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Sabrina and the Kiss
Sabrina takes advice from a romance novelist in the other realm who tells her how to make Josh a better boyfriend.

The Arrangement
Sabrina's meddling aunt Irma arranges for Sabrina to marry a witch. Much to Sabrina's relief, the groom-to-be has no intention of marrying Sabrina, especially after he meets Roxy and proposes to her instead.

Really Big Season Opener
Sabrina agrees to produce Josh's student horror film.

I Think I Love You
Sabrina goes to a relationship guru to get advice on how to tell Josh that she loves him.

Thin Ice
Sabrina finds herself on Zeus' bad side when she obtains magic ice skates from Mercury to help an injured Harvey play in a hockey game.

Hex, Lies, & No Videotape
Josh convinces his boss at the newspaper to give Sabrina a writing internship. Sabrina traps herself in a huge web of lies when she tries to keep her relationship with Josh a secret.

I, Busybody
Sabrina decides to mind her own business after her advice to friends does more harm than good, and she decides a tuneup is in order at Buddy's Busy Body Shop in the Other Realm.

I Fall to Pieces (1)
Sabrina uses magic to break up Aunt Hilda's new relationship, which has the adverse effect of literally making her fall to pieces.

What's News
Josh has little time to spend with Sabrina when he gets a job as a photojournalist with the paper.

Deliver Us from E-Mail
Sabrina's chances of getting a writing position at a local newspaper are threatened by her evil twin.

The Competition
Josh claims that men are better tennis players than women. Sabrina sets out to prove him wrong with a little help from tennis star, Andy Roddick, and a special potion.

Sabrina accidentally gets Zelda fired from her dream job when her plan to get her the title of "Professor of the Year" backfires, and she takes a ride on the Guilt Trip bus in the Other Realm to devise a solution.

Murder on the Halloween Express
Sabrina throws a Halloween party on a train, unaware that the train is from the other realm and magically transports all the guests back in time as characters in a real murder mystery.

Sabrina and the Candidate
Sabrina takes on an investigative reporter role for the newspaper when she writes a scathing expose of a local politician.

Time After Time
Sabrina's spell to help mend Zelda's heart goes awry and changes the Spellman family history, essentially rewriting Sabrina out of it.

Cloud Ten
Sabrina becomes jealous and depressed when Roxie and Morgan start becoming good friends. She calls an old friend from her past who takes Sabrina to Cloud Ten to forget her problems.

A Birthday Witch
Sabrina receives a scary birthday surprise, a visit from a terrifying witch from the other realm. Roxie's ex-boyfriend performs a song with his brothers.

The Whole Ball of Wax
Sabrina is overjoyed when she is reunited with her mother, until the council rules that the two must never be together and turns Diana into a ball of wax.

Humble Pie
When Morgan's family stops supporting her financially, Sabrina and her roommates come to the rescue.

Sabrina's Date with Destiny
When Josh lands a job working in Prague, Sabrina summons Destiny to find out what will happen if she follows him abroad.

Driving Mr. Goodman
Sabrina and Josh are the victims of a lawsuit when they hit another car and the driver seeks millions in damages.

The Gift of Gab
Sabrina and Roxy create a show for the campus radio station.

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