Tanner
Jim Hanna
John C. McGinley - Dr Perry Cox (Regular)
Kerry Bishe - Lucy (Regular)
Larry Thomas - Larry
Lewis Dauber - Mr. Vaughn
Liliana Mumy - Samantha Tanner
Mackenzie Hannigan - Bratty Kid
Marcy Minton - Nurse Barbara
Mary Passeri - Nurse Nelly
Mary Gillis - Mrs Pratt
Michael Mosley - Drew (Regular)
Myrna Niles - Grandmother
Neil Flynn - Janitor (Recurring)
Robert Maschio - Todd (Recurring)
Sam Lloyd - Ted (Recurring)
Sarah Chalke - Elliot Reid (Regular)
Shannon Welles - Old Woman
Sugar Hill Gang - Themselves
Timmy Deters - Boy
Todd Bosley - Howie (Recurring)
Travis Webster - Hernia Patient
Travis Wester - David Morrison

Angela Nissel
Bill Lawrence
Brian Bradley
Corey Nickerson
Danny Rose
Janae Bakken
Josh Bycel
Kevin Biegel
Kevin Etten
Liz Newman
Mychelle Deschamps
Prentice Penny
Randall Winston
Steven Cragg
Tad Quill
William Callahan
Zach Braff

Will Mackenzie

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