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Super Hero
Sabrina inadvertantly zaps harvey, turning him into his favorite childhood superhero. Meanwhile, Kraft decides to quit his school job and become a world-renowned pilot.

Now You See Her, Now You Don't
Sabrina diets so hard in order to squeeze into a dress for the Winter Ball, that she literally disappears.

Sabrina gets jealous when Harvey teams up with Brad instead of her to write an article for the school paper.

Dream a Little Dreama Me
Sabrina must tutor a clumsy new student who is also a witch. Her efforts are complicated by a friend of Harvey's who is secretly a witch hunter. Meanwhile, bored with her violin-playing, Hilda opens up a shop to sell magical clocks.

Love in Bloom
Sabrina tries to use magic to stop Josh's crush on her before Harvey's gets his heart broken over Valentine's Day.

The Wild, Wild Witch
When Sabrina protests the rules that led to her punishment from a broken curfew, she is zapped to the Wild West where she becomes the sheriff and eliminates all the town rules.

Ice Station Sabrina
Sabrina is unable to use her magic when she and Harvey get trapped in a snowstorm along with tag-along witch-hunter, Brad.

Love Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry
Sabrina, feeling the guilt over her kiss with Josh, tries to devise a way to gain Harvey's forgiveness without actually having to apologize to him.

Welcome Back, Duke
Salem's old war buddy returns after finishing his sentence as a cat and realizes his powers are somewhat rusty.

Little Orphan Hilda
A family gathering goes awry when Sabrina invites her hard-to-please grandmother for a visit, during which time Hilda finds out she was adopted.

Salem and Juliette
Sabrina recruits Dream's witch-turned cat, Juliette, to go with Salem to his high school reunion.

Aging, Not So Gracefully
Sabrina tries to rid her past of Josh's kiss, which had the effect of ruining her relationship with Harvey.

No Place Like Home
With Libby in private school, and Valerie in Alaska, Sabrina feels unwanted at home and takes up her father's offer to live in Paris, only to have Salem attempt to make her see how great it is at her current home.

Prelude to a Kiss
Sabrina asks for Dreama's help in dealing with a night in which she's committed herself to both watching Harvey's football game and helping Josh study for a test.

The Four Faces of Sabrina
An indecisive Sabrina splits into four people, literally, when she is pressured to choose the favorite college choices of Harvey, Zelda, and Josh.

Episode LXXXI: The Phantom Menace
Sabrina works the night shift on Halloween by herself, only to find the coffee shop overrun by vicious zombies.

Salem's Daughter
Salem reunites with his estranged daughter Annabelle after he receives an announcement for her wedding, in which Sabrina is invited to be a bridesmaid.

She's Baaaack!
Sabrina's cousin Amanda comes for a visit and intends to pursue Harvey.

Dreama the Mouse
After catching a daydream virus known as Spring Fever from Sabrina, Dreama accidentally uses magic and turns into a mouse in front of witch-hunter Brad.

The End of an Era
Sabrina tries to get a quarreling Josh and Harvey to make peace by giving them magic friendship bread, which has the effect of making them chummy with one another and ignoring her. When she reverses the spell, however, their fighting only gets worse.

Sabrina, Nipping at Your Nose
Sabrina tries to erase the winter season so she, Harvey, Hilda, and Zelda can enjoy a vacation in Jamaica.

Spoiled Rotten
Sabrina begins to overindulge herself with credit cards, and tries to rectify the dilemma by selling off magic keepsakes in a yard sale.

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