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DVD Review: 'The Unauthorized Collection - 4-Film Set'

3/8/2016 11:00am EST
DVD Review: 'The Unauthorized Collection - 4-Film Set'
Ready to get an ‘unauthorized’ look at your favorite TV shows? The follow us as we check out the new to DVD collection "The Unauthorized Collection – 4-Film Set" out now from Lionsgate Home Entertainment. We see if there’s more dirt to dish below!

Title: "The Unauthorized Collection - 4-Film Set"

Cast: Various

Director: Various

Rating: Not Rated

Runtime: 360 minutes

Release Company: Lionsgate Home Entertainment


"The Unauthorized Beverly Hills 90210 Story"

Grade: 3

The best of this set both story and sin wise, everyone here conveys the spir...

'Saved By The Bell' Star Goes To Jail

1/16/2016 9:36am EST
Former 'Saved By The Bell' Star Dustin Diamond Begins 4-Month Te
Dustin Diamond has checked into jail in Wisconsin to serve his four-month sentence stemming from a bar brawl in December 2014. The "Saved by the Bell" star was convicted in June for disorderly conduct and carrying a concealed weapon following a fight in a bar in which one man was stabbed.

During the sentence the actor explained, "I sincerely apologize to everyone involved. This was the single most terrifying experience of my life... This is all I've been able to think about for the last six months."

Diamond, 38, tried to appeal the disorderly conduct charge but dropped it last month and ...

'Saved By The Bell' Actress Elopes

6/12/2015 9:23am EDT
Lark Voorhies Weds: 'Saved By The Bell' Star Ties The Knot In Ve
Lark Voorhies, most known for playing Lisa Turtle on "Saved By The Bell," is a married woman. The actress married music engineer Jimmy Green, according to TMZ, in not one, but two ceremonies.

Green, who met the actress on Facebook about a year ago, told the website he and Voorhies had a committment ceremony on April 1 and an official ceremony in a Las Vegas chapel on April 30. They've never lived together.

The couple plans on having a large wedding with friends and family next year, Green added.

Voorhies, 41, has made headlines sporadically over the past couple of years. In 2014, she att...

Are These Stars One-Hit Wonders?

5/25/2015 10:00am EDT
Hollywood Stars Who Were Total One-Hit Wonders
"One-hit wonder" tends to be a term for musicians only. Someone puts out a hit record. For a few brief moments, they bask in that sweet hit-record glow. Then they fade into obscurity forever (hopefully obscurity still comes with its share of royalty fees).

It's time we spread the "one-hit wonder" label around a little. You don't have be (briefly) musically inclined to be a one-hit wonder. One-hit wonders are just as common in Hollywood- actors, directors and such.

Click ahead to find ten of the one-hit wonder-iest.
Everyone on "Seinfeld" who isn't Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Julia Louis-Dreyfus ...

Jimmy Fallon Got Most Of The Gang From 'Saved By The Bell' Together For An Epic 'Tonight Show' Skit (Watch It!)

2/5/2015 4:28pm EST
Jimmy Fallon Reunites 'Saved By The Bell' Cast On 'The Tonight S
Jimmy Fallon finally got his "Saved by the Bell" to happen on "The Tonight Show" Wednesday night, and more shocking than that is the fact that the original stars who guested on the show for an eight-minute skit look like they haven't aged a day since the show went off the air in 1993.

Fallon introduced the skit to the audience, telling them that he lived in Los Angeles and went to Bayside High, just like the rest of the gang on "Saved by the Bell."

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"The Tonight Show" stage was set up to look exactly like ...

Sneak Peek Of Lifetime's 'The Unauthorized Saved By The Bell Story' Is Really Uncomfortable

8/8/2014 11:54am EDT
Sneak Peek Of Lifetime's 'The Unauthorized Saved By The Bell Sto
Lifetime published a sneak peek of their upcoming TV movie The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story, and they're really pushing a plot of feuding teen stars.

The TV movie versions of Dustin Diamond, Elizabeth Berkley, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Lark Voorhies, Tiffani Thiessen Dennis Haskins and Mario Lopez are posing for photos when in-fighting breaks out between the female cast members.

Voorhies has a crush on Gosselaar and is angry that Thiessen is flirting with him as they pose. When the photographer asks for a female-only photo, Voorhies bumps into Thiessen and talks some trash in-between f...

Lifetime To Air 'Saved By The Bell' TV Movie In September

6/20/2014 11:13am EDT
Saved By The Bell
Days after news that the Lifetime TV network is set to bring a movie about the life of late pop star Aaliyah to the small screen, the network has announced plans to bring another biopic, of sorts, to the network.

A made-for-TV movie about syndicated teen sitcom Saved by the Bell is now on the network's slate and set to debut on September 1.

The film, called "The Unauthorized Saved By The Bell Story," will chronicle the show from a behind-the-scenes perspective based on interviews with cast and crew members. The movie will also pull material from Dustin Diamond's memoir "Behind the Bell," ...

80's Favorites 'Saved By The Bell,' 'Knight Rider' & More To Be Made Into Digital Comics

7/3/2013 2:00pm EDT
Saved By The Bell
Some of your favorite 80's and 90's television series are being revived - in comic book form. "Saved by the Bell," "Knight Rider" and "Punky Brewster" are set to return as digital comics. "Miami Vice" and "Airwolf" will also be making a comeback.

Television execs from NBC have teamed up with Missouri publishing house Lion Forge Comics to revive the five shows in digital form. They will be available for e-book purchase later this year and will feature memorable characters such as "Miami Vice" detectives James "Sonny" Crockett and Ricardo Tubbs; "Saved by the Bell's" Zack Morris, who was por...

Former 'Saved By The Bell' Star Mark-Paul Gosselaar Weds

7/29/2012 3:02pm EDT
Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Catriona McGinn
Former Saved By The Bell star Mark-Paul Gosselaar married his fiancee Catriona McGinn at the Sunstone winery in Santa Ynex, California Saturday night.

The couple plan to spend their honeymoon in Italy, according to; and they're very excited about all the good food they're going to be having while in the Mediterranean nation.

"Trust me, we are going to eat our a**es off! We're really excited about that element," he says.

McGinn, an advertising executive, is the second wife of the Franklin & Bash star. He was previously married to Lisa Ann Russell for 14 years. The couple split ...

Ali Landry Learned Of Mario Lopez's Affairs After Tapping His Cell Phone

3/15/2012 3:38pm EDT
Ali Landry
Actress Ali Landry has opened up about her short-lived marriage to TV personality Mario Lopez, revealing she learned of his affairs by tapping his cell phone.

The couple wed in Mexico in April, 2004, but Landry annulled the union two weeks later following reports of the actor's infidelity.

The former Saved by the Bell star has since publicly admitted to cheating, and now Landry has confessed she had a sneaky suspicion the relationship wasn't meant to be - but she was too scared to call off the nuptials and disappoint her family.

During an appearance on The Wendy Williams Show on Thurs...

Elizabeth Berkley Expecting Her First Child

3/6/2012 7:52am EST
Elizabeth Berkley
Actress Elizabeth Berkley is pregnant with her first child.

The Saved by the Bell star and artist Greg Lauren will become parents this summer.

Berkley, who was photographed sporting a sizeable baby bump in Los Angeles on Monday, tells, "In life there are moments you cherish forever and this is one of them."

"We are so excited to share this moment and special news!"

Reality Shows We Would Love to Watch

1/21/2012 1:00pm EST
Saved By The Bell
It seems like there is a reality show for everything these days. From people who bid on storage spaces to bounty hunters and hoarders. Why not class up our favorite guilty pleasure and add a few more reality programs to our lineup?

Here is a list of some reality shows we would love to see on air:

Still Saved By the Bell- Put Lisa Turtle, Mr. Belding, AC Slater, Zack Morris, Jessie Spano, Kelly Kapowski and Screech Powers in a house comparable to the Hollywood Hills Bachelor house, fill it with booze and hello, Friday night! Can you imagine what drama would go on after all those years of b...

Wear Mario Lopez's Underwear!

12/12/2011 8:44am EST
Mario Lopez
Former "Saved By The Bell" star & "Extra" tv host Mario Lopez is getting intimate with fans by launching his own underwear collection.

The actor has designed his own line of undergarments, RatedM, in partnership with the brand 2(x)ist, and he is set to model the apparel for the company's upcoming advertising campaign, according to Women's Wear Daily.

Lopez's range is on sale online, with a two-pack costing $26.50.

Former 'Full House' Stars Reunite For Internet Sitcom 'Can't Get Arrested'

10/29/2011 4:00pm EDT
Jodie Sweetin
Former Full House co-stars Jodie Sweetin and Dave Coulier are to reunite for a new Internet sitcom.

Sweetin and Coulier, who played Stephanie Tanner and quirky Joey Gladstone in the long-running show, will team up for web series "Can't Get Arrested," in which they will portray a "version of themselves" and work together to rekindle their careers by using any means necessary to attract media attention and get back in the spotlight.

The program, which is set to premiere on Monday, will also feature a number of guest stars, including "Full House" alum Candace Cameron and "Saved by the Bell's...

Ali Landry Welcomes Baby Boy

10/11/2011 8:00am EDT
Ali Landry
Model/actress Ali Landry is a mother again after giving birth to a son.

The TV star and her film director husband Alejandro Monteverde welcomed little Marcelo Alejandro in Los Angeles on Saturday.

The couple, which wed in 2006, is already parents to four-year-old Estela.

Former beauty queen Landry was briefly married to Saved By The Bell star Mario Lopez, but the union was annulled two weeks later after the actor admitted cheating on her.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar Engaged Just Three Months After Divorce

8/10/2011 9:40pm EDT
Mark-Paul Gosselaar
Former Saved By The Bell star Mark-Paul Gosselaar is preparing to wed his new girlfriend, three months after finalizing his divorce from Lisa Ann Russell.

The actor, 36, officially became a single man again in May when a judge signed off on legal papers ending his 14-year marriage to the mother of his two children - son Michael, seven, and daughter Ava, five.

But the divorce has not put Gosselaar off the idea of marriage - he proposed to advertising executive Catriona McGinn last week, his representative has confirmed to Us Weekly.

The star recently gushed about his new fiancee, stating,...

Who Wore Who Best? Justin Bieber And Tiffani Thiessen Wear Shirts Featuring Each Other

6/24/2011 1:00pm EDT
Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber wore the above t-shirt to the MuchMusic awards, ignoring the irony that he was born after Saved by the Bell ended. Still, we have to match him up against Tiffani Thiessen, who retaliated by wearing a shirt featuring - you guessed it - Justin Bieber.

Despite the shirt featuring 80's style, we're going to have to vote for Tiffani Thiessen (the shirt, not the woman). First of all, it features a hot chick wearing suspenders. Second, it doesn't require giant text letting you know who the person on the shirt is - we're looking at you, Bieber shirt!

So, do you agree? Who wore who...

Mark-Paul Gosselaar Is Officially Divorced

6/1/2011 8:46am EDT
Mark Paul Gosselaar
Mark-Paul Gosselaar is officially single again - his divorce has been finalized.
The former "Saved By the Bell" and "NYPD Blue" star and his wife of 14 years, Lisa Ann Russell, split last year.
According to the couple worked out a private arrangement for custody of their two children, Michael, seven, and four-year-old Ava, as well as spousal support.
In his divorce papers, Gosselaar requested joint custody of the kids.


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Mark-Paul Gosselaar's Wife Seeks Joint Custody Of Kids

5/3/2011 8:08am EDT
Mark-Paul Gosselaar
Actor Mark-Paul Gosselaar and his estranged wife are seeking to share custody of their two children following their split last year.

The former Saved by the Bell and NYPD Blue star filed for divorce from his wife of 13 years, actress Lisa Ann Russell, last June.

In his divorce papers, Gosselaar requested joint custody of their two children, Michael, seven, and four year old Ava.

And it seems their split will be an amicable one - in papers filed last month, Russell is also seeking joint custody, meaning the stars won't need to battle through the courts over their kids.

Russell is als...

Top Ten TV Proms

4/26/2011 3:00pm EDT
One Tree Hill
Prom season has begun and there's much speculation about what some TV dramas are planning for their prom-themed episodes. A couple of weeks ago, it was reported that "Glee" will feature Rebecca Black's infamous YouTube song "Friday" on its much anticipated prom episode airing in mid-May. There's also rumors Rebecca Black will guest star herself. This "Glee" prom episode may turn out to be horrendous for some, but will be memorable to others. Likewise, there have been many TV shows in the past that have provided us with dramatic and romantic prom-themed moments. Here's a countdown of the bes...

Elizabeth Berkley Became Self-Help Counselor To Shake Off 'Showgirls' Image

4/25/2011 1:08pm EDT
Elizabeth Berkley
Actress Elizabeth Berkley re-launched herself as a self-help guru for young girls in a bid to distance herself from the saucy reputation of her infamous film Showgirls.

The Saved by the Bell star was just 21 years old when she stripped off to play an exotic dancer in the critically-condemned 1995 film, which featured strong themes of sex and nudity.

Berkley admits she spent years struggling with self-esteem issues after the release of the movie, and she was only able to "shake" the Showgirls image and rediscover her own "worth" five years ago, when she started hosting workshops and writ...

Celeb Baby News: Ali Landry & Mary McCormack Are Pregnant

4/23/2011 3:33pm EDT
Ali Landry
Model/actress Ali Landry and her director husband Alejandro Monteverde are expecting their second child.

Landry is three-and-a-half months pregnant and is due to give birth in the winter. The tot will be a little brother or sister for the couple's three-year-old daughter Estela.

She tells Life & Style magazine, "I found out on Valentine's Day and told my husband and daughter together - they were both so excited!

"I love being pregnant. Being a mom is just the best thing in the entire world."

Landry wed Monteverde in 2006. The former beauty queen was briefly married to "Saved By The ...

'Ask Elizabeth': Jessie Spano's Self-esteem Guide For Teens

3/22/2011 11:38am EDT
Elizabeth Berkley
Elizabeth Berkley was on the “Today” show this morning to promote her recently penned book “Ask Elizabeth,” which in conjunction with its namesake website, attempts to dispense advice to teen girls.  Berkley, or for those that grew up in the 90’s, Jessie Spano, is best known for her role as the brainy feminazi pushing her ideals and agenda to the masses at Bayside High in the beloved classic show “Saved by the Bell.” 

Jessie Spano’s main missions in life revolved around being admitted to fictional Stanford parody, Stansbury College, and keeping “macho pig,” A.C. Slater, played by hunky sid...

'Weeds' Recap - 'To Moscow, And Quickly'

10/19/2010 3:26pm EDT
Price sister
Nancy's sister is the one being interviewed this time about their childhood. We haven't seen that much about Nancy Botwin and how she came to be the crazy woman she is today. In the first season there was an impression that she was very normal before Judah died suddenly, but the writers are unraveling the truth. Judah just kept the crazy at bay. Anyway last week the family tried to settle in a trailer park, and Nancy got them in trouble by having dirty violent sex with a married bartender. As a fan of Saved by the Bell, I will be traumatized forever seeing Zack Morris mostly naked. So now t...

Dustin Diamond Facing Foreclosure Again

10/11/2010 8:31am EDT
Dustin Diamond
Dustin Diamond's financial woes are stacking up - the former Saved By The Bell star has been hit with his second foreclosure warning this year.

The troubled actor has been served with legal papers from lawyers representing Wells Fargo Bank after allegedly racking up debts amounting to $278,309.

Diamond, best known for playing lovable geek Screech on the teen series, will be forced to move out of his home in Ozaukee County, Wisconsin if he fails to pay off the bill, reports

It's the latest in a series of money worries for Diamond - he had a foreclosure scare in April when he w...

Our Favorite Child TV Stars- Where Are They Now?

9/28/2010 9:00am EDT
Saved by the Bell
Don’t pretend you don’t still think about how dreamy Zack Morris was ladies, or how all of you guys loved how much Sam loved sports on Who’s the Boss. I still lie awake at night wondering what Malcolm-Jamal Warner from The Cosby Show is up to these days. Love them or not, the shows we grew up with were a part of our childhood that we will never be able to shake. If you’ve ever wondered what your favorite childhood stars are up to post 80’s fame, we did a little digging and found out for you, are they still acting or did they return to the "normal" life?

Saved By the Bell – Lisa Turtle "...

Mario Lopez Is A Dad!

9/12/2010 10:15pm EDT
Mario Lopez
Beloved TV personality Mario Lopez is a first-time dad - his girlfriend Courtney Mazza gave girth to a baby girl on Saturday.

The former "Saved By The Bell" star and Mazza have named the tot Gia Francesca.

The host of showbusiness news show "Extra" says, "We are so overjoyed. What an amazing, wonderful and overwhelming experience."

Lopez hopes to write a book and create a reality TV show about first-time fatherhood.

Click for more great Mario Lopez pictures:

Tiffani Thiessen Talks About Her Baby's Nightmare Birth

7/21/2010 6:00pm EDT
Tiffani Thiessen
Former Saved By The Bell star Tiffani Thiessen is thankful her newborn daughter is fit and healthy after a nightmare birth.

The actress and her husband Brady Smith welcomed their first child, Harper Renn Smith, in June, but Thiessen reveals her smooth pregnancy turned complicated as soon as she went into labor. The baby girl was delivered by Cesarean section after 30 hours in a Los Angeles hospital and the star admits the tiring process was "very surreal".

She says, "First my water didn't break; they had to do it for me. Then the baby wasn't descending, because the cord was wrapped arou...

Mario Lopez To Star In VH1 Reality Show

7/15/2010 8:35am EDT
Mario Lopez
Former "Saved By The Bell" star Mario Lopez has convinced TV bosses to give him his own reality series documenting his new role as a first-time father.

Lopez is expecting a baby with his girlfriend Courtney Mazza later this year, and VH1 network bosses have signed off on his proposal about a series based on his new family.

The as-yet-untitled series will document Lopez's trials and tribulations as a dad, balancing parenting with his busy work schedule.

A network spokesperson tells The Hollywood Reporter, "Our audience have watched Mario go from a kid in a fictional high school to a man w...

Mark-Paul Gosselaar Files For Divorce

6/26/2010 8:21am EDT
Mark-Paul Gosselaar
Actor Mark-Paul Gosselaar has filed for divorce from his wife of 13 years.

The former Saved by the Bell and NYPD Blue star split from actress Lisa Ann Russell earlier this year.

Gosselaar filed divorce papers in Los Angeles last week, according to

The couple met on the set of Saved by the Bell: The College Years.  They have two children, aged six and four.  


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