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'Royal Pains' Series Coming To An End?

3/11/2016 10:29am EST
USA Announces 'Royal Pains' Will End This Season
USA has announced that one of its longest-running shows will end after its upcoming season. Royal Pains, the comedy-drama starring Mark Feuerstein and Paolo Costanzo, will come to a close following its eighth season that begins on May 10.

The series centers on Dr. Hank Lawson (Feuerstein, above right), a former ER doctor who starts a concierge medicine practice in the affluent and quirky world of the Hamptons. Hank's younger brother Evan (Costanzo, above left) becomes his business partner. The other current cast members are Reshma Shetty, Brooke D'Orsay, Campbell Scott and Ben Shenkman.


USA Returns 'Royal Pains' And 'Necessary Roughness'

6/12/2013 2:10pm EDT
Royal Pains
USA's summer original series rollout continues with the returns of Royal Pains and Necessary Roughness tonight. BFTV has previews of both shows, plus some Royal Pains and Necessary Roughness gear to give away to fans!

First, on Royal Pains, Hank (the always-watchable Mark Feuerstein) has recovered from his surgery and is back fixing the patients of the Hamptons. He's got some extra help this season, as Ben Shenkman (Burn Notice) has been upgraded to series regular as Jeremiah. Of course, just because they're working together doesn't mean they become best buddies. But watching Feuerstein ...

Royal Pains Season 5 Preview: Brothers Re-Strengthen Bond As They Face New Threats

6/11/2013 10:30pm EDT
Paulo Costanzo as Evan Lawson, Mark Feuerstein as Dr. Hank Lawso
A great deal of season four of Royal Pains was about putting the brothers Lawson back together and after HankMed seemingly broke apart over Evan’s desire to grow the company.

But at the beginning of season five, that brother relationship is stronger than ever even while HankMed continues to grow with its own, yes, Hankies. Six months after his neurosurgery, Hank is only now returning to work full-time – which may still be way too early if hints that Hank is not altogether with it just yet – and Evan had to hire quite a few new doctors to help out, especially with local emergency room shut ...

TV On DVD: 'Royal Pains: Season 2'

6/2/2011 4:00pm EDT
Royal Pains
Universal Studios Home Entertainment recently released the sophomore season of USA's Royal Pains on DVD (just in time for the premiere of season three, of course!) The four-disc set contains all eighteen episodes from season two plus a handful of bonus features. Here's my review.

The Show

I checked out Royal Pains when it first premiered, and it was the first USA original series that didn't catch on with me. It wasn't necessarily bad, but not a strong enough show to grab my attention. Digging into season two, that's still the case. It's not a misfire, just not my cup of tea. (I kn...

A Royal Mess on Royal Pains

2/3/2011 1:07pm EST
Royal Pains | Photo Credits: Barbara Nitke/USA Network
Diagnosis: Breakup? All's not sunny for Hamptons doc Hank Lawson (Mark Feuerstein) and his rather coldhearted girlfriend, Dr. Emily Peck (Anastasia Griffith), on tonight's Royal Pains when the two physicians clash. "They are going to have their biggest fight yet," reveals executive producer Andrew Lenchewski. "It's going to start as something medical that illuminates the larger divide between them, and the types of relationships that they each want to be in."

And leave it to Hank's dear old dad, Eddie (Henry Winkler), to further complicate matters...

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Mark Feuerstein's Baby Triumphs Over Heart Defect

1/13/2011 7:42pm EST
Mark Feuerstein
Mark Feuerstein's baby daughter has been battling a rare heart defect since birth.

In 2009, the "Royal Pains" star and his wife Dana Klein thought then six-week-old Adelaide was suffering from colic until medications failed to work.

The parents took Adelaide to a cardiologist last March, and the baby was rushed to the Children's Hospital in Los Angeles, where she stayed for three months.

After various tests, the tot was diagnosed with anomalous origin of the left coronary artery arising from the pulmonary artery, or ALCAPA - a rare but potentially fatal heart defect.

She was allowed to ...

Returning Mid-Season Shows: What's Worth Watching?

1/4/2011 12:00pm EST
The new 'American Idol'
We’ve already been over what new shows are premiering mid-season. There are lots of returning favorites as well, and some promise to be some of this year’s highest-rated programs. Others are sure to be stinkers. Here’s our guide to what’s returning, and what’s worth watching.

‘V’ – ABC, Jan. 4

Starring Elizabeth Mitchell (‘LOST’) as FBI agent Erica Evans and Morena Baccarin as the leader of the visitors, this season kicks off after a long hiatus. ABC calls it “a show we’d like to run as uninterrupted as possible.” Time will tell if the long wait has dented the show’s audience. Anyo...

Hayden Christensen Files Lawsuit Over 'Royal Pains'

7/7/2010 11:25am EDT
Hayden Christensen
Hayden Christensen has filed a lawsuit against TV bosses at the USA Network alleging they stole his idea for a comedy series.

The Canadian actor and his brother, Tove, claim they contacted the network in 2005 and pitched a proposal for a show called Housecall, about a "concierge" doctor who makes home visits to rich and famous clients.

The siblings allege USA Network bosses took the idea and turned it into their own series, Royal Pains, which is now in its second season.

The pair filed legal papers at Manhattan Federal Court in New York City on Tuesday, claiming an unnamed executive a...

'Royal Pains' Set Visit, Q&A & Season Two Spotlight

6/2/2010 2:07pm EDT
Royal Pains
USA's famous tagline "Characters Welcome" means that it is a channel not only dedicated to entertaining audiences, but that the entertainment might be a little more quirky than most television. This is a welcome change from stations that churn out the same mind numbing procedurals year after year. With Monk, In Plain Sight, Psych, and Burn Notice, they've introduced amusing and memorable characters who come from popular genres (detective, spy, action) with a unique spin.

One of their newest successes is a show titled Royal Pains, a medical show set in the Hamptons that blends a little Hous...

Pre-Season 2009 TV Report Card: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

9/21/2009 12:30pm EDT
Desperate Housewives
Since CNN has such a blast creating a report card to track the Presidency, we decided to have some fun with television. Which networks come out strong and which ones need to do better homework?



The Good: The dramas are what keep us coming back to ABC. Grey's Anatomy, Brothers & Sisters, FlashForward, and V are worth looking forward to. The one comedy that stands out and may hold itself against NBC's stellar comedies, Modern Family, is worth a few episodes past the pilot.

The Bad: Dancing With The Stars is extremely popular, however sometimes too much of a ...

Move Over NBC, USA Is Stealing Your Glory

7/10/2009 12:02pm EDT
In the world of television, the big networks - NBC, CBS, ABC, and FOX - are typically considered to be the "A" team, or the major leaguers of TV stations. Now they have a bit of competition.

The network we are most confused by is NBC. NBC used to be a ratings powerhouse with its "Must See TV" marketing campaigns. Weeknights were appointment television nights for millions of viewers tuning in first in the genesis of it all, the 1980s with Hill Street Blues, The Cosby Show, Cheers, and LA Law. The 1990s came in strong with ER, Friends, Frasier, Mad About You, Seinfeld, and the last of...