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'Rookie Blue' Season Six Premiere

June 26th, 2015 9:08am EDT
'Rookie Blue' Recap And Review: 'Open Windows' - Not Back To Nor
Rookie Blue is back, and so is Andy McNally. The problem is, it's only been three weeks since the bombing at the end of season five - and new trouble germinates for Andy and Sam Swarek right off the bat, in the form of Sam's ex-girlfriend Marlo Cruz finally telling him what the audience already knows.

As if that's not bad enough, Andy gets an unpleasant surprise of her own when she agrees to head over to Traci Nash's apartment. Yep, these two just cannot catch a break in any way, shape or form. "Open Windows" might as well be re-titled "Open Wounds."

While Andy and Sam are wrapping up the...

Missy Peregrym Previews 'Rookie Blue'

June 25th, 2015 1:06pm EDT
'Rookie Blue': Missy Peregrym Previews Andy, Sam And That Bombsh
Rookie Blue fans know that Andy McNally and Sam Swarek have a lot to talk about when season six begins tonight on ABC, picking up three weeks after the events of the season four finale.

So to find out what's ahead for the fan-favorite couple, we went straight to the source: Missy Peregrym, who told us if Sam's news will threaten the renewed McSwarek relationship and how Andy's holding up after a fifth season that saw her struggle as a training officer and caught in an explosion. SPOILER ALERT!

Missy told us she was "shocked" when she learned that Sam's ex-girlfriend Marlo Cruz (a returnin...

'Rookie Blue' Premiere Clip (Watch)

June 24th, 2015 2:01pm EDT
Andy's In Trouble In Clip From Tomorrow's 'Rookie Blue' Premiere
Season six of Rookie Blue doesn't start well for Andy McNally. In tomorrow night's season premiere, "Open Windows," Andy's taken three weeks off after the evidence room bomb that could've killed her, and is ready to get back to work.

But when she heads over to Traci's apartment, Andy gets another unpleasant surprise, as you can discover in the preview clip we've included for you here. (Hint: it has nothing to do with the reveal at the end of last season.)

Rookie Blue premieres tomorrow at 10 PM ET/PT on ABC. Check back tomorrow morning for our interview with Missy Peregrym about what el...

'Rookie Blue' Recap And Review: 'Everlasting' - A Bomb And A Baby

August 22nd, 2014 10:03am EDT
'Rookie Blue' Recap And Review: 'Everlasting' - A Bomb And A Bab
In the second half of the Rookie Blue season finale (here's part one), the team continues their search for a lethal suspect with a four-year-old grudge and winds up sort of back at the beginning. Ben Bass reminds us all that someone needs to give him an acting trophy at some point already, Missy Peregrym might be indestructible, and just wait until you find out all the personal problems that we're going to need until season six (which there will be!) to resolve.

Andy is uncomfortable about having to work alongside Marlo (Rachael Ancheril) in the hunt for mad bomber Ted McDonald. You know w...

'Rookie Blue' Recap And Review: 'Fragments' - Blowing Up The House

August 22nd, 2014 9:59am EDT
'Rookie Blue' Recap And Review: 'Fragments' - Blowing Up The Hou
We've come to the end of another season of Rookie Blue. It's been a season of ups and downs this year, so a strong finish is definitely in order. Boosted by the return appearance of a fantastic guest actor, "Fragments" starts an interesting enough story, although it places a tremendous amount of emphasis on a character who hasn't ever quite worked.

It's not uncommon for season finales to start well and end badly, so it's no surprise that everyone's getting ready for the Commissioner's Gala, Holly wants to get back with Gail, and Sam is offering Andy a key to his place that she doesn't want...

'Rookie Blue': What We Want To See For Each Character In Season 6

August 21st, 2014 12:07pm EDT
'Rookie Blue': What We Want To See For Each Character In Season
Tonight, ABC wraps up the fifth season of Rookie Blue by giving us the final two episodes back-to-back. While there's no word yet on whether 15 Division will get a season six, we're hoping it will - and so we're making a wish list of what we'd like to see for each of the show's main characters in the future. Read our thoughts below, and leave yours in the comments, then stay tuned for our recap and review of the finale.

(SPOILER ALERT - This article contains spoilers for the current season of Rookie Blue. Please note that we're making these predictions before having seen tonight's episodes...

'Rookie Blue's' Enuka Okuma Guest Stars In Tonight's 'Motive'

August 20th, 2014 2:07pm EDT
'Rookie Blue's' Enuka Okuma Guest Stars In Tonight's 'Motive'
Rookie Blue star Enuka Okuma is a featured player in tonight's Motive.

In the episode, entitled "Kiss of Death," the actress plays best-selling murder mystery author Lori Oliver, who crosses paths with detectives Angie Flynn (Kristin Lehman) and Oscar Vega (Louis Ferreira).

Enuka spoke with us about the guest spot during our interview in June; you can click here for some spoilery tidbits, but the non-spoilery part is that it wasn't a huge leap for her to visit the other Canadian crime drama.

"Years ago, I did a pilot with Kristin Lehman out in Los Angeles, so we've been friends since the...

'Rookie Blue' Recap And Review: 'Moving Day' - Culture Clash

August 15th, 2014 8:51am EDT
'Rookie Blue' Recap And Review: 'Moving Day' - Culture Clash
Okay, Rookie Blue. You've gone a little off track the past two weeks, but there's still a lot to love about you. You're clearly making it up to us by inviting one of Canada's best character actors to the party, and coming up with a case of the week that's one of the better ones this season. However, we still want to hit Chloe with a shovel.

15 Division has installed cop-monitoring cameras, much to everyone's amusement and later, nervousness. It's one thing to laugh at your colleagues' conversations, another to realize your every move and word is being documented for other people to scrutin...

'Rookie Blue' Recap And Review: 'Exit Strategy' - The One With All The Drugs

August 8th, 2014 8:45am EDT
Rookie Blue
When last we left Rookie Blue, it wasn't a good time around 15 Division: Duncan Moore still worked here, Oliver took a job he didn't want to protect Andy, who in turn took a hit for covering for Duncan, and Dov discovered Diaz's drug addiction. Okay, so now that all that stuff is out in the open, what's anyone going to do about any of it?

Andy still thinks Oliver "stabbed me in the back" after he made the deal that potentially saved her job, but Sam does not share her vitriol. Nor does he think she has a good poker face. At least their renewed relationship seems to be going well.

For some...

Call 911: Cop Shows Have Officially Taken A Turn For The Absurd

August 3rd, 2014 12:25pm EDT
Call 911: Cop Shows Have Officially Taken A Turn For The Absurd
Who’s solving crime on television these days?

On one hand we’ve got “Detectives Olivia Benson” (Mariska Hargitay) and “Fin Tutuola” (Ice-T) careening up, siren blaring with the red light spinning on top of the car; the ubiquitous ‘Blue Bloods’ clan; the squads from ‘Rookie Blue’, ‘Major Crimes’, ‘Hawaii Five-0’, ‘Longmire’ and ‘Chicago PD’; plus those two from ‘Motive’, not to be confused with the other two from ‘The Bridge’ or ‘The Killing’ or ‘Murder In The First’.

What they all have in common is that, at least in these procedural dramas, all the characters are “on the job.” The down si...

'Rookie Blue' Recap And Review: 'Deal With The Devil' - Duncan Moore's Revenge

August 1st, 2014 9:19am EDT
'Rookie Blue' Recap And Review: 'Deal With The Devil' - Duncan M
This week's episode of Rookie Blue deals with the two storylines that have been brewing all season: Andy having to finally clean up the mess left behind by the disaster that was Duncan Moore, and somebody finally getting wise to what's going on with Chris Diaz. Some of this is satisfying, some of it will make you scream at your TV. Regardless, it's forward progress, and we'll have to see what happens now that some significant bombshells have been dropped.

Oliver's happy to be demoted, so happy that he's out drinking with Sam and Andy. His happiness is short-lived, though, when he walks int...

'Rookie Blue' Recap And Review: 'Two Truths And A Lie' - Sam's Father Comes Back To Haunt Him

July 18th, 2014 8:54am EDT
'Rookie Blue' Recap And Review: 'Two Truths And A Lie' - Sam's F
Sam Swarek hasn't had a lot to do so far in the new season of Rookie Blue, so we're due for an episode that puts him back in the spotlight. And given that the series made a point of introducing Sam's estranged sister to us in the first few installments, it's no surprise that Sam's A-story also involves his family - namely, his ne'er do well father. It's time to get a big glimpse into what makes Sam tick.

Picking up where last week's episode left off, it's up to Sam to discover who killed Brian Gowdy, the man we previously just thought was in Costa Rica. Oliver thinks we're looking at "a se...

'Rookie Blue' Recap And Review: 'Going Under' - Will Diaz Get Busted?

July 11th, 2014 9:03am EDT
'Rookie Blue' Recap And Review: 'Going Under' - Will Diaz Get Bu
Rookie Blue has never been afraid to give its characters flaws, and we see several of them hitting bottom or close to it in this week's episode. While some seem to be on the mend and others are still on the edge of disaster, it's installments like "Going Under" that remind us why we've followed these people for five seasons: we can identify with them and their foibles as much as their strengths. They might no longer be rookies by definition, but sometimes they certainly still act like it.

As we learned last week, Chris Diaz has a drug problem. Now everyone else is starting to notice, begin...

'Rookie Blue' Recap And Review: 'Wanting' - The Last Days of Duncan Moore?

July 4th, 2014 9:07am EDT
Rookie Blue
Things have been up, down and all over the place in the current season of Rookie Blue, but now that we've spent three episodes sorting out everyone's personal drama and introducing new characters, it's time to get back to the business of policing. That means an installment which finally deals effectively with the Duncan Moore situation, reminds us that Gail is not the Ice Queen of Toronto, and reveals one rookie's new deep, dark secret (to the audience, anyway).

Andy and Duncan have just made another arrest, and the officer behind the booking desk looks a lot like Curtis Armstrong, which m...

'Rookie Blue' Recap And Review: 'Heart Breakers, Money Makers' - Love Hurts (Literally)

June 27th, 2014 9:15am EDT
Rookie Blue
Rookie Blue came back last week with a lot of question marks, and the third episode has a few more to add to our collection. Directed by none other than Gregory Smith, "Heart Breakers, Money Makers" throws wrenches in existing relationships, teases at least one possible new one, and still can't make us warm up to the new characters - but it's pretty good for the first episode that definitively moves past all the drama that ended season four.

The cops of 15 Division are preparing for this year's Fite Nite (the annual boxing event first referenced in season one). Let's hope Duncan fights bet...

Enuka Okuma On 'Rookie Blue' Season 5 And Visiting 'Motive'

June 26th, 2014 12:09pm EDT
Enuka Okuma On 'Rookie Blue' Season 5 And Visiting 'Motive'
Our Rookie Blue hit parade rolls on with the lovely and talented Enuka Okuma, who plays no-longer-rookie Detective Traci Nash on our favorite Canadian import. Enuka sat down with us last week to discuss Traci's third season out of uniform, her new romance with fellow investigator Steve Peck, and the other great show that she dropped into this year.

Last season, much of Traci's story was about her professional life, but in season five it's her personal one that will be on the front burner, in more ways than one. After refusing to give up on her in season four, Steve finally wears Traci down...

'Rookie Blue' Recap And Review: 'All By Her Selfie' - Andy The Training Officer

June 20th, 2014 10:30am EDT
'Rookie Blue' Recap And Review: 'All By Her Selfie' - Andy The T
ABC might've billed Thursday's Rookie Blue as a two-hour season premiere, but what it actually is, is two separate episodes broadcast as one package. This becomes apparent from the jump, because everything seems like at least a few days have passed since the events of the previous installment, and McSwarek fans are not going to be happy with what's happened since.

Oliver is 15 Division's new acting Staff Sergeant without the room looking too shocked over Frank's departure, and Andy is awkwardly visiting Sam while drunk, and seeming to have already been introduced to Sam's estranged sister,...

'Rookie Blue' Recap And Review: 'Blink' - The McSwarek Reunion

June 20th, 2014 8:43am EDT
'Rookie Blue' Recap And Review: 'Blink' - The McSwarek Reunion
Season 5 of Rookie Blue starts off like a bad ex-significant other. Season 4's finale, after all, dropped a huge cliffhanger on us and then we got to panic over it for a few months. Now, here it comes back into our lives like nothing happened...because canonly, nothing's happened. "Blink" picks up in the immediate aftermath of "You Can See The Stars," allowing us to take in all the fallout.

Having professed her love to an unconscious Sam, Andy is clearly stricken as she watches him being wheeled in for what's referred to as "major surgery," and she starts to unravel as she tells Traci how ...

Ben Bass Previews 'Rookie Blue' Season 5: 'It's Been A Real Pleasure'

June 19th, 2014 12:10pm EDT
Ben Bass Previews 'Rookie Blue' Season 5: 'It's Been A Real Plea
Our favorite summer show Rookie Blue is back, which means that we can get answers to a lot of questions - the most important being what's going to happen to newly minted detective Sam Swarek. Thankfully, we have Ben Bass to ask about that. Ben joined us for a chat recently to discuss his reaction to Sam's predicament, what's ahead in Season 5, and adding yet more new faces to the 15 Division roster.

SPOILER ALERT - If you're not caught up through Season 4 of Rookie Blue, or absolutely don't want to know anything going into tonight's season premiere, stop reading now and come back on Thursd...

'Rookie Blue' Recap: A Shooting Prompts Andy's Confession

September 13th, 2013 9:20am EDT
Rookie Blue
We've reached the end of season four of Rookie Blue - the one that fans seem to either love or hate. That doesn't change with "You Can See The Stars." This finale is pretty much as polarizing as the rest of the season.

The action continues from last week's episode "Under Fire", with Oliver having been kidnapped by unhinged offender and assault victim Kevin Ford (returning guest star Michael Cram), who's pretty much obliterated any chance he had of resuming a normal life at this point. Ford has Oliver in the trunk of his own patrol car, and is driving it to who knows where.

Meanwhile, Sam ...

'Rookie Blue' Recap: Which Rookie Gets Shot By An Old Enemy?

September 6th, 2013 8:43am EDT
Rookie Blue
The first part of the Rookie Blue season finale storyline is a big one, or at least it wants to be. The cops of 15 Division have had four cycles to make a lot of enemies, so who's shooting at them now? It's not too hard to find out.

Everything seems to be okay at first, as the rookies are having another night at the bar, including an appearance by Holly (Aliyah O'Brien). Gail is a bit miffed when Holly says she's "meeting someone," so she comes back to sulk next to ex-boyfriend Chris. Where are Andy and her new beau Nick? Yes, they're in bed together again. Andy's still brooding over cover...

'Rookie Blue's' Charlotte Sullivan Dishes On Gail's Evolution

September 5th, 2013 12:01pm EDT
Rookie Blue
Gail Peck has been through a lot in Season 4 of Rookie Blue, both from her own making and not, and it isn't going to get any easier for her with tonight's episode. Charlotte Sullivan connected with me on Tuesday to talk about "Under Fire," which has the cops of 15 Division in the crosshairs, and Gail's various romantic relationships.

"Under Fire" is the last episode before the season finale, and it's a whopper. There's also a lot more going on in it than just bullets flying. "First and foremost, our friend Gregory Smith, he directed this episode, which is really kind of special," Charlotte...

'Rookie Blue' Recap: Marlo's Troubled, Luke's Back, Traci Moves On

August 30th, 2013 9:02am EDT
Rookie Blue
We've only got three more episodes of Rookie Blue this season (don't worry, it's coming back next year!), so it's time to amp up the drama. Most importantly, it's time for us to get to know a character we've sort of overlooked for the last couple of weeks, even if it's as the show is putting the screws to her.

If you were wondering where Marlo was last week, she's been keeping an eye on Kevin Ford, one of the suspects from "You Are Here" (that's Flashpoint alum Michael Cram, looking totally suspicious). He catches her sneaking around his house, at which point they have a huge argument.


'Rookie Blue': Rachael Ancheril On 'Deception,' Marlo's Health, And The Fans

August 29th, 2013 12:08pm EDT
Rookie Blue
She plays the tough as nails Officer Marlo Cruz on Rookie Blue, but off screen Rachel Ancheril is a sweetheart. She shared some thoughts and plenty of laughs with BFTV on Monday as we previewed tonight's episode, "Deception," in which Marlo is in trouble after her unauthorized investigation into a pedophile comes to light.

"It's exciting. It's a chance to really play and play a whole range of things. Getting juicy stuff for an actor is just like a godsend. It's awesome," enthused Rachael, who said that Marlo's evolution over season four has been "So much more and then some. I didn't know M...

'Rookie Blue' Recap: Andy And Sam Both Make Confessions

August 23rd, 2013 9:06am EDT
Rookie Blue
After last week's gut-wrenching Rookie Blue (who's still really upset for Chris?), it's definitely not business as usual at 15 Division. "You Are Here" is half awkward vacation movie, half stoner comedy, and a whole lot of awkward.

When Oliver deals with a domestic dispute, alongside a very nonplussed Gail, his suspicions are raised and they end up uncovering a marijuana growing operation. This means Sam gets to show up, even more irritated than usual, and toss around a stoner named Chuck (guest star Doug Smith). Annoyed Sam remains the one of the small pleasures of this show. Oliver corre...

'Rookie Blue': Travis Milne Talks Diaz's Family Drama

August 15th, 2013 12:13pm EDT
Rookie Blue
Season four of Rookie Blue has been an interesting one for Travis Milne, who plays the lovable Chris Diaz. As if watching his ex-girlfriend hook back up with her former flame and then discovering he had a son wasn't enough, this year Chris's struggles to be a good parent have led him to leave his beloved 15 Division. But the fans who are already upset over his absence can breathe at least a little easier: Travis is back for tonight's episode, "What I Lost." He sat down Tuesday with BFTV to chat about the episode, and what it's been like for him as an actor to deal with all these curveballs....

'Rookie Blue' Recap: Can Sam Close A Case From His Past?

August 2nd, 2013 8:52am EDT
Rookie Blue
After going back into Gail's recent past last week, Rookie Blue gives us an episode full of Sam Swarek's backstory this week. Considering that Ben Bass is the show's strongest player, and one of the underrated actors on television in general, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this idea.

There's an opening shower scene with Chloe, but let's move past that, because look, it's time for another awkward Sam and Andy moment! "If you don't know me, I don't know who does," he tells her, and then she responds with "Maybe your girlfriend." Said girlfriend is having a conversation with her thera...

'Rookie Blue' Recap: Gail Confronts Her Abductor, Admits To Cheating On Nick

July 26th, 2013 9:07am EDT
Rookie Blue
Wow. Leave for a week and Rookie Blue drops some pretty big bombshells. In "Poison Pill," Andy found out that Marlo was bipolar and that Sam doesn't know - and Chris apparently said goodbye to 15 Division. How do you follow that up?

Frank calls a meeting to tell everyone that "Diaz is gone and he won't be coming back," which wounds the entire team (and all of us Travis Milne fans, naturally). His speech amounts to "Get over it" before he dismisses the ensemble. Gail has desk duty, which means she has to talk to a man about his missing daughter, Grace. Unfortunately, Grace hasn't yet been m...

'Rookie Blue' Recap: Family Issues and Is Nick Falling For Andy?

July 12th, 2013 9:30am EDT
Rookie Blue
Our heroes of Rookie Blue think they're going on a camping trip like normal people this week (except for Chris, who begs off at the last minute, and Chloe, who wasn't invited but shows up anyway). However, since drama for an hour has to come from somewhere, things go sideways on the last shift before their vacation.

Sam needs some help with the murder of a 16-year-old, and gets awkward wardrobe compliments from Andy, who still doesn't know how to act around him. Meanwhile, Dov has doubts about Marlo's fitness for duty despite the fact that the shooting from last episode was apparently two ...

'Rookie Blue' Recap: Andy and Marlo Become Unlikely Partners

June 28th, 2013 9:35am EDT
Rookie Blue
How do you bring back Rookie Blue? With an episode that focuses on the season's two most uncomfortable relationships. One plot is played for laughs and the other is decidedly not, but both of them keep the drama going at 15 Division.

Everything starts innocently enough with a friendly game of paintball, but then gets weird when Andy starts asking Traci questions about Marlo, like if her relationship with Sam is serious. As if on cue, Sam walks right into Andy's path, and the two banter for a second before he walks off and Andy looks uncomfortable. But she's not going to get away from him t...