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Some of My Best Friends Are Half-Mortals
When Sabrina expresses dissatisfaction over having to keep her witch powers a secret on dates, Zelda fixes her up with a male witch.

Witchright Hall
Sabrina tries to help get her wild cousin, Amanda, accepted into Witchright Hall, a special school for troublesome witches.

Lost at 'C'
Sabrina turns to Zelda for help when she receives a disappointing "C" grade on an assignment, only Zelda ends up doing her tutoring with Sabrina's attractive professor.

Double Time
Sabrina casts a spell that makes her move at an amazingly fast speed in order to effectively balance her academic and social lives at college.

You Can't Twin
While at an amusement park in another realm, Sabrina's evil twin, Katrina, steals her passport and starts taking over her life.

The Halloween Scene
Sabrina throws a big Halloween party while Hilda and Zelda are out, only she ends up having to patch up the romance between Frankenstein and his bride.

Love is a Many Complicated Thing
Sabrina agrees to double date with Morgan on Valentine's Day.

Every Witch Way but Loose
Sabrina goes to college to begin as a freshman and meets her new roommates, Roxie, Myles, and Morgan.

Sabrina and Josh act as hosts for a singles night at the coffee shop, but tempers get heated between the two when Josh's friend stands Roxie up.

Heart of the Matter
Sabrina uses a spell to turn herself into a dating machine after realizing she is picky about saying yes to guys. Meanwhile, Hilda takes over the management of the coffee shop, but her social skills are scaring people over to the competition.

Making the Grade
Sabrina writes an article for the school paper shedding light on the special treatment awarded to school athletes.

Do You See What I See?
Miles considers giving up paranormal studies when a class presentation on his flying car sighting gets a less-than-enthusiastic reception.

Tick-Tock Hilda's Clock
Hilda loses her biological clock during her 650th birthday and has a window of 48 hours under which she can start a family.

Beach Blanket Bizarro
Sabrina's fantasies of a crazy spring break get less-than-crazy when her aunts coax 60's idol Frankie Avalon into putting a spell on her, sending her into a tamer 60's beach party.

House of Pi's
Sabrina and Roxie pair up to write a story for the school newspaper and decide to do an expose of the Mu Pi sorority house.

Sabrina, the Activist
Sabrina heads up a protest to stop the demolition of a historical building. After hanging out with Sabrina, Josh questions the status of his relationship with Morgan.

Sabrina, the Muse
Sabrina is flattered when her new boyfriend writes music to describe his feelings about her, but constantly acting as someone's muse proves to be uninteresting.

My Best Shot
Sabrina tries to help Josh become more confident in his effort to become a photographer, only her spell makes him a little too confident.

Welcome, Traveler
Sabrina unknowingly sends Miles into the arms of a cult whose leader purports to be a witch.

Sabrina's Perfect Christmas
Sabrina decides on a peaceful Christmas with Morgan's family, rather than a chaotic one with her aunts.

Sabrina's New Roommate
Zelda becomes Sabrina's temporary roommate when Hilda goes into a home remodeling frenzy.

Sabrina's Got Spirit
Trevor brings a device to detect paranormal energy into Sabrina's house which goes off the charts while in Sabrina's presence. Sabrina finds out there is a ghost in the ceiling of the house.

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