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'Robot Chicken' Remains Awesomely Irreverant

11/6/2014 9:15pm EST
Interview: 'Robot Chicken' Remains Awesomely Irreverant
Everytime I interview the 'Robot Chicken' cast, I wonder if there's ever anything new I can ask them and if there's anything new they can do, idea wise. Considering they've desecrated almost everything in our 80s childhood from Disney to Nancy Drew to Hasbro since 2005, is there REALLY anything else they can mock, satirize or defecate upon? According to 'Robot Chicken' writer, Breckin Myer, yes. Yes, there is. As long as TV continues to release new shows, companies release new toys and studios release new films like 'Guardians of the Galaxy' they will always, ALWAYS have new stuff. So, eff ...

Seth Green Shocked By 'Robot Chicken' Success

6/8/2012 5:49pm EDT
Seth Green
Actor Seth Green is stunned his animated TV comedy Robot Chicken has reached 100 episodes, branding the show's success "super surreal."

The sketch series, which parodies pop culture conventions using stop-motion animation of toys and action figures, launched in 2005, and Green is astounded it has enjoyed seven years on air because it was always his "side project".

He tells The Canadian Press, "It's super surreal... because this was just never meant to be something that actually was a show, let alone a series, let alone a long-running series."

"This was such a side project. This was su...

TV on DVD: 'Robot Chicken: Star Wars III'

7/15/2011 3:09pm EDT
Robot Chicken
This week, Warner Home Video brings you the next installment in Robot Chicken's successful line of Star Wars parodies: Star Wars III. Join Emperor Palpatine as he narrates another volume in utter craziness across the galaxy. Here's my review.

The Show

I have to admit that before I saw Star Wars III, Robot Chicken had never interested me. The few minutes I saw of it on Adult Swim only confused me. Star Wars III, however, is hilarious. It's head and shoulders above Family Guy: It's A Trap! (which is funny considering that Seth Green was involved in both projects). Both are equally inappr...

Check Out 'Adult Swim In A Box' On DVD Oct. 27

10/17/2009 7:30am EDT
Adult Swim In A Box
Adult Swim is unveiling its biggest DVD release of all time - a 12-disc box set, aptly titled "Adult Swim in a Box."

Adult Swim fans will love this one-of-a-kind collectible, which includes full seasons of some of the network's longest-running and most popular series like Aqua Teen Hunger Force Volume 2, Space Ghost Coast to Coast Volume 3, Moral Orel Season 1, Robot Chicken Season 2, Metalocalypse Season 1 and Sealab 2021: Season 2.

Additionally, "Adult Swim in a Box" contains a bonus disc that features five never-before-released pilots including: The Best of Totally for Teens, Chey...

'Family Guy' Recap: Road To The Multiverse

9/28/2009 8:30am EDT
Family Guy
Season 8 of Family Guy debuted last night with an episode entitled "Road to the Multiverse," which was themed primarily as a spoof rallying around the obscure mid 90s sci-fi series Sliders. "Sliders" was the Jerry O'Connell lead series that had a group of lost people traveling around various universes that were all on the same plain of time and space in which each new society within every new universe visited was always extremely different from that of the previous.

Stewie and Brian were the sliders within "Family Guy" while the rest of the "Family Guy" characters were revealed as var...

Check Out Season 3 Of 'Robot Chicken' On DVD Oct. 7

10/4/2008 7:06am EDT
Robot Chicken
This fall, Robot Chicken fans can still get their fix of the Emmy Award winning series created by Seth Green and Matt Senreich long after the series’ third season ends on Adult Swim.

The "Robot Chicken Season 3" DVD will be released by Adult Swim and Warner Home Video presents on October 7, just two days after the season finale, containing all 20 of the third season’s episodes and nearly three hours of bonus features. The popular stop-motion television series has become one of the most watched series on Adult Swim, Cartoon Network’s top-rated late night sister series, with an avera...

What to Watch: What's Airing, Re-Airing & Entertaining On TV This Week

8/25/2008 9:17am EDT
How I Met Your Mother
Monday, Aug 25

How I Met Your Mother (CBS, 8:30 p.m.) - Before "The Bro Code" comes to a bookstore near you, check out its origins as Barney struggles to find a loophole after sleeping with his bro's ex-girlfriend.

The Closer (TNT, 9 p.m.) - Kevin Bacon directs his missus in tonight's episode.

The Hills (MTV, 10 p.m.) - Whitney finally gets some play in New York.

My Super Sweet 16 Presents: Exiled (MTV, 10:30 p.m.) - The parents of those spoiled party girls finally wise up and send their daughters to remote locations instead of lavishing them with new cars.


Slideshow: Sexy Actors Starting With 'S'

8/18/2008 8:45am EDT
Shane West
Sizzling. Sexy. Scrumptious. These are just some of the words to describe the following actors who make our viewing pleasure, well, more pleasurable. Whether it's their beauty or their brains, there's something about these guys that screams sexy.

Sean Penn

Sexy point #1: he married Madonna

Sexy point #2: he punched a paparazzo

Sexy point #3: he speaks his mind

More Sean Penn Pictures

Seth Green

Funny guys are sexy, and he produces the hilarious "Robot Chicken."

More Seth Green Pictures

Scott Speedman

We stil...

An Inside Look At 'Family Guy' & 'American Dad'

7/31/2008 3:03pm EDT
Family Guy
For fans of Seth MacFarlane and his irreverent, hilarious cartoon shows, the San Diego Comic Con was an exciting place to be on Friday, July 25. "American Dad" and "Family Guy" gave previews of their exciting new seasons back to back, with most of the cast and writers in attendance.

MacFarlane was notably the center of most of the questions and attention, but he did remind the audience at one point that he is not the only writer on the shows. This sort of humility was surprising in the otherwise cheeky and pompous comedian, but nevertheless he was very sincere. He has recently used hi...

Comic Con Diary From the Geek Side

4/29/2008 2:43pm EDT
NYC Comic Con
Fellow Starpulse writer Michael Ryan may have lost his Comic Con virginity in New York City earlier this month, but mine was officially taken at age 10 when I attended my first con. This world of geekdom that so frightens the mainstream public is slowly being translated into "normal," and the attendance of celebrities, big publishing houses, and large studios at the Con gained the notice of the every day person who doesn't know Hal Jordan from Alan Scott. I, along with my photographer friend Lylianne, frolicked among my people for a fun-filled weekend.


10:15 am - Arrive a...

Give It Up For The Cartoon Network!

3/27/2008 2:00pm EDT
Family Guy
On the Cartoon Network, there are so many programs that appeal to just about every type of animation connoisseur. Late nights you can catch re-runs of "Family Guy" or get thugged out and righteous by watching Riley and Huey on "The Boondocks."

Under the umbrella of the Turner Broadcasting, Cartoon Network is definitely one of the more colorful stations established by media giant Ted Turner. It was created in 1992 and was drawn up as an outlet for classic animations from the Turner Broadcastings film vault such as "Tom & Jerry" and "The Flintstones."

You may be wondering how...

"Weird Al" Yankovic's New DualDisc, "Straight Outta Lynwood," Features Animated Extras; Drops Sept. 26

9/12/2006 12:18pm EDT
Weird Al Yankovic
On September 26 Grammy Award-winning artist "Weird Al" Yankovic will release his 12th studio album Straight Outta Lynwood on Way Moby/Volcano Records. As with each of his previous releases, the album consists of the parodies he is world-famous for as well as original material. Straight Outta Lynwood will be released as a DualDisc, and features six brand new animations to accompany Al's original tracks:

- "Don't Download This Song"- Directed and animated by Academy Award nominee Bill Plympton, this video is a tongue-in-cheek plea for fans not to illegally download music. Sample lines: ...